Thursday, June 25, 2009


"More than 50 doctors and health care executives have been indicted and dozens of them arrested by the FBI in a $50 million Medicare fraud case centered in Michigan, law enforcement officials said Wednesday."

President Obama went out his way to highlight the out of control cost of health care in McAllen. The medicare fraud in the LRGV is so bad doctors are now sending seniors for full body MRI’s without any indication of a need for same. I know of one senior who changed doctors because his doctor had him on multiple cholesterol medicines, unheard of, even though he was at best borderline. He had him on so much medicine the poor guy had to keep on going for blood tests to insure all of the unnecessary medicine was not damaging his liver. This means regular and needless doctor’s appointment. He is doing fine with his new doctor.

Medicaid is a major fraud issue in the LRGV. This policy some doctors and labs have of not sharing test results is total BS and needlessly costing the taxpayers money. The doctors know exactly what they are doing. If they all refuse to share with each other test results, then each of them get the financial benefit of redoing tests and setting up more needless appointments. This must stop. My friend who has gone through this with his son has finally found a lab and doctor who will share all information with the specialist in SA.

I have met kids on medicaid SCHIP insurance who have braces when they do not need them. Medicaid should not be paying for braces for cosmetic purposes. The taxpayer should only have to pay for braces based on medical necessity. There are a lot of middle class kids who need braces but whose parents cannot afford them. It is wrong these kids go without because their parents earn too much while every kid on medicaid in Brownsville gets braces whether they have a medical necessity or not. I hope the Obama Administration will look to the LRGV for the next set or prosecutions.

The doctors and dentists in the LRGV better start to rethink their business model of making money by defrauding the American taxpayer. I am certain the Justice Department can find at least 50 doctors and dentists in Cameron County to indict. Let’s hope these indictments come sooner than later.

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Anonymous said...

Doctors who will not prescribe three months medications so the patients have to see them once a month. Just ask the pharmacies and they will tell you who they are. The drs. then charge medicare for office visits to their heart's content. --someone has to pay for those cars and houses.