Saturday, May 23, 2009


My sources are telling me that tomorrow's Herald will have an ad from Sorola endorsing Cisneros over Zamora. So the truth comes out - Sorola has always been with the developers and against the people. And who endorsed Sorola with a yard sign, none other than Robert Sanchez. Politics will always be about settling scores and never about the interests of the people.


Anonymous said...

and So It Goes!!
A pair of losers joining forces...The best Brownsville has to offer? I sure hope not!

Wile E. Coyote

Anonymous said...

rEaD tHe AdD fIrst,
ThEn MaKe A pOsT

BobbyWC said...

read the Ad - point well taken - my source is pretty solid - but it is possible that they have disinformation - so in the end, as you point out, the ad will be the best evidence - if my source was wrong I will make a correction - but for now I have no reason to doubt my source - other than maybe the source was deliberately given bad information as a political ploy

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sorola IS endorsing Carlos. And you probably heard it from Melissa or someone at the Herald. It doesn't matter because it's a well-known fact. You should read his endorsement of Carlos before the band starts marching. It might tell you something about why someone who attacked Carlos so much in the campaign would rather have him and NOT Melissa.

As to your reality disconnect, Sorola is not a pawn of the developers. He wants a higher impact fee. He wants to stick it to the developers every chance he gets. Do you get that? I know you're sick, but that's not an excuse to go around telling people Sorola is for the developers when it's factually WRONG. Did developers give him money for his campaign? Nooooooooo, they didn't and couldn't because he funded his own campaign. He wasn't bought. You would know that if you were stuck on your Captain Bob fixation and his alleged corruption.

Who did Zamora get her money from? Do you know? My sources tell me Gamez is supporting Zamora. Am I making it up like your bull shit claim that Sorola is a developer's man? Gamez controls some commissioners now. One more and he might have a majority on the commission.

BobbyWC said...

Anony, I am not going to challenge your frustration with my post - but saying you oppose the developers is words - endorsing the man controlled by the developers is action - actions speak louder than words.

If you read my entire post for its substance - I noted elections are about settling scores - which means I am saying independent of the developer issue - something else is happening - there is score settling going on behind the scenes.

You see, someone who supports higher impact fees does not endorse the man who fought hirer impact fees unless there is behind the scene dirty politics - this is life - this is reality.

The Sanchez comment was about the irony of how this man Sanchez endorsed, at least through a yard sign, is now endorsing the man who helped to take down Sanchez - I do not call that loyalty - I call that betrayal by a friend - that is all I was saying. It is yet another example of tragedy in politics Brownsville style.

It goes further, if Sorola is prepared to betray his friend in support of his friend's arch enemy, what does that tell us about Sorola? Given what it tells us about Sorola, what does it tell us about Cisneros?

Can you show anyone wherein the campaign donation reports there is any evidence Gamez has donated money to MZ's campaign?

I have stayed out of the campaign money issue because I do not necessary believe it tells me anything - politics is dirty and makes for odd bed-fellows -

Finally, I do not have a vote in the matter.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Oh, I forgot, your anger got in the way of reading the post for its substance - yes I said by his actions he was with the developers - when read with the score settling comment it means - bad people would rather come across as being in bed with the very people they claimed to oppose when they have a personal score to settle - I think that will be obvious in the ad.

Anonymous said...

Sorola is mad at the Mayor for getting Melissa to run against Cisneros and capitalize on the woman vote. Sorola would have won if it were a two candidate race. Sorola feels betrayed by the Mayor and Melissa. At the end of the day, Sorola didn't want help from the Mayor because he thought it would hurt his chances. The facts are that the Mayor had nothing to do with Melissa changing races and Sorola will lose all credibility and will never be able to run another election. What a burnt bastard he will be. If this endorsement is true, it makes Melissa stronger because people will know that dirty politics will have played a hand. Cisneros is not holding back Melissa. He has brought his A game.

Anonymous said...

All this is a game.
Who has the most mula to pay for the mail-in votes.

Anonymous said...

what a shame if this is true that sorola is backing cisneros instead of melissa. i sure do hope melissa will win against cisneros. i hope all the women come and vote for melissa in district 3...

Anonymous said...

Bobby, why do you care about the tragic events in Sanchez's personal life while simultaneously you yourself torture him? Why do you mention him? Gag. Something's in my throat. Gag.

It isn't about friendships or betrayal; It's about what is better for Brownsville. It's obvious Sorola thinks Cisneros with all of his flaws can do more for his district than Zamora with all of her flaws, known and unknown. It's akin to my perception that for all of Sanchez's faults he is still better for Brownsville than you.

Sorola must be thinking about more than just one issue like developers. Image is nothing without substance. Maybe, Bobby, Sorola thinks Zamora is bad news for Brownsville.

Anger? What anger? As for Gamez support for Zamora, I never said it was in the campaign finance reports. I also never said it was public support either. It may be made up. It may not.

You don't care about the reports because you don't want to give the Political Outsider credit for uploading those reports. You didn't take the time to help the voters with unfiltered information. You don't want to give him the satisfaction.

Make up your mind. Is donating money important as you claimed about candidates who couldn't get their friends to give them money OR is not telling or informative as you now claim? You really are Brownsville's Bathtub Boy. (That's not a sexual orientation slur. It's a reference to your similarity to Keith "Bathtub Boy" Olbermann.)

BobbyWC said...

I do not mind the bathtub Boy reference - I rarely tell anyone they are doing a good job with reporting - I find it insulting and suggestive that the person someone who needs my endorsement, when they do not - everyone needs to stand on their own

I am not sure I disagree with your analysis in the context of being a viable explanation as to why he endorsed Cisneros.

The only thing in this mornings ad is a suggestion MZ is with special interests.

I am happy Sorola did not go negative - this is to his credit. But there is nothing in the ad to explain why he endorsed someone who is directly responsible for the up coming fiscal shortfalls at PUB.

When you couple this with the fact it is a betrayal of a friendship a reasonable mind could conclude it is score settling.

An anony posted a comment yesterday suggesting that Sorola is mad because had MZ not run he would have won out right - I find this to be a very plausible explanation for the endorsement.

What my readers now have are two plausible exaplanations for the endorsement - people can now go with either explanation.

I do appreaciate your insight to the endorsement - it adds to the discussion - something I never oppose.

Bobby WC

I personally believe

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Melissa's latest blog post?