Friday, August 14, 2009


The good news is, there will always be another election to handle this abusive conduct. From the Herald - Sanchez refers to District Court Judge David Sanchez.

"It was our intent to create this new court as a family court," said Precinct 4 Commissioner Edna Tamayo. "We asked for one new court and we were saddled with two. We’ve done many things to accommodate those courts. We are just asking you to help in this manner."

But Sanchez said the dilemma was the problem of the Commissioners’ Court, not his.
"This kid (the judge) is just out of control," Tamayo said, after Sanchez left the court. The Commissioners’ Court then resolved to present concerns to the Board of Judges, with the aim of preventing Sanchez from taking criminal cases."

The County Commission also needs to take him to the Commission on Judicial Conduct for undermining the people’s confidence in the judiciary. If Judge David Sanchez is this contemptuous of the people when it comes to their tax dollars, what can we expect of him in the courtroom. Somehow I suspect the legal community is already looking for his replacement.


Sorry I did not post yesterday, but I was in SA at the VA. Well, the first epidural injection did not relieve any pain. I am now taking 1200 mg of gabapentin with about 50% relief. This means the next procedure will be a more advanced procedure.

The next procedure is called a Caudal Racz Neurolysis . This will be done in September.
On the issue of the BV going public with character issues related to the City Commissioners, before you judge it wait to see my standards. Can anyone point me to where I can find evidence the City of Brownsville is still doing business with HNTB? I will not get into matters which will cause pain to a spouse. The spouse is not the elected official. Now obviously, anything which is embarrassing or controversial has the potential of being embarrassing to the spouse. By this I mean extramarital affairs. Everything else is fair game. It goes to their character.

The City Commission should look to the willingness the Commissioners’ Court to take on Judge David Sanchez as a example of leadership. They need to clean house before they raise taxes. The tax increase is negligible - I do not care about the tax increase. I care about their unwillingness to clean house and end incompetence while raising taxes. I think they can do both


Anonymous said...

I know the City was doing business with HNTB previously but I think they had some sort of falling out. I don't know the details. HNTB does business with the county still but again, I'm not sure the details. I know that HNTB opened a local branch off of 802 so someone is doing business with them here.

BobbyWC said...

I would never do business with them based solely on their web page. The lack of information is overwhelming.

If you have nothing to hide why not list your clientele - why not provide more information about your individual offices - yes there is one on 802.

I look at their web page and I am forced to ask, what are they hidding?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"I know the City was doing business with HNTB previously but I think they had some sort of falling out."

All the more reason to hire an elected official. It's just a rumor a commissioner is with HNTB, but HNTB is doing work for the city. Why Bobby can't find at least the more recent stuff shows his inability to search properly. This may show he isn't serious about going after character if he can't prove something this obvious. He won't be able to go gloves off if he can't search HNTB's relationship with the city which is plentiful. It's not just the Sports Park. It's the airport too. Didn't a certain commissioner just get appointed to the Airport Board?

Brownsville Sports Park Phase 2 construction documents.

In April 2009, Dr. Delina Barrera, BCIC Executive Director, stated that BCIC staff and Mr. Chris Patterson, City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department Director, met with Mr. Mark Mathews of HNTB to review the 95% design drawings for Phase 2 of the Brownsville Sports Park.

Phase 2 design documents of the Brownsville Sports Park. He provided an overview of the main components that will be included in Phase 2 and the changes and recommendations that had been discussed with BCIC and City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department staff. Key items noted to be included in the Phase 2 Master Plan design include following:

• Construction of the northern road segment that is part of Sports Park Boulevard.
• Construction of the South Parking Lot.
• Construction of the perimeter road segments of Old Alice Rd.
• Construction of the gymnasium, administration and courtyard area. Gymnasium remains in the plan. A footprint for future expansion will be included. The Administration building will be revised to make it more of a "welcome center" design to accommodate registration and reception areas for tournaments at the park since the maintenance building accommodates the administrative office requirements at the park.
• The championship baseball field was relocated in baseball cluster. HNTB will ensure that Parks and BCIC staff agrees with the field dimensions and the location of the championship field.
• Frisbee golf course remains in plan. Contractor will coordinate with city staff on placementof goals.
• Checkerboard benches will be added to the plans
• The volleyball courts will be relocated in the plans to reflect current plans in the Volleyball Cove.
• Locations originally dedicated for volleyball will include "innovative play structures"
• The colors, textures and materials that were already decided during Phase 1 will be included in the plans for Phase 2.
• Upgrades that were included for the existing concession buildings will be included for thenew concession buildings.
• Trail misters will remain in plan.
• Landscape plans will be revised to use only native plants except for the sports fields where specific types grass will be indicated in the plans.

Mr. Mathews noted that with BCIC approval HNTB would make the changes discussed andthe Phase 2 plans could be completed by July 31, 2009.

Bobby, there is a connection between HNTB and Ambiotec (Imagine Brownsville). John Clint is the HNTB rep from Ambiotec at BCIC meetings. There is more. You just have to find it.

The only thing you have to do is do some digging if there is city commissioner employed by them. That wouldn't be too difficult for you, would it?

BobbyWC said...

HEY MORON - according to you only an incompetent person seeks out information already known by others.

HEY MORON - unlike you I have a life and a reason to live - I am assuming you have a high tech satellite attached secretly to my body to know what I am doing 24/7 so that you know for sure I have time to be investigating everything under the sun 24/7

your moronic proves one thing and one thing only - you are seeking to settle a score with someone -

I found the original anony post interesting - I researched HNTB generally, and as my post indicates - I do not like them.

But according to you because I have a policy of not reinventing the wheel when someone else has - this means I have no research skills - dude we all beg you get on Ability for the voices.

Since you seem to already know all of the answers why not start a blog and post the conspiracy story you seem to be getting at.

I am done with the story - I was willing to investigate and have actually been investigating based on other information some people have forwarded to me - which is why you ask for help and look for sources - which according to you means I am incompetent.

story over - go settle your score elsewhere

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...


I am rejecting your post because it contains information I will not allege without verification - but to respond to part of your BS post

"You asked in your post about HNTB. I answered it for you. And now you're angry and surrendering?"

This statement by you is false. What you did was accuse me of having no research skills for the heinous crime of asking my readers to help with the research.

Your need to be this way because you are simply angry, a moron, and hateful.

If I did not want to go the story such as you say, why did I ask for information from my readers?

for the record - this is how you investigate - you ask questions.

you have no desire for me to investigate - you simply want to destroy someone's reputation based on your dislike for the person.

The day I see any evidence of influence peddling I will make it a headline. My standard has never been to use rumor - and that is all you have - and a mere link between a and b does not prove c. As anyone with minimal knowlegde of critical thinking skills knows - correlations does not prove causation.

When I have evidence of influence peddling I will make it a headline post, but until then go peddle your ignorance and score settling elsewhere.

The best I figure this commission has cause someone to fear facts and is not seeking to destroy the commissioner on rumors - this has never been BV's style and never will

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


It has been a while since i commented, but i wish to weigh in on this issue about character and the city commissioners with regards to their inability to clean house. I have the perfect example with the funding situation regarding cultural funding for the different nonprofit entities. For many years the city of brownsville didn't require any book keeping or reports from the entities receiving public taxpayer money. i'm not sure the public really knows this or if they really care. Last year troiani and others said they wanted accountability and wanted entities to submit reports and show how they have spent the public money and how they have served the public. They even established an advisory board to set up these rules and to monitor how the money was spent and make recommendations to them on where the city money should be put--just like other cities across texas who have these measures in place they said. The non-profit groups had to apply like a grant and get scored by panels from outside of brownsville, and some from around brownsville. these experts were from the museum art and cultural field. the panels scored fiscal responsibility, administrative credentials, community support, educational backgrounds of those that are handling public money, etc. Now that the scores have come out it turns out that many of the nonprofits are in serious trouble and were recommended at no funding because they weren't handling the money properly and were deemed "BAD INVESTMENTS". what the city commission has failed to tell the public is that they have been recommended at no funding from the advisory board because many have spent way too much, have been irresponsible with public money, aren't qualified to be in the positions they are in, have excessive salaries, do not do many programs, etc. the advisory board's recommendations have been pretty damning and show that this issue of lack of leadership and incompetence isn't only at the city government level, or at one of the educational institutions. it is also in the non-profit and tourism sector. instead of sticking to the policies that the city commission said they wanted for accountability (these were troiani's words)they are now going to throw those out the window along with the recommendations from the board because several of the non-profits have been lobbying behind the scenes and many of these non-profits are tied to special interests like imagine brownsville (carlos marin's wife is on the board of one of these non-profits that was found to be a sinking ship). so as far as i see it, they want to increase taxes but refuse to hold entities accountable because of special interests. this is very blatant example of what you speak of. they impose a test to see how entities are handling public money, many of them fail the test, the test shows that they are incompetent and lack education, so they want to throw out the test! mark my words, the city commission will find a way to throw public money at failing organizations that have shown that they cannot handle it. throwing public money away continues in this city and shows the city commission's hypocrisy and complete lack of character. there are other examples of this, and i think almost every city department and almost every level of the city, whether it is BISD or UTB/TSC has some sort of "throw out the reading test if our leadership can't read" mentality instead of promoting leadership that is qualified. just my thoughts on this issue of character.

Michael Cowen said...

The County does not create the jurisdiction of district courts. The legislature does. The legislature chose not to create a dedicated family court in Cameron County. Instead, the legislature chose to create two full-fledged district courts in the county.

The county commissioners court cannot overrule the legislature and restrict the jurisdiction of a district court.

BobbyWC said...

This may be correct, although I remember something about teh legislature providing for some type option.

Anyway this is not the issue - the issue is his tone - his tone is 100% unacceptable

Bobby WC