Saturday, August 1, 2009


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32 years ago a doctor diagnosed my mother with female hysteria. Moments after she was removed from intensive care the sack around her heart filled with fluid and crushed her heart. We did not sue for malpractice. I mention this because cardiologists continue dismissing patients every day as suffering from every mental health illness under the sun, rather than simply admit they do not know. August 1st is always my day for raising this issue.

Part of the problem is the fraud created by the medical community. They would rather get sued for malpractice and allow an insurance company to pay out the claim than to stop the fraud. The fraud makes them money and that is the bottom line with these cardiologists. There are three basic tests which can diagnose just about every cardiology problem under the sun. All three involve some form of catherization.

The fraud is in the protocol they created which mandates a whole series of expensive tests before they will do the tests which are the final word on the issue. My sister died 24 hours after a stress test with nuclear dye showed a perfectly normal heart. Her heart begged to differ.

Another sister within 24 hours of the same test, which showed no abnormalities, dropped from a heart attack. She was lucky - she got emergency treatment and with a few stents is doing well.

I hope Obama will put an end to all of this fraud which generates needless tests. If you want to know if someone has blockage you do a catherization. There is virtually no room for a mistake. If you want to know if someone suffers from angina, you do a catherization - again nearly no room for a mistake. But the doctors make more money once you have the heart attack and need to be in the hospital. The doctors make more money by first demanding inaccurate tests first.

You would be amazed how many inaccurate tests their protocols require you go through before they do the one test which is the only one with near perfect accuracy.


Anonymous said...

As a woman, I find the term "female hysteria" downright insulting as a "diagnosis". However, I have read of recent studies that demonstrate male patients routinely receive more in-depth care and treatment from cardiologists than female patients. I am a little surprised, however, that you consider cardiac catheterization a difficult test to obtain. Maybe it's a regional thing? Where I live, they are almost routine and many patients, even those with normal stress tests, receive a cardiac cath because symptoms call for it...but then again, most of those are MEN.

Anonymous said...

I mention this because cardiologists continue dismissing patients every day

and then the patients killed themselves at the dr. office.

yo digo

Anonymous said...

You are not along with your concerns. My dad pass away January 2006, not a day goes by why it took the VA hospital in Nashville for not taking my dad inception with colon cancer ASAP. Our prayers are with you.

The Powers Family....