Saturday, May 30, 2009


It is never good for me to review a film when I feel bad. But here I go. This film had a lot of fun historical references. It also had a good social message. It is better to earn less to work at a job you love, than to be a millionaire working at a job you hate. I actually liked the ending.
This is not some great film waiting for an Academy award. But it was funny. The kids in the audience had a great time. I suspect most of the people in the audience were like me, rejected by the sold out 3d version of "UP." But they truly had a good time.

The film is about Larry (Ben) saving his little friends. Apparently there is an Egyptian plaque which makes the figures come alive. An old Egyptian leader comes to life to use the plaque to control the world. It is Larry's job along with his friends to save the world.

This is not for children under 10. I think it is too complex. But for children over 10, I think they will know the historical characters and enjoy seeing them in action.

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