Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The Weir Dam project which appears dead for now, was to bring desperately needed water to the LRGV. Can anyone tell me of any viable plan currently on the table to increase water supplies for the LRGV. Such as everything else with government, we will wait until it reaches a crisis level and then blame the government. It will not be the fault of the government. It will be our fault.

President Obama has abandoned the LRGV. He has imposed upon us the burden of building a wall we do not want. When it came time for the Department of State to reason with Mexico on the issue the Obama Administration under Secretary Clinton’s leadership abandoned us. The drought is real. Population projections has the LRGV growing. Now is the time to build the Weir Dam, not 20 years from now, when it will be too late.

There is only one option here. It is up to the people to demand Solomon Ortiz demand Secretary Clinton keep this issue alive with the Mexican government. In the end we all know what is going to happen. When Matamoros cannot meet it water supply demands the US will be responsible for fixing the entire mess at a lot more cost than it will cost now. This is a disaster waiting to happen. And as is always the case, the people will sit and do nothing, and then blame the government for having done nothing.


Anonymous said...

Obama didn't abandon the RGV, Bobby. To abandon something infers that you cared about it in the first place.

He told you he was for the wall and he told you he was Anti-NAFTA, you and many others just weren't listening.

Once again, beholden to a Democratic Party that has done nothing for you for decades, you are taken for granted, again.

Don't think that I am offering the GOP as an alternative either. But blind loyalty and masochism are two seperate things.

You (the collective RGV electorate)have crossed well into masochism and you just can't see it.

Anonymous said...

Find the lowest points of the area in Cameron County and create a giant reserve. Pump all the storm water there when we get our massive storms. Maybe that is a partial solution. It can be used for recreation too.
The City shouldn't have put all thier eggs in one basket. Their stimulus request only had three projects in it. The weir being the bulk of that. They should have made more requests for projects that were completely under the jurisdiction of the City. DUHHHH!!! But the again strategic planning has never been the City's strong point.

Anonymous said...

The Rio Grande River is along the highest land in Brownsville and Matamoros. The river itself appears to be in a valley. The water level, however is actually just slightly lower than the adjacent land, outside of the levees. Unfortunately for us, many of Matamoros' drains, and a few of Brownsville's drain into it. The only way they will drain is for the water level to be where it's at during any given day. If they dam it and fill it, then those drains will not function. JoAnn Lane will flood in Las Prietas. Some of the downtown streets will flood as well. More pumps will be necessary to drain these areas. The problem with pumps is that not many people around here know how to routinely maintain things (look at the drain ditches and cracked roads). Pumps need maintenance, or they won't perform at crunch time.
As for the previous commenters suggestion. The lowest area in Brownsville is the big low area that is east of Lopez highschool and south of dockberry road. It's about 400 acres. They should flood that if they want to flood something. Do something before more houses get built, like the floodprone ones in Valle Escondido, Valle Hermosa, and Ocelot Grove.
If you want to conserve water...look to the irrigation districts. They use about 85% of the water that goes to the valley. Most of them rely on outdated open, unlined, canals which allow for massive evaporation and infiltration of water into the ground. Tell our elected officials to secure money to put those dangerous canals into sealed pipes underground. That's what the Brownsville Irrigation District did years ago. That will save more water than anything you can think of.