Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is from the Dallas Morning News.


'The statewide poll of 636 active voters by Hill Research Consultants, a Houston-based Republican polling firm, is a five-alarm wake-up call to the GOP. Among its findings:

•Half the voters polled believe the state is on the wrong track; only 37 percent believe Texas is headed in the right direction.

•On nearly every measure, the Republican brand is "significantly less appealing" than the Democratic one.

•Voters believe the GOP is out of touch, lacks common sense and is more interested in looking out for special interests than the common good. When voters were asked which party "champions the needs of homeowners, small businesses and average taxpayers" – classic GOP constituencies – Democrats score an astonishing 13 points higher.

•Republicans lead in negative characterizations ("arrogant," "racist," "corrupt," "angry") by double-digit margins. Dems, by contrast, lead by double digits on positive descriptions like "smart," "fair," "innovative" and "party of the future." Perhaps most devastating to the GOP's future, only 14 percent of those polled agreed it was "open and welcoming" – a whopping 33 points lower than the Democrats' rating'"


Anonymous said...

Could you let more than 5 or 6 of your posts on your first page? Posting so many in one day pushes off some of the recent ones into archives too quickly. It's a suggestion.

BobbyWC said...

your point is well taken - I actually thought about this with the 3rd post - I felt like it took away from the first - and here I am with no ideas about tomorrows post - I should have waited

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

Well, if they are only polling Democrats of course they will get answers like this. *snicker*

BobbyWC said...

but look who did the poll -

"'The statewide poll of 636 active voters by Hill Research Consultants, a Houston-based Republican polling firm."

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I believe the poll and I believe what is says about the GOP.

I also believe that the Democratic party will do something stupid or s series of stupid things which will put the GOP back in power.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea: Sossi using his divorce in a public document which is paid for by our tax dollars. My concern is if Sossi is having trouble defending the city in an appeal with all of this going on, how is he able to provide adequate and sound legal advice to the commission?

I assume this is the same document discussed in the Brownsville Herald. This doesn't sound like a bad day. That's why I posted before, but you chose to reject it.

Anonymous said...
Cums now, Appellee, Mayor and Commission of the City of Brownsville, Texas and files this, its Emergency Motion to Continue Oral Argument and would show this honorable court as follows:

1) Oral Argument in this matter is set for Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 10:30 a.m.

2) Petitioner respectfully moves this Court for a thirty day continuance of oral argument in this case. The reason this continuance is necessary is because frankly, significant and extraordinary circumstances within the personal life of Appellee's counsel have unavoidably interfered with the work of Appellee's counsel and his representation of his client on this case.

3) A continuance will not prejudice the rights of Appellant on this matter. Appellee only needs 30 days to address this matter properly.

4) Within the past 45 days, Appellee's counsel's wife filed for divorce. This filing was prompted by Appellee's counsel's inadvertent discovery of what might be called an ultimate and ongoing act of paramour preference by his spouse. Appellee's counsel would rather not go into the details of these private facts in a publicly filed document except to say that they do closely resemble the plot of famous 60's film starring Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman. Unfortunately, when discovered, rather than repent, Appellee's wife moved out, removed the children from the home, filed for divorce and is apparently attempting to pursue a relationship with the present day equivalent of Mr. Benjamin Braddock. These recent events have, regrettably, interfered with counsel's ability to prepare this case for appeal.

5) Counsel would respectfully request this Honorable Court continue oral argument on this case 30 days. Counsel will file Appellee's brief this week. No further continuances will be requested by Appellee's counsel.

WHEREFORE, Appellee prays that this Court grant its Emergency Motion of Continue Oral Argument.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mark E. Sossi, Esq.

Saturday, 20 June, 2009

Anonymous said...

No complaint or comment from our legal begal? It seems to me this is right up your alley. He should be fired or suspended for not doing his job. Why do you protect him?