Thursday, June 11, 2009


This morning I wanted to discuss the issue of term limits, but Judge Hanen’s actions on the wall have trumped the discussion on term limits.

Last week I discussed the issue of whether or not the City Commission properly voted on the DHS settlement. It is a terrible settlement which will cost Longoria, and Troiani reelection. You have to be devoid of any sense of reality to believe the people of Brownsville will ever approve a penny of taxpayer’s money for anything related to the wall. It will never happen. It appears Judge Hanen has a better sense of reality on the issue of the wall than those elected to represent the people of Brownsville.

Commissioners Zamora and Gowen need to demand counsel Sossi advise the commission on the legality of the vote authorizing the settlement. The motion to move the matter forward required a 2/3rd vote. I have seen the tape several times now and it is not clear to me the Commission ever authorized moving the matter forward for a vote. If there is any possibility of a new vote, Commissioners Zamora and Gowen need to demand same.

Right now they can claim they had nothing to do with voting for the settlement agreement. That would be a mistake and a poor understanding of the people. When this mess blows up in the face of the City Commission in 2-4 years the people will blame everyone on the City Commission regardless of their part in the authorization of the settlement agreement.

Judge Hanen as sent a clear message to the land owners and the City of Brownsville. He is not going to allow DHS to run roughshod over the people. I suspect he also understands the City Commission approved one of the dumbest settlement agreements related to the wall. You simply have to be delusional to believe the people will ever approve one penny of taxpayer money for anything related to wall.

I have repeatedly stated that Judge Hanen would never force Brownsville to accept anything less than that which has been offered in a settlement agreement. Based on this morning’s Herald report, I think it is now clear Judge Hanen is not going to allow DHS to bully anyone. Further he appears to have a lot better understanding of the people of Brownsville than Troiani, Camarillo, and Longoria.

Commissioners Zamora and Gowen as their first official acts need to demand City Attorney Sossi fully outline all options for the city getting out of the settlement agreement. This disaster will come back and haunt every City Commissioner regardless of whether they voted for it or not. Now is the time to act.

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