Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The Texas Supreme Court has ordered both of Sanchez’s attorney to file briefs as it relates to the issues before the Court. The primary issues are McHale’s and Sanchez’s gag order to keep the corruption within the court covered-up. In effect at this time they appear to be asking a state district court judge to issue an advisory opinion and injunction against me pursuing a federal lawsuit. Because we all know there is a state district court judge dumb enough to do same, I expect this to happen any moment (NOT). The other issue is, what happens to attorneys when they do business with the judge in the case, and then ask the judge to punish the plaintiff for exposing the corruption?

The Texas Supreme Court is not some group of dim-witted contemptuous morons willing to ignore the type conduct acceptable by the Cameron County District Court judges. They are certainly capable of covering-up corruption. But they will never tolerate same in filings before the Texas Supreme Court.

I do believe they are going to use my mandamus to force a discussion on abolishing the election of judges because of the corrupting influence money can have on campaigns and judges. This is a good thing. I personally favor a system wherein future judges must take an additional 30 credit hours at a law school which trains them as judges. Upon passing a certification exam and psychological testing they should be put into a pool of qualified candidates from which a public committee can select 3-5 qualified candidates for potential nomination by the governor. The Texas Senate should then have the authority to confirm the candidate, at least as to appellate court judges. These same judges should then have to stand for a straight up and down election every 4 years without an opponent. If the people vote them down, then a new judge should be appointed. I would also increase their salaries by at least $50,000.00 a year so that we get more qualified candidates.

Royston Rayzor has an appellate section which will take up the issues in my mandamus. Well actually they will not - it is one thing for them to ignore the antics of one of their Brownsville lawyers, it is yet another to defend the conduct before the Texas Supreme Court. Besides, I doubt very much Sanchez will agree to pay the 10-20 thousand dollars they will want to prepare a brief.

McHale, through Peter Zavaletta will find himself defending Zavaletta’s verified lies to the trial court, and a gag order which if upheld will mean McHale facing a contempt hearing. Zavaletta in what will surely be a futile attempt to defend himself will throw McHale under the bus and seek to have the gag order upheld. Zavaletta cannot survive in the courts of Cameron County if people are allowed to openly discuss his unethical and unprofessional conduct.

Traveler’s insurance now finds itself in the unfortunate position of having to hire an appellate specialist to defend the decision of Monte English to do business with the judge in the case, and a gag order which seeks to keep the corruption from the public. I am hard pressed that anyone at Royston Rayzor or Travelers Insurance is prepared to put in writing a defense for the indefensible, especially while they are in federal court denying participation in the unethical conduct.


Minute made has these new frozen fruit pops which come in cones. They are awesome. I love the lemon. Your kids will love them.


1 cup strawberry nectar or apple juice
1 cup milk (I use vanilla silk light)
1 frozen banana (peel first then freeze)
1 ½ cups frozen strawberries (½ the typical store bough package of fresh 4x6 inch container)
1 cup strawberry yogurt (I use the yoplait it is fine.)
I double this for a full 48-52 ozs - my blender holds 48 ozs - about 52 to the rim. The doubled recipe goes to the rim so be careful.


Dice one very ripe banana into a box of Jiffy Oat bread mix. Bake in 8x8 inch baking dish or cast iron skillet for 20 minutes at 400. The family is sure to love it. These two recipes seem to be serving me well this summer.

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