Monday, August 10, 2009

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I am making this post for two reasons - maybe it will help one of my readers or a friend or family member of a reader to find a job.

But also it tells you what you will not read in the Herald - the VA is trying its best to provide veterans with quality healthcare in this clinic. The primary problem at this time is not a lack of interest by the VA, but in hiring doctors. As you can see they are hiring just about every specialist under the sun.

In November we will vote on Proposition 8. This will be a measure to authoirze the State of Texas to use state tax dollars to pay for a new VA hosital in the valley. Will the Republicans defeat this measure because it means inferior government healthcare for veterans, or all of a sudden will government healthcare become magical and the best in the world now that it means votes from veterans?


Anonymous said...


As a veteran myself I'd like to see a hospital here in the RGV. Unfortunately, I don't see it happening. Building the thing isn't the problem, it's the staffing, the payroll, the GS workers that cost the big $$$. With the WWII & Korean heros dying off every day they, (dems & reps)hope the problem will settle itself through attrition.

Add that to the fact that the people in the RGV DON'T GO TO THE POLLS! We'll never be taken seriously until our voices are heard loud and clear in DC.

God Bless the Veterans.

E Slovic

BobbyWC said...

It is my understanding they are nearly staffed. The yahve done a lot of interviews - now it is really a matter of who gets hired

In Harlingen the Chief Medical Officer is top of the line which is why the clinic is so effective.

This may surprise you but I am opposed to a hospital - it will mean a teaching hospital - this will mean we will be seen by doctors in training - it will be a step backwards - why would we want that.

Once the day surgery clinic is complete there will be very little need for anyone to go to San Antonio - most surgeries are done in a day clinic.

Look at the list of specialists they are trying to hire - would you really prefer doctors in training just so we can say "we have a hospital"

The new system allows any veteran who needs to to go to valley baptist - if your doctor at the clinic determines you need to be hospitalized they are just going to send you across the street and boom your are hospitalized.

People need to stop thinking building (hospital) and start thinking quality of care. Once fuly staffed and the new day surgery clinic is open we will have better quality of care than SA - why would we give that up just to say we have a building?

Bobby WC