Saturday, May 9, 2009


I called this race on March 11, 2009. If you read my original post, I based my call on basic facts and voting patterns. There was no great skill to calling this race.

As I indicated in an earlier post, I voted for Velez. I could not vote for either Gowen or Ayala. Having said that, Gowen needs to hire someone with experience in mail-ballot voter fraud. The evidence suggests an investigation could result in a judge declaring her the out right winner.
Here are the numbers: Rose Gowen 32 mail ballot votes, Carlos Ayala 267 mail ballot votes.

Given the fact she overwhelmingly won the actual voting booth vote by 424 votes, out of a total vote of 4808, it is highly unusual that Carlos Ayala received 267 mail-ballot votes and Rose Gowen only received 32, without some shenanigans. This does not mean Carlos Ayala was party to the shenanigans. All the law requires for a judge to void the bad ballots, is that he was beneficiary of the shenanigans.

If Rose Gowen were to file an election contest and succeed at getting the judge to throw out 156 mail ballots cast for Ayala, she would then be declared the winner without a run-off. Given the costs for a city wide run-off Dr. Gowen owns it to the taxpayers to immediately demand access to the mail ballots for an initial review to determine whether or not there is sufficient fraud to justify an election contest.

On the issue of mail-ballots I want to congratulate all of the candidates who did not use politiqueras to collect mail-ballots. Each and every one of them deserve our praise and gratitude.

Along these lines, the District 3 candidates appeared to have played fair. Carlos Cisneros was the clear loser in that race. I am proud of the people of Brownsville for their willingness to vote an incumbent out of office. 66.52 of Cisneros’ constituents voted against him. This is not evidence of meaningful representation. I hope this means the establishment will now donate heavily to Ms. Zamora’s campaign. The people have spoken, and the money in this town needs to get behind the voice of the people.

Finally, I will note Camarillo’s 128 mail ballot votes is way out of proportion to what the candidates in District 3 received. Again this smells of election fraud and manipulation by the politiqueras. This needs to stop.

Here are the numbers for your own review.


Anonymous said...

Based on the Proposition results, it is evident that there was some kind of fraud. Ayala's results fall along those lines.

Anonymous said...

Camarillo 120+ mail-in?

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog from Nebraska in order to follow the election and current events in Brownsville, and I would like to thank you for keeping it as up to date as possible. Also I would like to add that my father now has a web page at:
Please, if you should choose to, add this website to your side bar along with the other candidates now that the runoff election is approaching.

Also, in response to your latest posting, I can only add that I am under the deepest impression that my father did not participate in any voter fraud in regards to the mail-in ballots that were cast. That being said, I appreciate the balanced tone in your writing especially in regards to my father not being "party" to the alleged act.

Again thanks for your contributions over the past few months. Thanks for your time.

Marcus Ayala

Anonymous said...

will there be a gowen/ayala debate anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

will there be a Zamora- Cisneros debate?

Anonymous said...

How come no one asks Cisneros what he stands for? The issues page on his web page are under construction. His Facebook page is a personal one, not a campaign website. If his management style is reflective of his poor attempt at campaigning on the web, it is no wonder that his tenure, despite his glossy newspper ads, are best remembered by video of him walking around without a shirt..
What did John Mellencamp say long ago:
You've got to stand for somethin'
Or you're gonna fall for anything!!

El Mero Mero

BobbyWC said...

I rejected a comment because of the way it was presented, not for its substance - what is the point of being vulgar and combative?

The question is, did some candidates or maybe just one candidate have campaign staff drive nursing home residents to the polls?

This happens in all campaigns. I do not like it one bit. I think it should be illegal. I have been at the polls for early voting at the central library when nursing home vans pull up to the polls. In both cases the driver was from the home, and not working for a candidate. I also saw how the senior citizen was left to fend for herself with no meaningful help.

It is a lot more difficult to commit fraud at the polls with poll watchers. If a particular candidate did in fact pay drivers to take seniors to the polls and then fill out the ballor for them, then the poll watchers for the other candidates get an "F" for job performance. Why was it not reported.

It is easy for some anony to claim it happened, but let's try some proof.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Anytime an adult daycare has signs for a particular candidate, as in this case, they openly allow fraud upon their own clientèle and the voting public. It is disgraceful and distasteful. By you denying my comment, you are part of he problem not the solution. Gowen danced the day away crippled, senile elder citizens. Proof? I don't need no stinkin' proof. Take the bus and see for yourself. It is one thing to "meet" the voters in the daycare and another when only approved candidates are allowed/invited.

BobbyWC said...

First of all anony, you know I rejected your post for the picture - but lying comes easy to people like you - which is why I doubt the truthfulness of anything you say.

Businesses are free to decide who can and cannot post signs on their property. I think nursing homes hurt themselves when they only allow one candidate to post signs.

Your assumption that everyone in nursing homes are crippled and senile reflects a level of ignorance which shocks the conscience. have you ever been in a nursing home?

My sister is in a nursing home for 5 weeks for post broken hip surgery - I can assure you she is more astute about life, people, and politics than you ever will be.

Your only joy in live seems to be posting vulgar pictures, and then crying like a baby when they do not get posted through, and then insulting senior citizens for the crime of getting old.

How terribly pathetic your life must be.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Are nursing homes and adult daycares the same thing, Bobby? Nevertheless, my interest is piqued. Now I want to see the vulgar picture.

Anonymous said...

Nursing homes are not the same as adult daycares. Have you ever been to an adult daycare?

How am I supposed to know why you deny any comment? Reason or logic doesn't seem to be a part of your decisions or opinions. You never mentioned the picture, which is not vulgar, in why you denied the "combative" comment. I find a touch of fatness sexxxy and healthy. Don't you?