Monday, July 13, 2009


Politics is not about liking everything about every elected official. It is no great secret I warned people about the election of Mayor Ahumada. It is no great secret that I have been highly critical about how he originally ran the city commission meetings, and some of his obsessive policy objectives concerning dogs.

But I have also been clear that in the last 6 months or longer things have changed in how he runs the city commission, and changed for the better. I have also been highly critical of the Herald for its biased and misleading reporting concerning the mayor. This last incident about the fire department disturbed me greatly because I know far too many officers within the fire department and at least one assistant chief have complained about safety issues being ignored by the Chief. This should have been the story. Unfortunately for this city the Herald has decided any lie will do when it reports on the mayor. This is sad.

Here is Mayor Ahumada’s slip of the tongue.

"How many times do we see that people cop a plea even though they are not guilty?" Ahumada said, noting that he can’t pass judgment on a person or business without having personal knowledge of their affairs."

"That (legal problems) has nothing to do with the business at hand," the mayor added, pointing instead to the firm’s track record of collections, job creation, involvement in the community and contributions to civic organizations"

I actually do not disagree with the mayor - it is more complex than some people would like to make of such decisions.

But, is the mayor trying to get the electorate ready for his no contest plea? Yes, he wants everyone to know that just because he has decided to plead no contest , it does not mean he is guilty.

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Anonymous said...

"But, is the mayor trying to get the electorate ready for his no contest plea?"

Ain't gonna happen. Take THAT to the bank.