Sunday, May 17, 2009


I grow bored with the liars who will say anything to win an election. My May 14, 2008, PUB bill was $207.18. I used 1,126 kwh and 8,000 gallons of water. This year my May 14, 2009 bill was $169.92. I used more kwh’s - 1,172, but less water - only 5,000 gallons. The difference in the bill is, the energy surcharge . It was $27.00, less this year over last year. So technically, my utility bill went down for the same period over a 12 month period. Unfortunately, people will believe the stupid signs which say their bill went up. Either way the City Commissioners have nothing to do with the energy surcharge. As is always the case from the same people - it is about conning the people to support their own political ends.

Now there is a reality concerning our PUB bills which does go to the commissioners. Since Carlos Cisneros has been on the City Commission, until this year, he turned a blind eye to raising impact fees. We now know that after more than a decade of the City Commission not doing its job our rates will have to go up. It is either raise the rates, or not make the infrastructure repairs and infrastructure improvements needed to keep the city moving forward.

So while it is true our rates will go up, no ifs and or buts, at this time our rates are actually lower. The proof is in our bills. I truly hate fear tactics and lies as a way to manipulate an election. I also hate people who demonize taxes and then complain about a lack of city services. The people responsible for these childish signs against Cisneros and Camarillo are the problem with Brownsville. The good news is, at least as to Sorola their candidate lost again. There is a shocker.


Anonymous said...

So Cisneros has ben on the Commission since 2002 and just until recently he did nothing about theimpact fees. You think his "quick" turnaround on impact fees in the last year had anything to do with his plans for re-election? But that's ok with you because our bills are lower now. Wow! Our streets and services lag way behind comparable cities of the same size because ,in you words: "We now know that after more than a decade of the City Commission not doing its job" but that's ok because your bill is lower this year. Weren't you complaining a while back that your street and driveway weren't fixed. Iowa Ave. is a joke? The road to the airport is home to an eyesore of a seafood restaurant? Make up your mind! The leaders of our fair city, Cisneros included, have failed us but that's ok because your PUB is lower this year.

El Mero Mero

Anonymous said...

Do you know who funded or funds those signs? Wouldn't those signs come down if "their candidate" was Sorola? Please don't humor me by saying they want Cisneros out no matter what. What special favors do these backers hope to gain by his ouster?

Your bill went down based on the water portion too. Ratepayers get a slightly lower rate if they use less water. Also the wastewater rate is an estimate or 80% of the water rate. At 8,000, the wastewater rate is 6,400 or 1,600 gallons lower. This month your rate is 4,000. That's a full 2400 gallons lower. Was this month shorter or longer in days billed than a year ago? What's the exact fuel charge for this year versus last? I don't believe it is that much of a difference, but I could be incorrect.

BobbyWC said...

Mero, read my second to last paragraph - I am not defending Cisneros - I'm just saying right now they are lower because of decrease if fuel surcharge, which in my case was exactly the reduction in the bill (by chance)

Cinseros has to go - I made clear until this year, because of the election as pointed out, he did nothing about impact fees. I also made clear that our rates are going up in the future - my point was at this time our rates are not higher - this is a truthful statement -

most people can see that for themselves - this causes them to then question these signs.

By no means am I defending Cisneros

on the roads- I accept we need higher taxes - you cannot complain about high taxes and bad roads.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

on the roads- I accept we need higher taxes - you cannot complain about high taxes and bad roads.

how long has cisneros been there?

Anonymous said...

Our tax rates are already high. Did your appraisal go up or down? Mine did. It didn't matter that the tax rate hasn't changed. I'm still paying more because of a higher appraisal that means less than the postage stamp they send it with. It's not fair that some of us have to pay more than others for worse and worse service.

Why should we pay higher taxes? Is it so the creeps in public works can steal more of our money? Should someone who doesn't own property like you even be talking about supporting tax hikes?