Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is a great family film. It starts real funny, gets slow while it goes through the life of the old man from boyhood to losing his wife and home the eminent domain. But then it gets real funny again.
The film has jokes for the adult audience while keeping the youngest of children laughing. I paid $11.25 for the 3D version. You are missing nothing if you take your kids to see the regular version. While I give the film an "A", I give the 3d a "C" This film had plenty of opportunities to make the 3D a big part of the film, and Disney chose not to make use those opportunities.
The film is a journey by an old man and young boy. The old man and his now late wife dreamed since childhood of going to South America to see a lost world. They never made it. Well, fast forward when the old man is about to be put into a retirement home and loose his home to eminent domain, he hooks up balloons to his home and off he goes, and by accident with the young boy in tow.
The young boy uses his GPS system to guide them to South America. Here the journey becomes a question of what is truly important. The old man's hero from his childhood days turns out to be a bad guy. The old man and the boy are faced with the challenge of doing what is right, or what serves their own needs.
This movie is funny and has a great moral lesson for children and adults of all ages.


Anonymous said...

The small mailman ... LOL

BobbyWC said...

The good dog was also great - I was laughing so hard when they stole the kids food

Bobby WC