Saturday, June 27, 2009

"No Country for Old Men" is one of those films you can watch over and over again and never grow tired of it. I saw this film when it first came out and swore first chance I had to buy the DVD I would. Target has it on sale for $10.00.
I was not disappointed last night watching this film again. It certainly made up for the fact that there was nothing new at the theaters worth my investment. One thing I like about this film is you can watch it just as an interesting film with a psychopathic killer, or you can take the time to listen to dialogue and consider the greater message. Life is not about chance which you might be able to control, it is about fate. Life is going to happen regardless of your own actions.
If you love west Texas and the life of west Texas you will love the towns and scenery in this film. A small town man stumbles upon some drug money. Through a series of mistakes the killer tracks him down. Again on the fate theme, sometimes life takes a turn in El Paso, which brings about an ending we did not expect.
I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed in this film, except children raised to be superior to others only to learn their learned low self-esteem makes them inferior to others in the eyes of the public.

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Anonymous said...

The movie was essentially alluding to life in Eagle Pass and Del Rio, with the peak being El Paso, as you said.

If youi want to see w good border town flick, try Lone Star. The only difference between the town in that move and Del Rio is that they refer to a nearby Army Base while Del Rio is home to Laughlin Air Force Base.