Friday, August 28, 2009


The following is from CNN. I am certain there are Republicans all over the US deeply offended by these comments. Being deeply offended is not enough. They need to be outraged and demand Representative Lynn Jenkins leave the Republican Party. I am not saying she should resign. She can leave the Party and become an independent.


Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins told a Kansas newspaper that she did not intend to make a racist comment when she said her party was looking for a 'great white hope.'

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Republican congresswoman apologized Thursday for saying that her party is looking for a "great white hope" to counteract President Obama's political agenda.
Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins told the Lawrence Journal-World that she did not intend to make a racist comment, and was simply saying that "Republicans have been suffering in recent years and we need a bright light."

"Obviously I was discussing the future of the Republican Party in response to a question about is there any hope for Republicans," Jenkins said. "I was explaining that there are some bright lights in the House, and I was unaware of any negative connotation. If I offended somebody, obviously I apologize."

Jenkins had been criticized for saying at an August 19 forum in Kansas that the GOP needs "to find the great white hope" to help the party succeed in the future.

"Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope," Jenkins said. "I suggest to any of you who are concerned about that, who are Republican, there are some great young Republican minds in Washington."


Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly hurts the GOP.

However, not only is that an old saying, to which you could not automatically assume the negative connotation, the fact that she is a seasoned, national politician shows that she would not be stupid enough to throw out a racial slur.

As to your "outrage", I recall you psoting some BLATANTLY racist George Lopez jokes the other day that not only did not draw your personal ire, but you went on to say that people need to over themselves.
Well, get over yourself.

If you want to label her a racist, label yourself as a racist and a hypocrite. But, I do not think you are and I highly doubt she is.

BobbyWC said...

The difference is Geroge Lopez goes after everyone equally, including Mexican Americans - although I will say his last HBO special was a bit over teh top for me.

It is like you said she should have known better. And again I did not blame the Republicans and agreed many would be upset by teh comments - so I was "Fair and balanced"

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what she meant when she made the statement and it can sure be read as racist. We have become a society that seems to highly value political correctness and are willing to believe the worse (worst?) of anyone. Does this woman have a history of racist behavior? If not maybe it was just a poor turn of the phrase.

BobbyWC said...

If you noticed, I did not call for her to resign. They people who elected her know her best. It is their decision.

The problem is, the Republican party cannot keep making excuses for these type mistakes (assuming it was a mistake. The people are not going to believe that some day a politician is going to come forward and say "yep I meant to say great white hope in the context of a white man."

These are not the communication skills you want in someone who represents you - they make you the people look bad.

The Republican Party needs to get a handle on these type comments.

When Joe Biden pulls a Biden as he does way too often, the Republicans are all over him. Biden's inability to speak without controversy has cost him a political career beyond Senator and now VP - you will note the people had no real say in the VP job.

Bobby WC