Tuesday, June 23, 2009



A judge is to be a detached and independent magistrate. It is not an easy life and it is not for everyone. Judge Tagle the other day attended the opening of the new FBI headquarters in Brownsville and actually cut the ribbon, so the story goes. She has hundreds of cases filed in her court by the FBI each year. She has no business associating with the FBI or any other entity which regularly has cases in her court.

Judge Hanen truly disappointed me on this one. I think he has been great on the wall issue. The City of Brownsville has litigation in his court all of the time. He crossed the ethical lines of judges when he agreed to swear in Melissa Zamora as a new city commissioner. While I understand why he did it, and I do not believe he meant any wrong - it was still wrong.

This is from a recent Supreme Court decision on judicial bias.

"In lieu of exclusive reliance on that personal inquiry, or on appellate review of the judge’s determination respecting actual bias, the Due Process Clause has been implemented by objective standards that do not require proof of actual bias. See Tumey, 273 U. S., at 532; Mayberry, 400 U. S., at 465–466; Lavoie, 475 U. S., at 825. In defining these standards the Court has asked whether, "under a realistic appraisal of psychological tendencies and human weakness," the interest "poses such a risk of actual bias or prejudgment that the practice must be forbidden if the guarantee of due process is to be adequately implemented." Withrow, 421 U. S., at 47. "



Anyone who complained about Commissioner Zamora’s abstention on the issue of Linebarger is really mad she did not support their cronies. They are mad that their corrupt friends did not get the contract. I have successfully sued Linebarger for threatening to have me arrested if I did not pay a ticket which was dismissed. Linebarger is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to ethics and collections. I am certain some day soon a city will be sued over their conduct. In fact it was my threat to bring the City of Dallas or Dallas County, do not remember, into the lawsuit which got them to settle.

Commissioner Melissa did something extraordinary during her first time at bat. She told everyone that Linebarger attempted influence peddling in violation of the no contact rule. Everyone doing business with the City of Brownsville now knows, Commissioner Melissa will not play by the good old boy’s rules.

Unfortunately, Pat Almighty and Il Dulce Troiani made it clear they will. Both dismissed Commissioner Melissa’s outing of Linebarger as something everyone does. Shame on both of these turkeys. Both of these turkeys made clear everyone was breaking the rule so no big deal.

It is a big deal Pat Almighty and Il Dulce Troiani - it promotes corruption - it causes the people, your bosses, to loose confidence in the system.



My hats off to Commissioner Zamora for a home-run first time at bat - UT could have used her in last nights game.



Will BISD get its act together on this one? - no - I am working on a complaint which includes a special education teacher assaulting a student and to cover-up his acts filing bogus criminal charges on the child. If you are being illegally restrained and falsely accused you are allowed to defend yourself, even against the SS special education teachers at BISD who believe all special education students are bad and merit discipline for merely existing. The good news is, high level officials at the school agree this teacher had no business going near this child and in fact wrongly accused the child for no better reason than he is a special education student. This may be BISD’s first case wherein it is forced to pay for a child’s private education. The problem is, Brownsville has no private schools any better than BISD. More on this tomorrow.


Sometimes there are good reasons why veterans or anyone else should have to travel 5 hours for healthcare. Not every city can have the best healthcare in all regards. A VA hospital in the LRGV will not mean better healthcare. If I had my choice I would get all of my healthcare at the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics. No such options will ever exist in the LRGV - so we travel and for good reason.

I think while no one will publicly admit it, the VA San Antonio has come to realize University hospital and the medical school are an impediment to quality healthcare at the VA. At every level I am convinced the VA knows the medical school will never bring the doctors in training under control. In more and more cases the VA is establishing clinics without the doctors in training.

Several weeks ago the VA San Antonio cancelled its contract with University hospital to provide pain management to veterans coming home from the wars. The students in training we running the clinic and the veterans were being denied healthcare.

The VA hired top of the line people with 30 plus years experience in pain management to run their new clinic at the VA San Antonio. No doctors in training will be treating the veterans. I was at the clinic yesterday. The good news is, I will be treated by some of the best pain management people in the US. A game plan is in place. I was amazed to learn they are now treating these problems without major surgery.

The bad news is the clinic is literally new. They are screening patients who need treatment. I have been cleared for treatment. Unfortunately, it may be another 3-4 weeks before they have the clinic fully operational for the day procedures used to treat the pain. For what I know will be top of the line treatment I can and will wait. I will wait 6 months if I have to, so that the war veterans can have priority. I am not happy with the side effects of the medicine I am using to control the inflammation of the nerve endings, but for this treatment they are offering - I will wait and be grateful it is being offered.

So now you know why I did not post yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I saw the tape. Three out of the four law firms should have automatically defaulted for contacting Troiani, as he admitted, not Zamora.

Zamora said four of her friends were contacted, since when are her friends commissioners? I don't believe Linebarger violated the "no contact" clause by contacting her friends. I'd be interested to see what the alleged contact was like. Bobby, you should demand those four friends be deposed by you to get to the bottom of the supposed violation. But truth be known, if anything, Linebarger was outed by Troiani.

I'd be curious to know how you and her treated Leo Garza's abstention on the PUB fee. Criticizing her abstention has nothing to do with cronies. That is your misinterpetation. Few voters voted this year and those that voted for her voted for her to vote. She claims she didn't have enough information. She knew enough to think Linebarger violated a rule. Isn't that enough of a reason to vote NO? Maybe she could have gone further in saying she would have voted for the law firm that didn't contact Troiani. You are such an ass licker. You want an appointment, don't you?

Why pick on the mayor? He voted for who the committee recommended. What's wrong with taking staff advice? I'm shocked that he voted that way, but he did. Deal with it. I know I have.

BobbyWC said...

What a pathetic defense of Il Dulce Troiani - had Zamora not mentioned it, Il Dulce would have said nothing.

You need to learn to read - I did not attack anyone for the vote - I attacked the dismissing of violation of the no contact rule.

Until you learn to read and stop allowing your anger to guide you - you will always get it wrong.

Actually there may be good economic reasons for giving the contract to Linebarger - I did not realize that if you have several law firms doing the collections the same homeowner can be forced to pay multiple times for the title search - this is wrong and a good reason to have just one firm doing all of the collections for all entities in Cameron County - regardless of who that might be.

so it is not about the vote - it was and remains about dismissing Commissioner Zamora's outing of Linebarger who clearly intended to violate the no contact rule.

Personally, I would have tabled the matter until a full investigation of who violated the no contact rule, and then disqualified everyone of them - no ifs and or buts.

Zamora's abstention changed nothing - Linebarger still would have gotten the contract.

Bobby WC

Fred Drew said...

I am pleased with Com Zamora's choices so far. If she continues being the defender of "We the people" though the Republocrats or Demopublicans wouldn't support her the Libertarians might roll out a red Carpet.. State Senate --- Congress --- to replace those that have been perhaps cavilere with our trust or just stayed too long...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't defending Troiani. I was using his information to say three out of the four should have automatically defaulted. I was criticizing the lack of backbone on the commission (except Atkinson and Longoria) especially our newest abstainer for using her friends as victims of alleged abrasive contact from Linebarger and lack of information as excuses for her not voting. Even the Linebarger tool gave a quirked look as to the supposed four friend contact.

No one, not even you Bobby, can say they "clearly intended" to violate anything. I still would like the names of these supposed friends. That might give us some idea who Linebarger was going after to try and influence the new commissioner.

No one is criticizing her for "outing" Linebarger. I'm the only one who sees she didn't out them enough. She is, however, being criticized for abstaining. You have it wrong as is becoming more apparent.

I reiterate, how difficult is it to vote no against a firm she believed violated a bidding process? Isn't that enough information to vote against those dirt bags? Put yourself in the shoes of the delinquent tax payer. If they are abrasive with a commissioner's friend, is it that farfetched to say they may be abrasive and break other rules with a taxpayer struggling to put food on the table?

The mayor didn't dismiss any claims. It's a bit hard to dismiss a claim that was rambled like she's choking up. I can read what you wrote. You obviously were disturbed with the cavalier attitude towards a charge that wasn't fully made. Why wouldn't you be disturbed with anyone's vote or non-vote? Asking something like how are you going to change your abrasive appearance isn't a charge of high crimes and misdemeanors, Bobby. The more direct charge would be "Did your firm attempt to contact me or my campaign or my friends? Are you familiar with the no contact clause? Am I the only one who was contacted?" Those questions are more damning than anything she said.

Voting for, against, or not voting for the corrupt law firm goes hand in hand with complaining about Troiani and Ahumada's supposed dismissal of an alleged complaint. If you aren't going to criticize their vote, muzzle it, would you? You lose any credibility you have left if you aren't disturbed over their vote for a law firm like Linebarger.

You are right on one thing. Her vote wouldn't have made a difference, yet it might have given the mayor some reason to vote against Linebarger if it was a three to three vote. He doesn't like Longoria or Atkinson, so going against them would be harder if they are with Zamora. I know he doesn't like Troiani or Camarillo, but he chose to side with Gowen instead of a nonvoter, nonentity.

Anonymous said...

Fred, how about finding out what she believes in before you ask her to join the Libertarians? She supported Obama who is making sure government is more in our lives now more than ever with ever-increasing debt. When's the last time a Libertarian sniffed a win in Cameron County? Let's get her to vote first, then you can roll out the red carpet.

BobbyWC said...

Anony, I agree these would have been better questions - personally I would have demanded Linebarger disqualify itself and called for a full investigation

But the questions you suggest are good ones

"The more direct charge would be "Did your firm attempt to contact me or my campaign or my friends? Are you familiar with the no contact clause? Am I the only one who was contacted?" Those questions are more damning than anything she said.

The mayor almost always goes with staff recommendations - nothing would have changed - if I believed for one second MZ voting against Linebarger would have cost them the contract i would have been very hard on her -

You can say what you want - but I have successfully sued Linebarger - I believe sooner than later one of their clients is going to get sued over their conduct.

I tell everyone who thinks Linebarger is violating their rights - sue the public entity who hired them and they will settle.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Anony, I am not going to allow for distracting endless insults - start a blog - post your endless insulting moronic insults elsewhere - I am certain if you start a blog you will be the hero of Brownsville because you will put BV out of business.

You cannot seem to read simple English you suggest I am defending Linebarger and then in the rejected comment attack me for suing them - Abilify will control those confusing voices.

You did raise an interesting question - Did Chief Justice Roberts do something wrong by swearing in Obama - The Chief Justice does this every 4 years - it is a normal routine function.

Your suggestion that Hanen was the only person willing to swear in MZ is so stupid it is pathetic and speaks to your hatred of MZ, as opposed to objective analysis.

Did you not read I agreed your questions would have been good questions - you are so angry you cannot even read simple English which agrees with what you are saying

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? I haven't said anything about Hanen. I haven't suggested anywhere you've been defending Linebarger. We should all be so lucky suing Linebarger. What is your problem?

Anonymous said...

"I was criticizing the lack of backbone on the commission"

But where is your backbone, Roman? Why don't you sign your name? What are you afraid of?

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I'm the one who wrote questions you gave credit to, so you obviously are lying about my hatred of Zamora and wrote about Hanen. I didn't say such things. Why are you writing such horrible things?

Criticism isn't hate. It's better than what you claim to do when you call people "whores," "Shorty," "Il Duce," and all the other insults like claiming someone has mental problems. For someone like you to use mental problems as insults is sad when you're the one claiming I wrote something I didn't.

Why do you just post my comment through without so much as an apology? All I get is some worthless misguessing anon, who is probably you. You're lucky I even commented. It's not like comments have been a common occurrance recently.

Anonymous said...

He won't post it through because he likes to misinterpret comments with his own spin. HA! Afraid? Backbone? An anon complaining about another anon not revealing their identity. Priceless. Why don't YOU sign your name? So what are YOU afraid of?