Friday, May 15, 2009

The most interesting thing about this film is the timeliness concerning the debate related to faith and science. While the book which forms the basis of the film is several years old, it seems more timely today than when it was originally published in 2000.
I like films which mix fiction with historical fact. The church in fact did prosecute scientists for contradicting church doctrine. This battle between faith and science is as old as time. The science concerning anti-matter is real.
Tom Hanks is charged with unravelling a riddle concerning the kidnapping of 4 Cardinals who are on the short list to become the new Pope. The adventure takes you through the history of the construction of catholic churches and artists in Rome.
In the beginning of the film it also seems like it will be just one riddle solution after another, but the film saves itself by going off the riddle to discussion of background material and discovery of who is behind the kidnappings.
I enjoyed the film. Based on the audience reaction, it seems like the audience also enjoyed the film.
People - it is a film - not a dissertation of the failings of the church or search for the truth. The critics who gave this film a bad review need a reality check - IT IS ONLY A FILM

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Anonymous said...

What are you reviewing this week? You should give us a preview and a review. It would be nice to always know what your preconceptions and expectations are before you go. Not to mention, it would be nice to see a movie at the same time as you. ;)