Friday, June 26, 2009


Lawyer-businessman Tom Schieffer, former Bush crony, has announced his candidacy for Texas governor as a Democrat. One issue he is pushing is education. During my entire adult life every politician has pushed education and during my entire adult life things have only gotten worse. When you go to politician school the first thing they teach you is, grab their attention with education - it will always be a hot button issue.

Until Texas abolishes school boards and replace them with management from the regional offices nothing will change. It is funny, schools districts complain that under the Texas Constitution it is for the State to provide for a free education, but then complain they do not want the State involved in the day to day operations of the school district.

A big issue with all school districts is contracts. There is absolutely no reason why contract approval needs to be done at the local level - it should be done at the TEA regional level where there will be less of a chance for local influence peddling.

All over the country school districts have abandoned hiring state certified superintendents in favor of corporate officers. Texas needs to push this option. Superintendents should not be educators, they should be strict managers who know and understand when the specialist, assistant superintendent, is failing to perform it is time to move them out. The guy in charge needs to be a decision maker who understands their job is measuring performance, and not meddling in every decision of assistant superintendents.

So until I hear something which is meaningful reform from the mouths of politicians when it comes to education, I will consider their words as nothing more than empty promises to get our attention on a hot button issue.


Anonymous said...

Ha. One of his main campaign team members is Gilberto Hinojosa.

Anonymous said...

By placing "SCHIEFFER ANNOUNCES AS A DEMOCRAT" and "BUSH CRONY" in the title to your post, you seem to insuate that Schieffer is some political opportunist.

In fact, Schieffer is a life long democrat, elected to the Texas House of Representatives, as a Democrat in 1972.

I am supporting Bill White this next election, but let's tone down on this stuff.

BobbyWC said...

Anony, while the information you provide on him having run as a Democrat in 1972, is important - and I am pleased you added to this discussion with important information, (it does add balance and I love when my readers add balance to my posts) his latest political outing has been with a President who was a failure - Bush II

and for the record in my view all politicians regardless of their party affiliation are opportunists - I am just jaded that way.

Again thanks for the info on his history as a Democrat - it is important my readers have this kind of information

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To my readers, i want you to look at how anony handled his challenge of my post about Schieffer being a Bush crony - he stated an important fact (history of being a democrat) then he basically told me to chill

I love these kind of posts because they are reasoned out with facts - not stupid attacks on me.

Anony, again thanks for a great post which added to the discussion

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I think your idea about getting rid of local boards is a FANTASTIC idea!!! Too bad it will never happen. If selfish politicians no longer had an opportunity to steal from children then most of the poor Hispanics and Blacks attending public schools would actually get an education and this is not going to happen. An uneducated, poor minority population (soon to be majority)is no match for esablishment whites. I bet you the white establishment-run Legislature will never get rid of our current form of governance. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Even here in Alabama we smell something rotten in Denmark. We thinks Kinky is the best option for Texas.