Wednesday, May 27, 2009


You cannot tax the people into conservation. You can provide tax credits and incentives, but not impose new taxes as a way force compliance. Unfortunately people are people - when gas is cheap they will not care, but when it goes up they will complain.

Obama and the Democrats have done nothing to regulated the speculators or oil refiners who are withholding refining as a way to artificially raise the price of gas. Oil and gas is a national security issue which mandates more government control.

Five Star Builders, who I profile above is the only certified Energy Star Builder in the LRGV. Wherein a typical builder might spend $3,000.00 on windows, an Energy Star home will have windows which cost $18,000.00. The difference is, the Energy Star home will cost you about $80.00 a month in electricity, whereas the non-Energy Star home will cost you upwards of $400.00 a month for the same 2,500 square foot house. While an Energy Star home will cost you upwards of $125.00 a square foot to build, versus $80.00 a square foot, the savings in electricity covers the difference in your total monthly payments.

This is just one simple example of how we can save money and oil.

Obama understands that so long as oil and gas are cheap the American people will not act to conserve unless forced to conserve. This is a national security issue. This is why the government is mandating more fuel efficient cars and trucks. They will be smaller and less powerful, but fuel efficient. My view is, Obama should also be controlling the price of oil as a way to protect our economy. He and the Democrats are not, because they are convinced they must keep the price going up as the only way to force conservation.

Here is a radical idea, how about we the people play our role in conservation and build Energy Star Homes. How about demanding more fuel efficient cars without the government having to mandate them? Yes my idea is radical - the people taking responsibility for their own problems.
So while I am mad at Obama and the Democrats for not regulating the speculators and refiners, I am also frustrated with the people who want everything, without paying for it.

To the State of California - stop crying about your problems. It is time you authorize the State to start its own oil company and begin drilling off-shore. The profits from the oil company can help fund the state’s budget. A simple solution to a problem created by greed.


Anonymous said...

Cal's problem is not greed. Cal's problem is why we live in a republic and not an open Democracy.

Gov. Hiram Johnson and the Progressive Party instituted state wide ballot referendums in 1911.
The party died soon after creation, but the legacy of shifting public sentiment is what you see today. In good times, people tend to vote with their wallets open, but this cannot be sustained in the bad.

BobbyWC said...

here is a partial post which I rejected for language - but this part is the important part in terms of the discussion.

"You wanna pay for that, fucka? Is your little shit hovel an energy star home? You're a fucking dumbass! If you had a family you'd understand why people can't conserve the money to buy $18,000 dollar windows. I'll keep my $300 windows. When the neighborhood kids start pelting your 18,000 windows with rocks, I'll laugh when you run out pleading with them to hit you with rocks instead."

My response is, commonsense tells me that I am not advocating this for people who cannot afford it.

If you are not math challenged, you understood that my argument points out that the increased cost in your mortgage is about the same as the savings on electricity. there is no real net increase in your monthly costs - given this fact why not go Energy Star?

But again, commonsense sense should tell any reader this is not for people who truly cannot afford it.

Bobby WC