Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The Chief Justice of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is on trial for allegedly ordering the Clerk of the Court to close the Court at 5 p.m. on a day when the Chief Justice knew an Application for Stay was about to be filed in a death penalty case. The death row inmate died that night because of Chief Justice Keller's alleged conduct.

In reading the trial summary below, I believe it is fair to say David Dow, his lawyer, is as responsible for what happened as Chief Justice Keller. His conduct cost his client his life. His conduct should cost Mr. Dow his law license. The State Bar will take no action because Mr. Dow is officially one of the many protected lawyers in the State of Texas who can do no wrong.


Part of the problem with the Texas system is, it should have provided for an automatic stay of execution once the United States Supreme Court stayed all executions. Further, David Dow failed his client by not having on speed dial the phone numbers of the Justices. His job is stopping executions. If he is not smart enough to know he needs to have these phone numbers for last minute appeals, then he should be in a different job. I can assure you, if I needed a TRO from a Cameron County judge, I would find him/her in church on a Sunday, or getting drunk at some local watering hole. The problem is David Dow had no will to do his job.

But in the end, if it is true Sharon Keller ordered the Court house closed so the Application for Stay could not be filed, then she should be removed from office. But justice will only be done when the State Bar pulls David Dow's license.

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That's nothing. The City violated the Local Govt Code by selling a police vehicle without auction or bids, and once again, they get away with it.