Saturday, May 2, 2009

Based on audience reaction, someone forgot to tell the audience not to enjoy this film. Somtimes the critics leave me clueless with their reviews. I took my friend's 14 year old son and he loved the film. I personally think this one is the best in the series.
From the beginning you learn that Logan (Wolverine) was born somewhere about 1840. The beginning of the film is a quick overview of Logan and his brother fighting in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. They then get recruited to work in some type special government operations and research program.
Fast forward most of the group breaks up and they each go their separate ways, save one of them who stays with the group.
There is tons of action and special effects. I really like the new characters who were introduced to the series. Instead of some dry story telling us how he got the name Wolverine, and came to be part of the good group of mutants, the story is filled with action and intellect addressing the issue of good and bad.
I say go see the film with your kids - this is a film everyone will enjoy

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Stan said...

you might consider putting up a search box if blogspot will let you. I just saw Grand Turino, which was quite a show, and I'd wondered if you had said something about it.