Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The first lesson of every newly elected official is the realization they are powerless without a vote of the majority. This realization leads to the process of negotiations. Negotiations lead to the breakdown of moral compasses. The second the politician has to agree to something they would normally find wrong is the second politics becomes like a rudderless ship in the night. It is anyone’s guess where the ship will end up.

In local politics you are told that your district or precinct will go without if you do not get on board with the majority. You are told, "hey I had to compromise my morals to get things for my district or precinct, what makes you better than me?" A decision is then made, "better to get along to get something, than to get nothing while standing on my morals." I think we all know the rest of the story at that point.

The next thing to go is the budget. Everyone wants what they want. With morals out the window, so to goes a responsible budget. This is politics.

So until we the people are willing to stand behind an elected official who is willing to say no to everything they find repugnant and wrong, we the people will continue to be screwed by our own inaction and commitment to a greater sense of right from wrong. The politicians are who we make them.

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