Thursday, July 2, 2009


Every attorney knows that once a judge is constitutionally disqualified for influence peddling, any orders or acts by said judge are void. Robert Sanchez’s attorney Monte English, with the tacit support of his corporate attorney James Hunter of Royston Rayzor, in retaliation for my criminal complaint tried to get Judge Wittig to issue orders of retaliation against me dismissing my case. What is remarkable about this is, Monte English did same after reading my previous post and with full knowledge that his act would implicate Robert Sanchez and Captain Bob’s Restaurant in possible criminal conduct.

Yesterday we learned that Don Wittig, acting as Judge Wittig, accepted he had become constitutionally disqualified and removed himself from the case. It is simply beyond surreal for any attorney to run to a person who is not even a judge in the case and who is disqualified by the Texas and US Constitutions from acting in the case and ask that they sign orders, especially orders which have as their purpose retaliation for me going public with public corruption.
At this stage of the game Judge Wittig could claim mere incompetence by not having good safeguards in place to prevent the unethical conduct of Monte English. But claims of incompetence will not fly so long as he has not along with his partner Leo Satzman referre Monte English to the State Bar for disbarment. Influence peddling on a judge destroys the people’s confidence in the system. I can think of no single act by any attorney worse than attempted influence peddling on a judge. If this does not merit disbarment nothing does.

At the next hearing the first order of business will be the disqualification of Monte English, James Hunter, and Peter Zavaletta. The evidence of attempted influencing peddling on Judge Wittig, and conspiracy to commit same, will be put before the court. Peter Zavaletta’s documented lies will also be put before the court.

On Peter Zavaletta let me say every single Cameron County judge who has had a case with Peter Zavaletta is a worthless hopelessly corrupt piece of shit. A very long time ago these judges should have been pushing for his disbarment, but like cowards running from battle they have not. In many ways these judges have corrupted the court far worse that Monte English’s attempted influence peddling on Don Wittig.

I think of every veteran who has died in war or come back wounded and these judges’ contempt for their service. These soldiers have given their lives in defense of our constitution and laws. And what response do scum of the earth like Monte English, James Hunter, Peter Zavaletta, and the judges of Cameron County give these soldiers and their families - "your sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers were fools for giving their lives in defense of the constitution and laws of the United States - we own it and corrupt like syphilis infected whores driven to destroy everyone in their path for their own failures as human beings."

My view has always been the same when it comes to the constitution and being a lawyer. The act of soldiers giving their lives or being wounded in defense of our constitution becomes meaningless if lawyers are not willing to equally, whether symbolically or otherwise, give their lives or be wounded on the courthouse steps in defense of the constitutional and laws. I have done this and will do it again and again and again. It should be no shocker without regard for the facts or reality Jerry McHale has condemn me for same. Because for Jerry McHale people like myself who go after those who defend child molesters are a cancer to be destroyed.

The corruption will end in this case and in the Cameron County courts. It should be no shocker to anyone Jerry McHale so long as it suits his agenda is standing with the corruption seeking to destroy anyone seeking to expose same.

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