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I do not know if politics played a role in the dismissal of the charges. I do know this - DA's need to be more amenable to expert witness testimony. I hate when DA's say we shall leave it to the jury - no - it is for the DA to look at the expert witness testimony and if their own experts tend to agree with the defense expert it is time to drop the charges.

I am not happy with the lack of Latino placement for statewide office in the up and coming Democratic Party Primary, but I am carefully following Bill White's campaign. I not quite sure yet, but I think he is a candidate which would be good for Texas and the country.

Well I am not totaly sure. As to Zavaletta it will have no impact. As to Freedom and the Herald, it depends. A Stay of the proceedings against the Herald and Freedom occur the moment the bankruptcy petition is filed. Here is where it gets tricky. If the Herald and Freedom are covered by insurance, and the insurance will pay any settlement or judgment, then the bankruptcy should not have any impact on the litigation. The Plaintiff's in the case will simply file a motion to lift the stay based on insurance coverage and the case will then proceed.

While I would be shocked if this is the case, but sometimes the insurance is payable to the insured. (A bit more complex, but I will leave it at that.) This would make it part of the bankrupcy estate of Freedom, thereby forcing the court to deny the motion to lift the automatice stay.

In the end if Freedom has traditional insurance to defend againt defamation claims, the case will move forward as soon as the Plaintiff's lawyer files the motion to lift the stay. These are so basic, the motion will be styled an Agreed Motion.

Children are not pawns for their politician parents or newspapers. The decision of the Herald to make the children of Tara Rios-Ibarra part of the story was low. These children are having a hard enough time with the divorce without having all of their friends knowing the details The court needs to determine who released the deposition. It was done for the sole purpose of gaining some type advantage without regard for the children. But of course, the judges of Cameron County will do nothing - corruption leads corruption.

In large measure this will be decided by the economy come election night, November 2010. But people regardless of political party affiliation are mad as hell about taxes. I remain convinced it is not about the paying of taxes, because most people understand services are paid for with taxes, but because of waste and the compadre system.

The Cameron County Democrats are not hearing the message. Republicans will be able to use full page ads lambasting Judge Sanchez and DA Villalobos as the voice of the Democratic Party. Tax away because it is not their problem. This will resonate with the people.

The people of Cameron County backed Hillary Clinton over President Obama. Some amount of Obama bashing will pull independents and Democrats who dislike President Obama over into the Republican side. If the economy remains sour, and the war in Afganistan is not going well, I predict Republicans will make significant headway into Cameron County politics.

Diehard Democrats will see this as a bad thing. It is not. It may be what it takes to get the Cameron County Democratic Party to get its act together. The decision by the lemmings who do as they are told who put Hinojosa back into the position of Cameron County Democratic Party Chair did so without regard for the fact the people of Cameron County already said they would rather have a Republican as County Judge than Hinojosa.

In my view the Democratic Party of Cameron County is fighting an uphill battle to win county wide elections in 2010 so long as Hinojosa is leading the party and Judge Sanchez and DA Villalobos are saying taxes are not their problem.

If you are a Republican or a Democrat willing to run as a Republican, now is the time to hit the campaign trail while you can tie into the anti-tax anti-Obama sentiment both of which are growing by the minute. Remember, you win campaigns by starting early, and taking the upper hand in the message. In the context of Cameron County politics the Republican message should be - "Democrats such as Judge Sanchez and DA Villalobos refuse to help lower taxes. The Democratic Party of Cameron County chose to have Hinojosa lead them after the people of Cameron County sent him packing. Vote Republican where your voice matters, and responsible budgets are the right of the people."

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Had this library been built by the UT system, and designed to house engineering and science material, I would understand. University systems are known for building specialized libraries rather than build entire new libraries.

The other problem is a lack of staff to allow students to use the old library as it was intended to be used. Sometimes just browsing the shelves is what it most fun. Sometimes you just find interesting books and have at it.



"elenne wrote:
I don't see the problem here. It's not as if many UTB-TSC can actually read. Now with the mural, at least they can look at the pictures."

Most interesting - appears to be from an insider:

thecommentor wrote:
Why is UTB/TSC administration so intent on spending money on buildings? Budgets for faculty have been cut drastically for the year 09/10. Increase for faculty will be 1 %!!!! Ridiculous!!However when the TSC board or Dr. Garcia travel, it is always at the best and most expensive places. Most are new rich people that need to feed off tsc"

thecommentor wrote:
Another issue is, this is the second time in a month that Doug Ferrier is involved in scandal or unethical behaviour. The Dean of Instruction is the supervisor of Rene Sainz, the director who is responsible for the cheating scandal exposed a few weeks ago.

thecommentor wrote:
This is the continuation of the cheating scandal and the same department. Doug Ferrier is Dean and does not have a PhD. He was named Dean because he was the official choffeaur and friend of the former provost Dr. Martin.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


The following are the words of opposing counsel against Peter Zavaletta.

"Defendant’s suggestion that Plaintiff refiled this case in Harris County with the "actual knowledge" that the case was still pending in Cameron County is false and a misrepresentation to the court. Defendant Zavaletta has once again demonstrated the type conduct which should be sanctioned by the court. The tactics that Zavaletta continue to pull are frankly a disgrace. To the profession and the practice of law."

The Texas Supreme Court agreed with opposing counsel to Zavaletta finding Zavaletta so called lawsuit was untimely filed, and therefore the trial court had no right to set it for trial. This means there was no lawsuit pending as alleged by Zavaletta. There is a reason why the courts of South Texas are known as the sewer of the legal system. Attorneys like Zavaletta rely on the combined incompetence of Judges like McDonald and their willingness to engage in corruption. Until the State Bar ends this conduct, Cameron County will be known as the sewer of the legal profession.

I am the first to agree that in other parts of the state the corporations own the courts. While the Texas Supreme Court is still a bit too pro insurance companies and corporations, there is a growing body of decisions to indicate they are moving more to a mediated center. This is where the Court should be. It should be the Court’s job to stop the corruption coming from both sides of the Bar.

In the end anyone who thinks this kind of conduct by Zavaletta and Art McDonald is not hurting Cameron County is either a moron, or being paid by Zavaletta, or having their ass licked by Zavaletta. No one wants to do business in a county where they know the judges throw the law to the wind. These corporations know they will win in the end, because the Texas Supreme Court will come to their defense. But this does not save them the cost of appeals caused by frivolous lawsuits and unethical lawyers like Peter Zavaletta.

In the end he got caught lying again. When will the State Bar do its job? Answer, never, because Peter learned the lesson of every other unethical lawyer in Texas - the State Bar is readily influenced by politics - the law and rules of ethics be damned.

And before someone with zero knowledge of the facts comes back and says judges have found I filed frivolous lawsuits, I will state unequivocally no judge ever found a lawsuit I had in their court to be frivolous - period. In Texas collateral attacks on final judgments are illegal. In my case the State Bar filed a collateral attack on a final judgment in a case which my client settled for $25,000.00. There is a difference between the trial judge in the case finding the lawsuit is frivolous, something the defendant in the case never even alleged, and years later another judge hand picked by the State Bar deciding the lawsuit was frivolous because the State Bar says so.

That would be an illegal collateral attack on a final judgment. What is most remarkable is the State Bar in the pending litigation is arguing that the trial court cannot reverse their order based on my claim it was an impermissible collateral attack, because that would be an impermissible collateral attack. No, it would be the voiding of an illegal judgment because it was a collateral attack on a final judgment. A legal concept the Texas Supreme Court has upheld over and over again, unless you are a known dissenter against their corruption. The State Bar of Texas is a terrorist organization with nothing but contempt for our laws, and every person who has ever died in defense of our laws. Only lawyers too cowardly to fight these terrorists, or doing their dirty would stand in support of the State Bar of Texas.

And true to form Jerry McHale again remains silent when Zavaletta gets caught lying to courts and corrupting justice. He remained silent when Zavaletta lied to protect McHale - kind of self serving.

In response to my Motion for contempt Zavaletta signed a pleading with the following statement. " "Plaintiff’s motion is not only moot, as filed in violation of this Court’s order staying this litigation, it is baseless, groundless and offensive." Regarding whether or not the gag order would be enforceable pending the abatement of the case, the following is from the hearing: WIGHTMAN-CERVANTES: "and this will be enforceable independent of the stay, correct?"THE COURT: "yea, it’s a separate ..." Court Transcript p 56 lns, 20-21 Zavaletta knew the gag order would be enforceable, but nonetheless chose to lie to the court by claiming it was not enforceable during the abatement.

I have never suggested politics is anything but dirty. But to understand just how dirty and corrupt politics has become one must look no further than Jerry McHale and his entourage of syphilis brain infected associates. One can certainly suggest based on experience Jerry McHale’s views of Soloman Ortiz changed the day Congressman Ortiz stopped paying

cid=N00005998&cycle=2006&name=Jerry McHale

It is not now a stretch to argue he defends Zavaletta because Zavaletta is willing to lick his dirty infected ass.

It is hard for me to stomach the rants of people who live on public corruption and then seek to discredit those who do not worship their dishonest and misleading rants. Any blogger unwilling to publicly denounce the actions of Sanchez and his attorneys is certainly nothing more than a hand puppet mouthing the words fed to them from the most corrupt among us - hence Jerry Mchale.

Once Sanchez's attorney got caught doing business with the judge while the case was pending, any blogger who is not a 100% paid whore for the corrupt would have made it headlines.

Question - do I fear enforcement of the gag order - no - One I am not discussing the merits of the case. Two Zavaletta represents Zavaletta - not McHale - McHale is too stupid to realize that. Sanchez attorneys represent themselves and have decided to destroy Sanchez to protect themselves.

Fact: James Hunter aided Sanchez in his aggravated perjury before the Texas Ethics Commission - dead silence from Jerry McHale - James Hunter lied in a newspaper ad stating he paid for a politic ad for Dr. Escobedo, when in fact he knew based on the check Escobedo gave him the money for the ad came from his BISD campaign account. Escobedo had to later pay sanctions for Hunter's unprofessional and unethical conduct. It should be no surpise in the sewer of the Texas legal system James Hunter is the President of the Cameron County Bar Association.

Now, only the most ignorant of the ignorant believes that even a corrupt federal judge will find a gag order which bars reporting on legal corruption and anti-gay policies in the Texas courts to be constitutional. It should be no surprise Jerry McHale is arguing that such reporting should be sanctioned by the court What has happened is, Zavaletta and Hunter are so accustomed to getting away with their lies and corruption it would never occur to them their time as come. It has come. I will bet the farm that sooner than later Royston will be giving Hunter the boot. I guess his buddy Sanchez can give him a job as a dishwasher.

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This is not about whether or not you agree or disagree with her. I have now seen her in several interviews. She is proof that with the correct upbringing you can be a child actor and succeed. This is my interest in Blossom.

The full story can be found here.

The following is from CNN. I am certain there are Republicans all over the US deeply offended by these comments. Being deeply offended is not enough. They need to be outraged and demand Representative Lynn Jenkins leave the Republican Party. I am not saying she should resign. She can leave the Party and become an independent.


Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins told a Kansas newspaper that she did not intend to make a racist comment when she said her party was looking for a 'great white hope.'

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Republican congresswoman apologized Thursday for saying that her party is looking for a "great white hope" to counteract President Obama's political agenda.
Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins told the Lawrence Journal-World that she did not intend to make a racist comment, and was simply saying that "Republicans have been suffering in recent years and we need a bright light."

"Obviously I was discussing the future of the Republican Party in response to a question about is there any hope for Republicans," Jenkins said. "I was explaining that there are some bright lights in the House, and I was unaware of any negative connotation. If I offended somebody, obviously I apologize."

Jenkins had been criticized for saying at an August 19 forum in Kansas that the GOP needs "to find the great white hope" to help the party succeed in the future.

"Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope," Jenkins said. "I suggest to any of you who are concerned about that, who are Republican, there are some great young Republican minds in Washington."

Thursday, August 27, 2009


In unrelenting acts of unprofessional conduct Peter Zavaletta releases press releases about his pending cases. The BV refused to publish his libelous statements against Cowen. Cases are to be tried in courts and not the press. Jerry McHale who never met a dollar he would turn down in exchange for a benefit is all too willing to aid Peter Zavaletta in his unprofessional conduct.

Jerry McHale claims to be a voice against the Brownsville Herald, except when it involves Peter Zavaletta - then he will run for cover and print nothing.

The Corpus Christi Court of Appeals authorized the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Peter Zavaletta and the Herald to go forward. The Herald lost their interlocutory appeal. I have held this to give McHale time to break the story. he has not - why? because Zavaletta is licking his ass and that is all it takes for McHale to provide you cover.

The Herald true to form printed nothing about its loss.

This is my second post today. The following was posted by Sorry Charlie Atkinson in the Herald.

"How can Gowen compare her non-profit organization to a sportspark project that belongs to the city of Brownsville. She just can't compare her non-profit organization where money and revenues are generated to a sportspark that benefits and advocates more healthy alternatives than eating a fresh tomato grown from a local farmer. Edward Camarillo backed Gowen by saying her non-profit benefits a healthier alternative than kids playing and exercising at the Sportpark. Give me a break. Camarillo needs to spend more time at the sportspark and he would see where adults and kids really shed their pounds. I won't let this go. There will be more debate on this issue. The city isn't in the business of donating 10k for non-profits. Pandora's box has just opened. We can't say no to anyone because Gowen would look bad if we just helped her organization and not others. She was wrong for subjecting the city to this fiasco of whats to come."
Charles Atkinson Brownsville City Commissioner
"I thought people like Ernie Hernandez got the picture that taxpayers would hold elected officials accountable for trying to make money off the citizens of Brownsville."
Sorry Charlie Atkinson has a drinking problem. It is apparent this has impacted his judgment. According to past press reports after leaving the hospital for problems related to his diabetes he went drinking. This is a drinking problem.

Nutrition is key to regulating adult diabetes. A $10,000.00 allocation to the Farmers Market will do more for me individually than millions to a sports park which is really only for the people on the north side of Brownsville.

The people of Southmost who are poor really do not have the resources to drive to the sports park. Even if they have transportation the cost of gas is simply too much.

A Farmers Market promotes healthy eating - something Sorry Charlie Atkinson opposes. I commend those who manage the Farmers Market for their donations to the community.
I have a choice - to consider the opinion of a medical doctor when it comes to nutrition or a man with a drinking problem who also happens to be a diabetic. Sorry Charlie Atkinson has so abused his body and mind, on the issue of healthcare, only a delusional person would consider his opinion.

I hope Dr. Gowen continues to kick but. It seems to me Dr. Gowen and Melissa Zamora, neither of whom are perfect, are kicking butt and Sorry Charlie Atkinson fears castration.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am posting this early because it is almost too bizarre to believe Villalobos actually said what the Herald claims he said.

From the Herald on Villalobos’ threat to sue Commissioners Court over budget cuts. BTW City of Brownsville - grow a pair like Commissioners Court.

"Villalobos said. "That makes absolutely no sense. Do they want people to go free and commit other crimes and then we can go back and say, ‘I told you that this was going to happen.’ … I don’t operate that way."

Yes he really said it - because we cannot all remember how convicted murderer Livingston walked out of court a free man while Villalobos’ former law partner collected the 500 thousand dollar bond, albeit for the children of the victim. We all know Lucio did not keep a penny of the money - yea right.

Why can’t our city commission act with similar responsibility. The Democrats better come out and demand Villalobos gets on board with the budget cuts or face a voters’ revolt. The people of Cameron County will remember how Commissioners Court fought for a responsible budget. Any Democrat running for County Judge who fails to denounce Judge Sanchez and DA Villalobos for their reckless attitudes toward the taxpayers fails to make such a denunciation at their own peril. On this issue Cascos will have the voice of the people.

You can just read the story yourself.

The Texas Supreme Court is a political machine where very little law guides the Court. I have no idea why Scott Brister resigned. Maybe he grew tired of the endless politics. Maybe he sees the writing on the wall that the Democrats may begin to win statewide races again. Or maybe, and this is where I will put my money, he has a lot of kids who are going to need a college education. Politics aside, we pay our judges way too little. The problem is, the judicial corruption in this state makes it difficult to justify paying judges more.

Maybe if they would just clean up their act, the people would be more inclined to pay them a fair wage.

"The Argentine court ruled that: "Each adult is free to make lifestyle decisions without the intervention of the state."
Supreme Court President Ricardo Lorenzetti said private behaviour was legal, "as long as it doesn't constitute clear danger".
"The state cannot establish morality," he said. "

Sorry for late post, my RR has been down all morning.

I do not care one bit about the proposed tax increase. The average homeowner will incur a tax increase of $16.00 or more. You know what, if you are going to a car wash to get your car washed by someone other than yourself or kids, then you are wasting more than $16.00 in a year in how you manage your budget.

The failure is in this city commission to bite the bullet and cut personnel. Another issue is reviewing contracts. Dr. Gowen suggested putting some personnel on mandated furloughs 12 days out of the year. This would save money. As Dr. Gowen noted, this is happening in other cities. Cabler did what he did best and responded with misinformation and distraction. "Oh, the unions are the evil of all humanity - they will never allow for this." Dr. Gowen made clear she was talking about non-union employees. Cabler would have nothing to do with the idea of furloughing non union employees as a way to save money. This is the problem. Cabler has declared personnel off limits. It is not that people are opposed to the tax increase. They are opposed to this city commission’s unwillingness to deal with the budget shortfall in an honest and forthright manner. The mayor should have gotten right behind Dr. Gowen, but he did not. He is a man of excuses and not solutions. This was a great solution and he remained dead silent.

In the case of Melissa Zamora Pat Almighty did not remain dead silent. He tried to shut her up which caused me to ask, whose contract is he trying to protect? Ms. Zamora did her research and learned the city is not putting out all contracts for competitive bids. The mayor immediately tried to silence her claiming the issue had nothing to do with the budget. It has everything to do with the budget. If the city is not seeking competitive pricing on its contracts, it is paying too much.

What we saw was Dr. Gowen and Melissa Zamora raise two important issues which can result in savings to the city, and their fellow commissioners remained silent. This city commission is not serious about this budget. Pat Almighty is a liar - he demands solutions and then tries to silence his fellow commissioner for raising the solution. He said nothing in support of Dr. Gowen’s suggestion for saving money.

So in the end, the opposition is not about the $16.00. It is about a city commission unwilling to take the budget process seriously. It is about their unwillingness to bite the bullet and put city employees on 12 days of furlough per year. No one idea will solve the problem. But, a hand full of good ideas could balance the budget. But in the case of the Brownsville City Commission, there is no will - just protectionist policy for their friends who work for the city, and their friends with existing contracts with COB.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Republican Senators Cornyn and Hutchison are holding President Obama hostage on the nomination of the US Attorneys for Texas and at least 4 judicial nominations. These Republicans who claim they support the constitution now declare that they will have nothing to do with respecting the right of the President to appoint US Attorneys and federal judges. These Senators are free to vote against the President’s nominations, but they are not free to use Senate rules to block the process and in effect outright block the nomination of US Attorneys and judges.
The Democrats in the Senate need to come forward with a clear statement of zero tolerance for these tactics. They will not. They want to make sure that if the tables are turned in the future they will be allowed to play the same games.

On the issue of healthcare, while it is true that Blue Dog Democrats have threaten to block President Obama, it is the radical voices of Republicans scaring the American people into submission of the Republican agenda. I do not want to hear from anyone, "I have read the Bill." No you have not unless you are an economist who has reviewed all of the documents related to the Bill and how the savings will or will not work. Congress has experts to help them interpret these Bill’s. They are complex with a ton of background information needed in order to be able to understand the full Bill. So unless you are an expert in economics, and have read all of the background information you have not read anything. The Bill in part refers directly and indirectly to other existing laws, such as the law which bans use of federal money for abortion.

We elect Congresspersons to make decisions. Intelligent people know and understand that these Bills are complex and require a level of expertise most people do not have in order to be able to read the Bills. Intelligent people understand that Congress has an entire staff of experts to help them understand the implications of these Bills. We the People do not have access to such experts. This is why we rely on Congress to do what is best for the people. If in the end, the law hurts the people, then the people retain the right to throw the members of Congress who voted for the Bill out of office.

The Democrats need to either put an end to this Republican coup or be forced out of office. What is the point of electing Democrats if they are just going to relinquish power to the Republicans? If our elected Democrats do not want to do what we elected them to do, then we need to replace them.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I rarely watch the BISD Board meetings. In fact this time I was only channel surfing when I caught Presas-Garcia discussing student ratios. She raised a question about whether or not there are sufficient assistant principals at the various schools, but in particular Oliveira. This is a huge issue. Anyone with minimal familiarity with the various BISD middle school and high school campuses know that the assistant principals are overwhelmed. Many are ill equipt to deal with special needs children, especially those with mental health problems. In the end very few students get the support they need.

So why is Ruben Cortez Jr. an idiot? He responded to Presas-Garcia’s concerns with, "this should have been addressed during the budget meetings." You see in the small deficient brain of Ruben Cortez Jr., if a school has a critical shortage of assistant principals, based on the needs of the children, the children just have to wait until the next budget cycle. For now BISD should just fail the children and then blame the parents.

This is not how you run a school district. Every BISD budget should have a provision for emergency hires during the school year. The idea that based on some formula each middle and high school have sufficient counselors or assistant principals is bizarre. It is reflective of someone who has zero knowledge of the needs of the children or BISD staff.

Mr. Cortez you do not serve some formula, you serve children. The needs of each child are unique to the child. I would submit that BISD needs to hire an assistant principal at each campus, or maybe for two campuses to be shared for all of the special needs children. Maybe the assistant principal can do the morning at one campus and the afternoon at the other campus. This simple act would relieve a lot of pressure from the regular assistant principals so that they can do their job.

It would also provide special needs children with better representation at their schools. These special assistant principals can do a better job in making sure special needs children are getting the support they need. They can act as an advocate for more and better services for special needs children. They can receive specialized training to deal with special needs children.
In the end Ruben Cortez is an idiot.

There is an irony here. Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon are being sent packing for their failure to deal with special needs children in a meaningful and competent way. They are being pushed out in part by Ruben Cortez Jr. Based on Ruben Cortez Jr.’s comments at the last BISD Board meeting I would say he is a product of this failure by Special Services. He also seems to be taking the same policy approach of Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon of do nothing to solve the problem. I can only hope Ruben Cortez Jr.’s fellow Board Members can see he is not working to solve the problems of the children and appears oblivious to his obligations.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Libertarian Party of Cameron County

Do you value your freedom?

As we watch the things our government is doing “for our benefit “ I cannot help but think that you are as concerned as I am.
It seems that every day the current pack of rulers at all levels of the government – starting at the Board of Education and going all the way to Washington- continue to find things that most of the populace needs that they need more of our taxes to pay for.
We feel it first at home when our property taxes continue to rise due to the higher values “in a recession” and the leaders still plead poverty. We also hear daily about the major changes in how the federal government wants to manage even more details of our daily life.
They already control what we think and say by dictating what is taught in schools and enforced by school aid and education grants.
Lately they have taken over our banks, the largest insurance company in the country and now they want to control another sixth of the economy – our health care.
This would provide the opportunity to even decide who can live and for how long by limiting care to the old, smokers, drinkers, the infirm or the old. Some of these things are being done already in places with socialized health care.
We thought we were voting for a change in the last election but we got much more of the same intrusive controlling government than before.
We need real change.
The Libertarians are the only ones that can bring real change by reducing government and its effect in our daily life. Less impact on our life and a smaller government will bring about less taxes, more business activity and more real opportunity.
We Libertarians are having a meeting to find new candidates for office to evict those who have been taking our choices and freedoms away.

Join us at Denny's at 6131 Paredes Line Rd
on September 20, 2009 from 2p - 5p on

Our State Chairman and State Executive Director will join us. So come and meet your local Libertarians and help our State leaders understand what makes the valley tick and help the community by running for office or helping a neighbor!
Cameron County Chairman
Fred Drew e-mail 956-639-3179

Friday, August 21, 2009


I am not sure how to review this film. It is definitely creative and interesting in its design. Brad Pitt actually surprised me with his acting. It was something more than the same old boring character he seems to play. Okay Mr. and Mrs. Smith was awesome.

Basically Pitt leads a group of Jewish soldiers into Nazi France to kill Nazis. At times it is funny - at times the violence is horrific. Pitt puts an uniquely American twist on the mark his men leave behind.

The film is filled with a lot of poetic justice, and at times irony.

I enjoyed the film, but I can clearly see why a lot of people will find it long, tedious and at times boring.

While the anti-war message is clearly aimed at the Germans, there is an element of German compassion and American brutality. Some people may not like this.

If you like Tarantino you will like the film. This is by far not his best, but it will do.

Now, in considering my review, remember I am sitting there in horrific pain turning from side to side. It is very hard for me to sit for more than 10 minutes or stand for more than 10 minutes. An hour and a half film is a bit long for me at this point.

I check my accounts nearly every day. I noticed a charge for health insurance. Inasmuch as I have 100% coverage with the VA why would I buy health insurance. My bank put in a challenge for me. Somehow this insurance company got my e-mail and is now demanding I give them more identifying information, such as my address and social security number. I have filed the appropriate complaints. Because I do not know if this insurance company is a victim of an unethical agent, or if this is a con game by the insurance company I am not revealing their name. I will allow the state to complete its investigation before I make a direct accusation. So - keep an eye on your accounts.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The below story tells the story.

ADDENDUM: I started to think about the original post and decided to additional comments. I thought back to Juliet Garcia's management style of creating committees to debate issues to their untimely death. To make this program work all that has to happen is for Brett Springston, Juliet Garcia, and the Dean of the College of Education to meet and make the commitment to have their respective staffs make it work. They appoint a liaison to work between the two institutions, and Juliet Garcia's office and the College of Education and this program can be up and running by the Spring.

A long time ago in another galaxy I worked on the B1B Bomber. When I proved incredibly efficient as an expeditor in all areas of manufacturing, I was promoted to foreman over hydraulic machine shop production control. I moved up in the company because whenever I heard the system is broken and nothing will ever work, I simply dismissed these naysayers. It was not a hard job. It was keeping production moving by keeping parts on schedule. I simply did not take no for an answer. I also made sure when someone told me that so and so was the hold up for them completing their parts, I acknowledged their complaints and worked to solve it. Everyone in the plant knew that if they told me the reason for the hold up I would get on top of it. I never said, handle it. I said "stay working on your parts and I will get the other unit moving in the right direction."

The president of LTV Bill Smith authorized a special merit raise of 10%. When I quit to work on my master's thesis, the Air Force liaison came to me and promised he would fight for more support for my unit. I left mostly because I knew that the naysayers would always be there. I grew tired of 80 hour weeks because the vice-presidents of the company saw their jobs as being in endless meetings instead of firing those managers who did nothing and complained endlessly. My point here is, with proper support and in the hands of someone who knows how to get things done, this program can work. It is about setting daily goals and not going home until those goals have been met. It is about setting a deadline for when the program will be up and running. It is about setting out a schedule as to when each stage of the program will be in place so that the final deadline is met. It is about delivering the plane on time.

Unfortunately, the point man or woman will become the enemy of humanity because if I have learned one thing when working with naysayers, they hate progress. This is why Brownsville, BISD, and UTB/TSC are going nowhere. The naysayers are controlling the process, and good people are leaving for places where ideas and innovation matter. Meanwhile the top brass will continue with their endless meetings.


It is almost surreal to me how ignorant the BISD leadership and UTB leadership really are. How do you expect a learning disabled child to learn when they have zero support at home because their parents were drop outs as learning disabled students. UTB-TSC under Juliet Garcia would rather fail these parents than use the College of Education as a place wherein these parents can go and get diagnosed with their learning disabilities. (You do not need a GED to attend UTB-TSC.) You have parents in Brownsville who understand they need to improve themselves, but who fail because there is no support for them at UTB/TSC.. Once you are a drop out because of your learning disabilities, you will remain a dropout is UTB/TSC’s motto.

I have discussed this issue before. Some parents go to BISD’s adult learning center for their GED. This is a complete and total waste of taxpayers money. They are better getting help at UTB by taking the remedial courses. At least in remedial math they will learn math. They will learn to read and write. All of these are essential skills to passing the GED.

In the end the children of learning disabled parents are screwed. The parents cannot give their children the support they need at home. BISD has no support for these children. UTB/TSC has no one at any level of the administration who understands that to fix the problems we must approach it as a family problem. They need to go to Texas Woman’s University and look at their program and bring it to UTB-TSC. In the meantime they need to start mandating that the students in training in the College of Education studying to be diagnosticians provide free testing to the learning disabled parents so that they have a fighting chance at succeeding at UTB/TSC.

Fellow Texan, As young Texans return to classrooms, all Texans have an opportunity to "go to school" on how we can improve achievement of students and cut dropout rates in public schools. After all, for Americans to compete to win in a world economy based on our skills and knowledge, we better get prepared. As Houston's Mayor, I've pioneered two effective programs which I will work to "scale up" as Texas' next U.S. Senator.

Summer Opportunity Sessions (SOS) - Teachers know that "summer learning loss" in early grade levels can hurt the performance and long-term prospects of students. Our Summer Opportunity Sessions provide four weeks of hands-on science and math for elementary school students and have dramatically improved performance at a low cost per student. The Brookings Institution report (PDF) that inspired our program recommends that similar initiatives be funded across the nation.

Reducing the Dropout Rates - Texas' dropout rates are some of the highest in the nation. In Houston we launched Expectation Graduation with innovative programs to cut the dropout rate. For example, each fall, my wife Andrea and I lead thousands of volunteers to go to the homes of high school students who have not returned to school. Approximately 6,700 students have returned to school as a result, and this initiative has been replicated in communities across Texas.

Improving public education is critical to our nation's future, and it's a part of who I am. My parents were teachers for a combined total of over seventy years, and I would not have been able to attend the college of my choice without an American Legion scholarship. My father was able to attend college because of the GI Bill. My wife Andrea has led successful non-profits, Expectation Graduation and Houston A+ Challenge, in support of the work of public schools.
As your next Senator I will work hard to do what's right for all Texans. Join our campaign about Texas' future at

Bill White P.S. Become a supporter and let me know what you think about these ideas by posting your thoughts on my Facebook page at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sorry for no post on Wednesday other than the late post on Freedom Communications. I had an early morning meeting on the island, and expect to be out early again Thursday. This is Thursday's post.

I have not used this term in a long time because I saw improvement in how the mayor ran city commission meetings. After this week’s meeting I suspect I will be calling him Pat Almighty for the balance of his term. I do not know what planet this moron has been living on his entire life, but as the elected official he does not get to decide what is and is not proper speech. This guy would be tarred and feathered if he tried to oversee a public meeting on healthcare reform. His disrespect for the speakers is beneath any elected official. City Attorney Sossi is even more worthless than Pat Almighty - he should have declared the mayor out of line. But as I have said before, Sossi will wipe the dirty little ass of every commissioner to keep his job.

Then there was Atkinson. He was laughing when Roman Perez complained about who I assume was Atkinson opening his mail. The intent was clear - to drown out Perez. It was obvious who ever was opening the mail was doing it into the mic to make it more difficult for the audience at home to hear Roman Perez. The people have a right to be heard without childish game playing by the commissioners.

Pat Almighy - when you decide to conduct the meetings like a responsible adult maybe people will respect you. You had a duty to stop the clear attempt to drown out Roman Perez - you did not - because you are a pathological liar who uses the position of mayor to advance only that which serves you. You clearly had no desire for the public comment period to be orderly. If you did you would have stopped the child like behavior.

Mark Sossi true to form sat there and did nothing. Next week I hope at least one commissioner will have the interest of the people at heart and demand an explanation as to why this happened and why it went unchallenged by Pat Almighty and Shister Sossi. If not one commission is willing to come forward and demand accountability for what happen, then no commission has the right to demand the respect of the people. If the commissioners are unwilling to respect the people, then the people have no reason to respect the commissioners.

Its CEO left in July to work for Playboy. I know the interim CEO from his days at BELO and the Dallas Morning News. I will just say this - things are not going to get better.

Here are some interesting facts I discovered.

Brownsville Herald has a circulation of 19,500. This includes all of the free subscriptions and all of the subscriptions forced on people through the unauthorized billing of their debit cards. Trust me, you have a better chance of finding a woman of the evening with an intact hymen than getting Freedom to stop charging your debit card. My point is, what is their true requested circulation?

Valley Morning Star has a surprising circulation of 32,400. Why such a big difference?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The Chief Justice of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is on trial for allegedly ordering the Clerk of the Court to close the Court at 5 p.m. on a day when the Chief Justice knew an Application for Stay was about to be filed in a death penalty case. The death row inmate died that night because of Chief Justice Keller's alleged conduct.

In reading the trial summary below, I believe it is fair to say David Dow, his lawyer, is as responsible for what happened as Chief Justice Keller. His conduct cost his client his life. His conduct should cost Mr. Dow his law license. The State Bar will take no action because Mr. Dow is officially one of the many protected lawyers in the State of Texas who can do no wrong.

Part of the problem with the Texas system is, it should have provided for an automatic stay of execution once the United States Supreme Court stayed all executions. Further, David Dow failed his client by not having on speed dial the phone numbers of the Justices. His job is stopping executions. If he is not smart enough to know he needs to have these phone numbers for last minute appeals, then he should be in a different job. I can assure you, if I needed a TRO from a Cameron County judge, I would find him/her in church on a Sunday, or getting drunk at some local watering hole. The problem is David Dow had no will to do his job.

But in the end, if it is true Sharon Keller ordered the Court house closed so the Application for Stay could not be filed, then she should be removed from office. But justice will only be done when the State Bar pulls David Dow's license.

The Weir Dam project which appears dead for now, was to bring desperately needed water to the LRGV. Can anyone tell me of any viable plan currently on the table to increase water supplies for the LRGV. Such as everything else with government, we will wait until it reaches a crisis level and then blame the government. It will not be the fault of the government. It will be our fault.

President Obama has abandoned the LRGV. He has imposed upon us the burden of building a wall we do not want. When it came time for the Department of State to reason with Mexico on the issue the Obama Administration under Secretary Clinton’s leadership abandoned us. The drought is real. Population projections has the LRGV growing. Now is the time to build the Weir Dam, not 20 years from now, when it will be too late.

There is only one option here. It is up to the people to demand Solomon Ortiz demand Secretary Clinton keep this issue alive with the Mexican government. In the end we all know what is going to happen. When Matamoros cannot meet it water supply demands the US will be responsible for fixing the entire mess at a lot more cost than it will cost now. This is a disaster waiting to happen. And as is always the case, the people will sit and do nothing, and then blame the government for having done nothing.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Completely off topic, but this was just too good to resist.Overhauling health-care system tops agenda at annual meeting of Canada's doctors

By Jennifer Graham (CP)SASKATOON — The incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association says this country's health-care system is sick and doctors need to develop a plan to cure it.Dr. Anne Doig says patients are getting less than optimal care and she adds that physicians from across the country - who will gather in Saskatoon on Sunday for their annual meeting - recognize that changes must be made."We all agree that the system is imploding, we all agree that things are more precarious than perhaps Canadians realize," Doing said in an interview with The Canadian Press."We know that there must be change," she said. "We're all running flat out, we're all just trying to stay ahead of the immediate day-to-day demands."The pitch for change at the conference is to start with a presentation from Dr. Robert Ouellet, the current president of the CMA, who has said there's a critical need to make Canada's health-care system patient-centred. He will present details from his fact-finding trip to Europe in January, where he met with health groups in England, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands and France.His thoughts on the issue are already clear. Ouellet has been saying since his return that "a health-care revolution has passed us by," that it's possible to make wait lists disappear while maintaining universal coverage and "that competition should be welcomed, not feared."In other words, Ouellet believes there could be a role for private health-care delivery within the public system.

Postmaster Requests an End to Saturday Mail

"The postmaster general of the United States, John E. Potter, has gone to Congress and officially asked for permission to do away with Saturday mail."

Tom Delay Admits to being Irrelevant

Tom Delay will star on Dancing with the Stars

This does not help the reputation of the Republican Party

Oil Plummets

It is down nearly $10.00 in a week. Hold on getting gas, the price is about to drop.

Before you hate mongers (really only one) hit me with why I do not believe in God, let me say, I do, just not the Judeo-Christian God. I believe in the God of Joshua. In the first instance, Christians demonstrate their contempt for Joshua by using the name given to him by the people who killed him on the cross, the Romans. His real name is Joshua not Jesus.

Archeologists have now proven entire sections of the Old Testament were plagiarized from Sumerian text. People need to take the time to read the Old Testament. This mythical god reserves the right to drown innocent child in a great flood. This mythical God tells the Israelis’ to war against other tribes in the area. While I am a strong supporter if Israel, what has all this warring gotten them?

This mythical god tells them to butcher their male children with circumcision. This is about a covenant with god. God tells you to alter your child’s penis and you do it - this is not a god - it is the act of politicians seeking to maintain control of lemmings.

This mythical god tells you to kill your children and you do. Deuteronomy 21: 18-21. This mythical god tells you to kill the male population when you go to war against another tribe and to take their women as wives, and you do it. Deuteronomy 21: 10-13. To insure the lemmings do not think for themselves, or follow their heart, god threatens severe punishment. Deuteronomy 29:19
Christians and Jews have warred since the beginning of their creation. They have justified slavery, bigotry, and war. Their god is not a God - it is a personality cult which rationalized the irrational.

The purpose of this piece is to point out this god creates dependency on the cult. It (not he or she) punishes people who follow their heart. So long as the people of Brownsville or anywhere else remain enslaved to this mythical god, they will be sentenced to misery. Joshua understood the heart, and love and compassion. Brownsville can pull itself out of this misery if it would simply reject the churches and act as Joshua did with love, compassion and justice.

This will not happen because as is always the case, lemmings thrive on being dependent on a cult figure. It is so much easier than having faith in yourself to do the right thing.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have been tracking this storm for two days. Each time they update the 5 day path it drops further south. This morning it was expected to hit the east cost of Florida. As you can see it is now going to go just south of Florida into the gulf.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My review of this film goes against the consensus. I did not like it. I actually like the way it ended, but that is about it. It is shot in documentary form, a form I find annoying for a film. The story is fraught with endless flaws.

The aliens arrive and then refuse to leave their ship. Eventually humans cut their way into the ship and discover the aliens are starving. There is no explanation for any of this. The aliens are put into camps which eventually leads to violence.

Somehow a liquid if found will allow the ship to return to its home planet. How that liquid would end up in a garbage dump is also not explained.

The aliens are called prawns because they look like big prawns. Why the humans never worked with the aliens to help them return to their home is unknown.. It is also unknown why they want to stop them from returning to their home, at the same time they are trying to relocate them to a new camp.

The film gave me a headache. I saw several people walk out.

Anyway - sorry my review is negative - I just did not get the point of the film - unless it was to show humans are animals, then I got the point of the film.



The good news is, there will always be another election to handle this abusive conduct. From the Herald - Sanchez refers to District Court Judge David Sanchez.

"It was our intent to create this new court as a family court," said Precinct 4 Commissioner Edna Tamayo. "We asked for one new court and we were saddled with two. We’ve done many things to accommodate those courts. We are just asking you to help in this manner."

But Sanchez said the dilemma was the problem of the Commissioners’ Court, not his.
"This kid (the judge) is just out of control," Tamayo said, after Sanchez left the court. The Commissioners’ Court then resolved to present concerns to the Board of Judges, with the aim of preventing Sanchez from taking criminal cases."

The County Commission also needs to take him to the Commission on Judicial Conduct for undermining the people’s confidence in the judiciary. If Judge David Sanchez is this contemptuous of the people when it comes to their tax dollars, what can we expect of him in the courtroom. Somehow I suspect the legal community is already looking for his replacement.


Sorry I did not post yesterday, but I was in SA at the VA. Well, the first epidural injection did not relieve any pain. I am now taking 1200 mg of gabapentin with about 50% relief. This means the next procedure will be a more advanced procedure.

The next procedure is called a Caudal Racz Neurolysis . This will be done in September.
On the issue of the BV going public with character issues related to the City Commissioners, before you judge it wait to see my standards. Can anyone point me to where I can find evidence the City of Brownsville is still doing business with HNTB? I will not get into matters which will cause pain to a spouse. The spouse is not the elected official. Now obviously, anything which is embarrassing or controversial has the potential of being embarrassing to the spouse. By this I mean extramarital affairs. Everything else is fair game. It goes to their character.

The City Commission should look to the willingness the Commissioners’ Court to take on Judge David Sanchez as a example of leadership. They need to clean house before they raise taxes. The tax increase is negligible - I do not care about the tax increase. I care about their unwillingness to clean house and end incompetence while raising taxes. I think they can do both

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Some day corporatists supporters will realize that there are only to ways to raise revenue - taxes and profits from a business. Some day the anti-tax right will realize that roads do not build themselves no matter what its says in the Book of Genesis.

I still think about the people who went to the Imagine Brownsville event with their shopping lists on what is needed by the City of Brownsville. Yesterday Senator McCaskill was taken aback at her town hall meeting to have a voter tell her nothing she says will be believed because they simply do not trust her. Independent of the merits of for or against healthcare reform, any honest political observer has to agree a fundamental problem facing all politicos regardless of their political leanings is, "we do not trust them."

Why should anyone in Brownsville trust any of the members of the Brownsville City Commission. In a shameful act of self-promotion they voted approval of the Imagine Brownsville plan with full knowledge there is not a penny to pay for it. It was an out right bold face lie to the people of Brownsville. They lie because they have no conscience or regard for the people.

They voted to have the people pay to build a wall the people do not want. They have mismanaged the Sports park. They refuse to fire Cabler or Patterson for their incompetence over the Boyz’s II Men mess. Santana Torres, Director over Public Works has his employees robbing the taxpayer left and right, and they respond by saluting his service to the people.
When you see any member of the Brownsville City Commission tell them - "your time is up when you seek reelection." Tell them that it is bull crap being fed to them by the unethical lawyer Sossi that everything needs to be covered up as part of their fiduciary duty to the City of Brownsville.

Tell them not even a penny increase in property taxes until they fire Cabler, Santana Torres, and Patterson. If this City Commission cannot find a million dollars in savings by firing these three buffoons, they are bigger buffoons than the three. If they are unwilling to fire those responsible for mismanagement within city government then they are breaching their fiduciary duties to the people.

This is why we do not trust them. We should make clear as a people - we are voting no confidence in this hopelessly corrupt and inept city commission. It is time heads roll and since this city commission refuses to fire Cabler for his failure to fire Santana Torres, and Patterson, it is time we fire the City Commission and until then make their lives a living hell. The gloves are off - nothing is off limits unless it is illegal. I will publish any and all piece of garbage on their private lives which I can verify and is legal to publish.

When you lie to the people. mismanage their money, and work towards your own self preservation, you put your character into issue. As far as the BV is concerned - everything related to the character of every Brownsville City Commission is now fair game.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Since last week the Texas Secretary of State has been unable to provide the people of Texas any information maintained by the Texas SOS. Businesses dependent on SOS to conduct their businesses are shut down. The heart of Texas business is SOS.

How did this happen? True to form the SOS will not be removed from office. She was appointed by Governor Perry. What does it say about the State of Texas investment in technology that and entire agency within the State of Texas is now shut down for nearly a week?

Again, how did this happen? Why is it not headline news?

I did not want to discuss healthcare again today but, having watched Senator Spector’s live town hall meeting, I see an opportunity for a lesson in politics. I have to say Spector was brilliant. With the exception of one time calling out a lady as spreading lies related to section 1233, Senator Spector just responded to the lies and disinformation by saying he would never support such provisions, provisions which by the way do not exist in the House Bill.

A teacher proposed to Senator Spector that all Bills be written at a junior high reading level because as is, it is too hard to read and understand the Bills. Well my problem with this is, it hasn’t stopped a lot of people from reading the Bill and claiming to be experts on the Bill.

I am really concerned our politicians are going to give in to this ignorance and effectively nullify the election by turning this country over to the radical-right and ignorance. One man claimed the House Bill demands that anyone with payroll over 251k pay a tax if they change health insurance companies. No such provision exists. Spector rather than point out to this man he was either repeating what he heard on Reputrican talk radio, or could not read plain English, simply stated he would never support such a plan. Given the fact it does not exist, it is easy for Spector to say he would never support it. What the House Bill says is, if you do not have coverage for your employees you will pay a tax. It is this tax which will be used to pay for government sponsored healthcare for these uncovered employees.

Another one was - the Bill defines healthcare to start at birth. The morons listening to Reputrican talk radio and believing what they hear claim this means the fetus will be denied healthcare. You have to be the product of a brother-sister parents to believe Congress would ever pass a law which bans prenatal care. Prenatal care is given to the mother, who by the way has already been born. The beneficiary of the prenatal care is the fetus.

These are the fear tactics being used to rile these uneducated people into action. My fear remains, Congress will coward and give in to them. The effect will be democracy by ignorant-rule. This subverts our democracy. What is happening should concern every American who loves this country.

One area I will give these opponents of reform is, Congress gets an "F" in explaining how the savings which come from reform will pay for the reform. There is always a start-up cost for any new venture. The CBO report on the House Bill may provide some information concerning inefficiencies in the House Bill, but what people are not getting out of the CBO report is, over time the savings will be greater than the original outlay.

If we do nothing, sooner than later seniors will not have medicare at all. It is broken. It must be fixed. We can save billions over time by ensuring every senior willing to sign a pull the plug document, or withhold care document, signs the documents. If it is their choice, why is it the concern of any other American? As of now we have far too many seniors lingering on life support with family members who want to end it, but can’t because no one every educated the senior as to their right to choose.

But let’s look at another side - and this proves the total bullshit lies of these people. Medicare is tax dollars. The ignorant bullshit artists claim - budget - budget - our grandchildren will have to pay for it - well you know what morons your grandchildren are paying for it right now every time a senior lingers on for years and in some cases on life support at the expense of your grandchildren.

Do I support pulling the plug without the prior consent of the senior? NO! Do I support providing these seniors a choice? YES! We ration care today. Everyday terminally ill patients of all ages are left to die because they have no insurance or insufficient insurance. Everyday people of all ages die because of a shortage of organs. Doctors go to families every day and tell families "the committee has decided the liver we have will better serve this 22 year old female better than your 78 year old father." This is life. No one has a right to live forever. It is time we accept this and stop demanding the government keep everyone on a public program alive for ever.

These people are full of shit. They yell Obama wants to deny seniors healthcare, paid for by the taxpayers, and then they complain who is going to pay for Obama’s plan? We should not listen to the ramblings of idiots.

We cannot sustain a system with an MRI machine on every corner. I have opposed a local VA hospital in part because it is not cost efficient. I cannot ask that the government provide me healthcare and then complain if every so often I have to travel for advanced care. I do not get to demand that the taxpayers be forced to pay for endless new VA hospitals. The new clinic in Harlingen is exceptional in the quality of care being delivered to veterans.

Seniors, veterans, the poor and disabled do not get to demand the taxpayers pay for their bad habits. I know a veteran who smokes like there is no tomorrow and then demands the taxpayers pay for his high blood pressure medicine and viagra. This is total bullshit.

If you want to be on the public systems, you will submit to wellness clinics. You will adjust your behavior or pay higher premiums for the medicines needed which are caused by your behavior - at least a higher copay. We must put personal responsibility back into healthcare. Those who choose to act irresponsibly should have to pay more - a lot more - if they are going to be dependent on government sponsored healthcare.

Monday, August 10, 2009

JOB OPENINGS AT THE VA CLINIC HARLINGEN*&vw=b&brd=3876&ss=0&CustomApplicant=15514%2C15515%2C15523%2C15510%2C15512%2C15516%2C45575%2C15669&SUBMIT1.x=43&SUBMIT1.y=11

I am making this post for two reasons - maybe it will help one of my readers or a friend or family member of a reader to find a job.

But also it tells you what you will not read in the Herald - the VA is trying its best to provide veterans with quality healthcare in this clinic. The primary problem at this time is not a lack of interest by the VA, but in hiring doctors. As you can see they are hiring just about every specialist under the sun.

In November we will vote on Proposition 8. This will be a measure to authoirze the State of Texas to use state tax dollars to pay for a new VA hosital in the valley. Will the Republicans defeat this measure because it means inferior government healthcare for veterans, or all of a sudden will government healthcare become magical and the best in the world now that it means votes from veterans?

I have gotten several e-mails on the issue. I was even stopped at the movies the other night and asked the same question. The answer is not that complex. As a leader he is a complete failure. His entire leadership approach is "I am president so do what I say, and by the way the Dems control both the House and Senate." This is not leadership - it is the management technic of a fool.

The radical right high-jacked immigration reform by bombarding Congresspersons with e-mails and phone calls. The politicos being self-serving sharks caved and nothing got done.

Undocumented workers with sub-prime mortgages found themselves out of jobs as crackdowns occurred on employers. This had a major impact on the collapse of the mortgage industry, albeit it was just one factor. The ripple effect was on housing prices across the board, which created even more foreclosures as people could not find buyers for their houses which were now overpriced. Every municipality in the country knows all too well the impact it had on taxes and thereby local budgets.

We are trying to stimulate the economy while seeking to deport some 10 million undocumented workers. Only a complete idiot believes you remove 10 million consumers from the economy at the time of a recession. The decision by these self-serving politicians to protect their jobs over the best interests of the nation cost us dearly.

The only poetic justice is, it probably cost McCain the election. I doubt very much had the economy not collapsed on the eve of the election McCain would have lost. I also doubt had we not disrupted the economy of some 10 million undocumented workers the collapse of the economy would have been so bad. Of course Bush refusing to use his Executive authority to control the price of oil contributed significantly to the collapse of the economy. While I would have preferred had the economy not collapsed, since it did there is some joy in knowing it was brought on by the radical right and their actions related to immigration reform, and Bush allowing the oil industry to eat up the limited resources of the American people.

My concern now is, it is happening again. If the Dems and Obama allow the radical right to again define public policy then they should all be voted out of office. Now is the time for them to stand-up and say enough is enough. They need to just complete healthcare reform and be done with it. Once it is in effect the people will see it is not the end of the world and it will become a non-issue.
Now there are legitimate concerns. A public option without a safeguard to insure the insurance industry can survive competition with the government would be wrong. The insurance industry needs to accept they cannot sustain themselves with a 30% operating cost when medicare operates at a 1%.. My proposal would be to limit the public option to no more than 49% of market, excluding medicare, medicaid, and VA.

On my last post on this issue a typical right-wing fanatic eventually was called out as a hack. I knew if I forced his hand to just reference one provision of the House Bill which is bad he would hang himself. He eventually took the bait. He cut and paste the argument from a WAPO OPED writer and took credit as if it were his. He never bother to check that on page 425 of the House Bill § 1233 it simply provides that doctors are to educate patients on the documents which address your right to have the plug pulled or to withhold medical care at a certain point. It also goes on to have the doctors refer the patients to local legal clinics which can help in preparing the documents. No one has to sign anything. It is simply about providing people knowledge which they might not otherwise already have. There is nothing new in the provision. At the VA you are asked if you want to sign these documents and have them on file with the VA. In fact before every operation, they ask you again. The program already exists and there has been no outcry by veterans. Where have these pro-veteran right-wingers been all these years that veterans have been exposed to this policy. No where - no where at all.

This morning I watched a news report on Fox. A father expressed his belief the unamended House Bill denies healthcare to his disabled son. This is a valid concern. Congressman Dingell effectively confirmed this by stating that an amendment was being introduced to address the flaw in the Bill. The father continued with his yelling. (This is the problem - why would it have been so hard for the father to simply tell the Congressman his legitimate concerns in a calm voice.) The father is claiming there is no such amendment.

Here is my problem, Fox while profiling this man and son as victims never once addressed the issue of, is there an Amendment to fix the problem? You do not get to put a cerebral palsy man on TV, call him a victim of the government and then never tell the listeners if there is or is not an Amendment to fix the problem.

Fox News had no interest in the story or protecting the disabled. If there is no Amendment then we need to all write or e-mail our Congressman to fix the Bill. But we do not know this because all Fox wanted to do was inflame the situation and scare parents. You now have parents rightfully scared for their children with incomplete knowledge - why? Because Fox is about destroying Obama even if it means needlessly abusing the parents of disabled children by leaving them with incomplete information.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The Corpus Christi Court of Appeals denied Yolanda De Leon's mandamus in the criminal case wherein Peter Zavaletta threw her under the bus to protect his own sorry ass. What the Herald does not tell you is, the court ruled this question of whether or not Villalobos can be the district attorney in the case is normally one handled by a normal appeal, and therefore a mandamus is not appropriate. They did not rule he can be the prosecuting attorney. They ruled it is not an issue for mandamus, and her attorney failed to bring forward a record for consideration by the court.

Every Republican and true conservative should be outraged over the actions of the Senate Ethics Committee. This is why the people have no confidence in Congress.

Roger Ebert said the film left surprises for him and that therefore it is a great thriller. This is why I went to go see this film. What I now know is, Roger is not very sharp. Every turn and most of the dialogue were as predictable as rain in a rainforest. If you do not know who the killers are 15 minutes into the film you are not very smart. The formula is right of "Law and Order." Not an ounce of creativity in the film. The distractions used to move you away from the killers are so obvious that you know they are the killers. There are scenes wherein you should be horrified, but the audience is laughing.

The only redeeming thing about this movie is the scenery. Yes, Hawaii is beautiful.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Right now if you are watching the news, the right-wing ideologues are terrorizing the country into submission as to their opposition to healthcare. This is a difficult subject for me because I do not want a system wherein we are silencing people who are engaged in legitimate speech. This is clearly a political issue and 100% protected as a fundamental right. But the law has always provided that once your speech has as its purpose the disruption of the public peace, the law can step in and take control.

The rationale behind protecting speech was to insure a vibrant exchange of ideas. This is why we do not protect defamation. Defamation is the act of children with no intellect or adults who have lived their lives as bullies or who are simply so poorly educated they must use name calling when they find themselves lacking in critical thinking skills.

If we give in to this type bullying, then the mob will rule this country. What we do not need at this time is the radical-left responding with similar tactics. I am concerned this has begun. It boggles my mind that someone who listens to Glenn Beck as a credible source even has the skills to turn on the radio. His paranoia seems to get worse by the day. But this does not means I will ever support a boycott against his advertisers. An organized boycott against Beck’s advertisers is mob rule with the intent of shutting down diverse ideas. Anyone who fears Beck’s ideas cannot have much confidence in their own.

The following is a story which outlines the boycott.

I have not predicted the outcome of the Gonzales hearings because I do not know the allegations, the evidence, or the law on the issue. I have not taken the time to review what BISD must prove in order to prevail. In order to engage in a proper critical analysis of the hearings, I would need to know each of the above factors. I do not - so I will not make a prediction.

It is this need for people to predict everything under the sun based solely on their own sense of self aggrandizement that is sinking this country fast. It would be sad if the internet proves the final straw which breaks this country. The internet should be a place of information not endless false claims and bogus spin.

This war which is becoming all too apparent between the extreme right and extreme left is not going to end well. I suspect we will have less leeway in our speech. When you begin to kill the art of discourse through mob protests or boycotts, you are in fact heading down the road of self-destruction.

Our best weapon against this path of self-destruction is to continue to plead with people to only consider arguments based on reason. Note I did not say well reasoned - that is too subjective of a concept to form a basis for what you should and should not consider. You fail yourself when you refuse to consider a diversity of ideas. The key is to ask yourself - is the speaker simply making off the cuff predictions based on a 50/50 chance of being right, or are they laying out reasonably verifiable facts, law, medical science, any variable you can imagine which will provide you confidence their opinion is something more than an off the cuff politically motivated conclusion.

While the following may sound funny, it is not - it speaks to the growing divide in this country which is destroying our freedoms and democracy. I received this in this morning’s e-mail.

" Getting A Parking TicketThe other day I went downtown to run a few errands. I went into the local coffee shop for a snack. I was only there for about 5 minutes, and when I came out, there was this cop writing out a parking ticket. I said to him, 'Come on, man, how about giving a retired person a break? He ignored me and continued writing the ticket.His insensitivity annoyed me, so I called him a 'Nazi.' He glared at me and then wrote out another ticket for having worn tires. So I proceeded to call him a 'doughnut eating Gestapo.' He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he wrote a third ticket when I called him a moron in blue.

This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I talked back to him the more tickets he wrote. Personally, I didn't really care. I came downtown on the bus, and the car that he was putting the tickets on had one of those bumper stickers that said, 'Obama in '08.' I try to have a little fun each day now that I'm retired. The doctor tells me that it's important to my health. "

The author of the above is so poorly educated they fail to understand they are demeaning law enforcement. They think what they are doing to Obama supporters is funny. But they are doing it at the expense of law and order - something so called conservatives claims they support.