Wednesday, July 8, 2009


From the moment I heard of Michael Jackson’s death I felt like it was America. Not our death mind you, but who we are - a nation celebrated as great but dying from its own neglect and sense of self importance. We believe we are needed and nothing better exists so we ignore everything which is wrong with our desires and conduct.

A child yesterday told me he was going to light a candle and then pray to Joshua (aka Jesus) so that he could win the lottery. I told him that it was wrong to pray for anything specific because he was basically saying God does not know his needs and that he has no faith in God to know his needs and provide him with what he needs. For the record this is in the Book of Matthew. I also told him that I think God was a bit more concerned with dying and starving children. He responded with, "so God does not care about me." His father told him, "no think about what Bobby said instead of assuming it means something about you." This is America - this was Michael Jackson.

I do not doubt that Michael Jackson’s friends and family truly loved him. But they also gave up on him and decided if the most they could do is stand by his side and keep an eye on him, then that is what they would do. We have no idea for sure what killed Michael, but we do know it was not something you would see in a basic autopsy. We know he demanded all sorts of prescription drugs to deal with his pain and insomnia. Press reports have a pharmacist suing him for $100,000.00 for two years worth of unpaid pharmaceutical bills. Where was his family to say "enough is enough?" No where to be found. They decided since they believed they were powerless to control his self destructive behavior they would just sit back and do their best to protect how best they could.

This is America. Those of us who take the time to learn the facts know that our CIA is a training camp for torture chambers. Oh, maybe now we just refer the trainees to our underling nations who do the torture for us. We know that the US CIA trained the staff of the late Shah of Iran to torture his people so we could control the oil. We know that Reagan and Bush I provided Saddam with the chemical weapons Saddam used during the Iraq Iran war the US instigated and then prolonged. We know our CIA sat idly by while the Taliban in Afghanistan during the Soviet war chopped off the heads of the Soviet soldiers and then played soccer with the heads.

We the American people take the position "we cannot control the government so why care?" The American people fail to understand they are the government. The American people willingly surrendered their sovereignty to a tyrannical government all too willing to destroy American’s greatness in favor of corporatism.

Because the American people cannot face the truth about what we the people allowed to happen to our government and the decisions of our government to torture and murder innocent people through proxy wars such as the Iraq Iran war, we say "we are powerless so we will just believe Iran hates us because we are beautiful." We are in complete denial and on a fast track to complete and total self destruction.

We are Michael Jackson and his circle of friends and family.

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