Friday, May 8, 2009

Sorry for the small imagine, but the images are block from enlarging. All I can say about this film is, wow. Spock has emotions - cool, very cool. It is not really a prequel because the original beginning is changed by an event with a black hole which sends the older Spock back in time along with a very angry man determined to destroy the older Spock for failing to save his planet. This man also wants to destroy planet Earth. Given these facts, what would have been the original beginning, is altered by the events of these time travelers.
There is a lot of cool SciFi. I was never a real fan of the series because it was short of science and big on social stories. This film is all science, with a social story of revenge. I learned that Spock had a human mother, and therefore the capacity for emotions. This is actually a big part of the movie. Leonard Nemoy plays himself as the original Spock. The ending is great, because again it deals with emotions.
The story is about how all the original crew come together to be a team. The story is very well done. Jim Kirk from the beginning demonstrates superior skills and eventually becomes commander of the newly commissioned Enterprise. The battle in the film is to destroy this man from the future who came through a time warp with the older Spock.
This is a great film all around. I was not a fan of the series, but I am a fan of this film.

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