Monday, July 20, 2009


I ran into this web page this morning. I am providing the link for my readers who fly a lot. It shows current airport delays. I have a meeting and I needed to make sure there would be no weather related delays in Austin. This is how I found it.


This weekend we learned that the UT System is refusing to pay Texas Southmost College nearly 11 million dollars in back rent. This is part of the problem with having Juliet Garcia as president of both institutions. A truly independent TSC president would have brought this problem public a long time ago. Again the TSC proves itself incompetent. I truly hope this will be an issue in the next election. This Board sold the taxpayers up the river because they did not want to upset Dr. Garcia.

MY QUESTION IS: Why is it that UT seems to think it can get away with making UTB the only state university which is partly funded by local taxpayers moneys? Answer: It is black and white racial discrimination, discrimination based on economic status, and or discrimination based on the LRGV having no political clout to force equality. I suspect it is 50% the latter, 25% racial, and 25% economic.


The same question goes to the border wall settlement. The entire idea of a temporary wall goes to the problem that the proposed wall will interfere with current economic development plans in Brownsville and parts of Cameron County. The loop is an example. The city was forced to allow for the wall to go forward as placed by Homeland Security, or agree to a temporary wall to be removed at a later date by the City of Brownsville. No one in their right mind would ever believe this could happen on the Canadian border in a predominately Anglo community. Now to be fair the Canadian border is more of a straight line unlike the Texas border which is a meandering river. To be fair on this question, if Brownsville were a power center in Texas this never would have happened.

So my final question is, is Brownsville treated like the dirty step-child by evil step-parents because of its racial composition, economic composition, and/or a want of any real political clout?
On the last of the three, we do have political clout. Texas Democrats cannot win at the State level without us. What we need is a grass roots effort coming from Cameron and Hidalgo counties which will demand that any candidate running for state wide office as a Democrat denounce President Obama and the national Democratic Party for the wall, and how they treat the LRGV,
These same candidates must denounce by name the corrupt politicos of the LRGV and the UT System for the UTB/TSC mess and in fact partnership contract which mandates the people of the TSC taxing authority pay taxes to support the university.

By the way, does anyone know if people who live outside the TSC taxing authority pay more for freshman and sophomore TSC courses than people who live outside the taxing authority. This would be the reality in any other community college.


Anonymous said...

Some people think the border is the Nueces River and most of the rest just wish it was.
The reason the Valley has no political clot is because we are crabs in a bucket, ever ready to sell each other out if we think someone is getting something we are not. The Valley political entities have a history of under cutting each other to the degree that on a statewide basis they know they don't have to worry about us uniting and sticking up for ourselves. Bottom line; it's safe to disregard the Valley because we can't do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

And often Valley leaders don't ask for enough, aren't agressive enough, or they aren't unified. And they pat themselves on the back for doing little or nothing at all. I've seen this more than enough times working for the City of Brownsville. For example just look at the number of projects Brownsville pushed on for stimulus monies vs the City of McAllen. OVer 100 projects in McAllen and 3 projects in Brownsville. The Herald even touted a story sometime back on Cabler promoting the City's acomplishment on competing for the funds. Three projects aren't anythig to be proud about when you look at the big picture. If you don't believe me, check out and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

you don't know that mexican students are given a waiver and pay resident tution...? ? ?

BobbyWC said...

I believe there was a debate about providing undocument children who graduated a texas highschool in state tuition. I do not remember if it passed. But this would have applied to every undocumented child whether Russian, or Mexican

This is also a national issue - many states have already instituted such a program

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...'s mexican students who live in mexico...