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(A movie review was posted. "Funny People." - sorry I missed a few weeks but sitting that long is impossible with my pain problems. In fact I have cancelled a trip to Washington and NY all this month over my inability to sit for long periods. The VA is going to start me on the epidural injections next week - we shall see what happens.)

Here are the facts you will not read in the Herald.

Let’s begin with what each term means - such as academically acceptable. So long as a 50% pass rate in science and math is academically acceptable - our children are screwed.

Hanna, Porter, and Lopez all received academically acceptable ratings. If as a parent you find this acceptable you should not have children.

Pace and Rivera received ratings of Recognized. This is acceptable

The middles schools did not do much better. Cummings, Faulk, Oliviera, and Garcia all received academically acceptable ratings. This is not acceptable. The remainder received Recognized. The remaining are acceptable.

What the numbers also do not tell you is the number of students they give up on and pass along without TAKS under the exceptions such as learning disability. When the campus administrators decide a student will pull down their ratings, the student is moved out of the TAKS system.
This is the part the Herald has consistently refused to report on. The special needs students have been abandoned as hopeless. Their scores do not matter. So you simply move them along without any accountability. This is where my latest complaint with the TEA is going. I can now document the policy. This is unacceptable. I hope to up the complaint in a way to for BISD to have to pay for one students education at a private school in San Antonio which only deals with mentally disabled children. BISD absolutely refuses to teach these students and as a matter of policy simply move them through the system.

This is where Gonzales and Rendon got in trouble. While there is no defense for how they handled these students, I can tell you the new Board Members so anxious to get rid of Gonzales and Rendon have done nothing to force change or improvement in this area. Which goes to what I have said repeatedly, they are not acting based on facts, facts which justify their discharge, but on politics. It is about contracts and money - it has never been about the students.

I am proud as heck over Morningside Elementary always being on top. My community is a poor community. The staff at Morningside have proven over and over again that they can take poor children and make them excel. The model of instruction at Morningside is worth studying.
But Morningside is not my concern. Year after year our highschool students are not reaching the levels needed to make them into successful future university students or highly qualified workers. We see the results at UTB every year. The final test for the effectiveness of any school district is how well the highschool students do - on this test BISD remains with an "F".

So the question remains, why did the Herald leave out the true results at the highschool level? By not naming the schools which received only Academically Acceptable they lead the readers to believe they are hiding something. The truth does not serve their lies and contempt for the people. They actually believe the parents’ whose children are not making it will not notice their children are failing. So pathetic it must be to believe the best you can do for yourself is working at the Herald.

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Anonymous said...

I can say the Hanna and Porter are both acceptable (Recognized). These two schools were held back by students who dropped or did not complete high school in 4 years or continued their education. For example LEP students entering from China take more that the usual four to five years to acquire the language and US History in order to meet expectations. So...academically they are fine. Lopez is heading that way but ... is still lagging ... should be 'recognized' by next year based on the gains they have made over the past four years. Now what is sad, on a side note, are the "home-grown" students who do not care, try, etc. and still cannot pass.