Saturday, May 30, 2009


It is never good for me to review a film when I feel bad. But here I go. This film had a lot of fun historical references. It also had a good social message. It is better to earn less to work at a job you love, than to be a millionaire working at a job you hate. I actually liked the ending.
This is not some great film waiting for an Academy award. But it was funny. The kids in the audience had a great time. I suspect most of the people in the audience were like me, rejected by the sold out 3d version of "UP." But they truly had a good time.

The film is about Larry (Ben) saving his little friends. Apparently there is an Egyptian plaque which makes the figures come alive. An old Egyptian leader comes to life to use the plaque to control the world. It is Larry's job along with his friends to save the world.

This is not for children under 10. I think it is too complex. But for children over 10, I think they will know the historical characters and enjoy seeing them in action.

Friday, May 29, 2009


"Even Judge Richard Posner, a conservative stalwart on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals once observed that, "Litigation commonly involves persons at different social distances from the judge, and the more proximate will garner the more sympathetic response regardless of actual desert."

I think the author of this piece simply raises the question of how a person's background, regardless of race will impact their decision making. The quote from Justice Posner is right on the money and honest.

I do not disagree with the above argument. My question is, why does Sotomayor believe as a Latina she has a better chance to get it right, than a white male? Yes,. white males have gotten it wrong a lot of times, but Stevens and Souter, white males, have gotten it right on minority rights a lot more often than Associate Justice Thomas, a black male. I would love a new Associate Justice who could sit down with Associate Justice and commit to validate his concerns over affirmative action, while slowing bringing him into the liberal wing of the court. The liberal wing of the Court must acknowledge that affirmative action has promoted the racist mentality of "if you are a minority you got promoted based on your minority status."

On paper Sotomayor and Thomas are more than qualified. They competed on an uneven academic field and overcame bigotry to prove their excellence. But excellence is not enough. Your character along with excellence should be the standard.

For the record, I love this author's insight into Justice Thomas. Based on his experience at the university, I fully understand why Justice Thomas feels the way he does. This is all the more reason why I oppose Sotomayor. I am looking exclusively at her character and on her character, which was Dr. King's message, she is a threat to our Constitution. I will always oppose judicial activism, regardless of the source.

This last ad by Cisneros against Zamora in my view is clear evidence of desperation. If it works it will be because Cisneros has a machine to get out the voters who support him, and Zamora does not, at least not at that level. This election will be a very low turnout. Every voter put into a car and taken to the polls will make a difference.

Among women, putting all of those question marks next to Zamora, this is a direct attack on women. He is saying look there is something there, but I am not going to tell you what it is. This is slime. It is like the boys in highschool who have never had any telling everyone they have been with the lead cheerleader. It was truly pathetic.

If we are going to change city hall we must vote. I cannot vote in the Cisneros/Zamora election. I am encouraging people to vote, especially senior citizens, who are more likely to vote. This election should be a clear win for Zamora, if for no other reason Cisneros campaign tactics. Right now it is up to the people.

On the Ayala/Gowen election, I am at a loss. I can vote in this one. My inclination is to vote Gowen only because Ayala would not be in the run-offs had it not been for the mail ballots. I am not saying he had anything to do with what happened, but I am saying I cannot vote for a candidate whose supporters believe it is okay to use politiqueras to manipulate the mail-ballots of senior citizens.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Things will never change in education until the unions realize that the key to being a great teacher is the person and not the teaching certificate. Under No Child Left Behind you do not need a teaching certificate. BISD has decided that change is not an option and the benefits associated with hiring non-certified teachers will never be known to the children of BISD.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


You cannot tax the people into conservation. You can provide tax credits and incentives, but not impose new taxes as a way force compliance. Unfortunately people are people - when gas is cheap they will not care, but when it goes up they will complain.

Obama and the Democrats have done nothing to regulated the speculators or oil refiners who are withholding refining as a way to artificially raise the price of gas. Oil and gas is a national security issue which mandates more government control.

Five Star Builders, who I profile above is the only certified Energy Star Builder in the LRGV. Wherein a typical builder might spend $3,000.00 on windows, an Energy Star home will have windows which cost $18,000.00. The difference is, the Energy Star home will cost you about $80.00 a month in electricity, whereas the non-Energy Star home will cost you upwards of $400.00 a month for the same 2,500 square foot house. While an Energy Star home will cost you upwards of $125.00 a square foot to build, versus $80.00 a square foot, the savings in electricity covers the difference in your total monthly payments.

This is just one simple example of how we can save money and oil.

Obama understands that so long as oil and gas are cheap the American people will not act to conserve unless forced to conserve. This is a national security issue. This is why the government is mandating more fuel efficient cars and trucks. They will be smaller and less powerful, but fuel efficient. My view is, Obama should also be controlling the price of oil as a way to protect our economy. He and the Democrats are not, because they are convinced they must keep the price going up as the only way to force conservation.

Here is a radical idea, how about we the people play our role in conservation and build Energy Star Homes. How about demanding more fuel efficient cars without the government having to mandate them? Yes my idea is radical - the people taking responsibility for their own problems.
So while I am mad at Obama and the Democrats for not regulating the speculators and refiners, I am also frustrated with the people who want everything, without paying for it.

To the State of California - stop crying about your problems. It is time you authorize the State to start its own oil company and begin drilling off-shore. The profits from the oil company can help fund the state’s budget. A simple solution to a problem created by greed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


From CNN:

"Judge Sotomayor is a liberal judicial activist of the first order who thinks her own personal political agenda is more important that the law as written," said Wendy Long, counsel to the conservative Judicial Confirmation Network."

As to political agenda, the statement is 100% true.

Her former law clerks and lawyers call her abusive and contemptuous of the law and parties. She is tied to the corruption of the Bush Administration. This nomination proves that when it comes to Supreme Court nominees, Obama is prepared to ignore every principle of justice he claims to support, in favor of political expediency.

I fully expect a strong voice of opposition from her long line of victims before the New York Court of Appeals. The problems is, the press is as racist as President Obama. The mainstream press will block every story which disfavors Sonia Sotomayor for no other reason than she is a Latina. This is the reason why justice is not an option before the Supreme Court. Far too many nominees are too tied to the arrogance of being a federal judge to allow them to be objective or believe the law matters. A non-judge would have been a better choice.

Obama’s advisors either did him a disservice in recommending her nomination, or the Obama Administration intends to leak the story of why she is not qualified to then force her to remove her name from nomination. This then allows Obama to say, "hey, I tried to nominate a Latina."
Politics is what it is - dirty and devoid of justice

Sunday, May 24, 2009


... "Because I shall continue to refrain from personal attacks during this campaign. Regardless.
I did call Moses Sorola to confirm the rumor I heard about his endorsing my opponent Commissioner Carlos Cisneros. He told me that he met with Commissioner Cisneros. Sorola said Cisneros is taking care of "some issues" at the City he (Sorola) had and that he (Sorola) "needed to find a way to recover all the money he (Sorola) spent on the campaign." I asked him (Sorola) about all the money the citizens of Brownsville have lost due to Cisneros' poor decision-making on the City Commission. Sorola said, "I'm talking about the money I spent." He then excused himself from the phone call, because he had another call he needed to take.
It is what it is."

I have no reason to doubt MZ's rendition of the story. I know some people want to cause problems where there are none and to make fodder of my mention of Robert Sanchez. It has nothing to do with Sanchez - It is about betrayal of a friend. Sorola did not just endorse Cisneros, he endorsed the arch enemy of his friend. That's nasty and despicable.

When you consider this fact, MZ's story makes perfect sense. Sorola endorsed Cisneros on a promise of money.
I forgot the best part of the post.
"Cisneros vs. Sorola
By The Issues
1) Mr. Sorola supports the construction of the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.
(Moses Sorola, Letter to Editor, Brownsville Herald, published Jan. 29, 2008)
Note: The border wall is opposed by Brownsville's majority.
Carlos Cisneros opposes the wall 100 percent and said: "No Border Wall." Yet, Cisneros is accepting an endorsement from Moses Sorola who is vehemently opposed to the Wall.
2) Mr. Sorola claims that politicians and political leaders who oppose the construction of the wall are "trafficking in illegal labor, illegal immigration, illegal drugs, money laundering illegal support to drug cartels and illegal financial support by drug cartels to churches." (Moses Sorola, Letter to the Editor, Brownsville Herald, published Sept. 9, 2008).
Note: Cisneros opposes the Wall, because it is wrong and because most of his constituents, including myself, oppose it. Opposing the Wall does not make one a drug dealer or money launderer. This statement is an insult to the Brownsville majority who either oppose the Wall or desire an alternative. I prefer strengthening the levees and allocating more resources to law enforcement.
3) Mr. Sorola opposes the construction of more publicly funded bridges to Mexico and does not care about how long it takes traffic to go from Mexico to the United States. He has stated that "if it takes all day for (immigration) to do their checks, so be it." (Moses Sorola, Letter to the Editor, Brownsville Herald, May 17, 2004)
Note: Our economy is dependent on trade with Mexico. When you slow down traffic on the bridge, you slow down trade and commerce. Many people who live in Brownsville also visit family in Mexico. Every elected Brownsville City Commissioner must care if it "takes all day to cross the bridge." Sorola has stated he does not care. Since Cisneros is accepting his endorsement, does he, too, not care?
4) Mr. Sorola also is against bilingual education and has stated that the programs "do little to promote a quality education." (Moses Sorola, Letter to the Editor, Brownsville Herald, Aug. 2, 1998).
Note: (Did Sorola receive extra payment as a certified bilingual teacher? Just a question.) Bilingual education is a must along the border. We live in the United States, a country of many cultures and languages that must be embraced. It makes us who we are -- a country most-desired to live in. Cisneros is born and raised in Brownsville and certainly must understand the necessity of bilingual education. Or does he since he sought and accepted Sorola's endorsement?
5) Mr. Sorola thinks that churches should pay taxes so that they can "appreciate the burden taxpayers face when they have to support the poor." (Moses Sorola, Letter to the Editor, Brownsville Herald, Jan. 10, 2009)
Note: Supporting the poor is not a burden, it is a societal obligation to look out for those who are less fortunate.
Sorola's position appears to be hypocritical. He states that churches should have to pay taxes, but he didn't mind starting his own not-for-profit corporation with another prominent Brownsville resident called the Brownsville GGL.
Cisneros has always touted that he's for the people especially with his "Getting it Done" approach. Does this exclude the poor?
6) Sorola criticized Valley Interfaith and other religious groups for "lobbying for more funds for the poor" and states that the "churches and some of their members are not interested in poor people, that they just want to keep their jobs running the clinics and others just want to let the drug trade and illegal immigration continue unabated."
Note: Sorola appears to be hostile to religious groups and appears to be hostile to the poor. However, according to Cisneros' Facebook, Cisneros is a very religious man. When told by a friend that "We" will win this election, Cisneros states: "We meaning God and the people! Yes we will!"
7) Sorola recently, in a Letter to the Editor in The Brownsville Herald, quoted Thomas Jefferson who wrote in 1814 the following:
"In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own."
(Moses Sorola, Letter to the Editor, Brownsville Herald, Jan. 10, 2009)
Note: Priests and religious leaders are not "despots (a person exercising power tyrannically)" They are members of our community and often serve as leaders in faith-based community initiatives. Certainly Cisneros appreciates the civic duty of Brownsville's religious leaders. Right?
8) Sorola touted the Imagine Brownsville Master Plan as a waste of taxpayer dollars in ads and in the many candidate debates and forums.
Note: Cisneros is proud of the Imagine Brownsville $900,000 project.
(Imagine Brownsville Web site, click here)
9) Sorola's stance on taxes/impact fees differ greatly from Cisneros' stance. Sorola's previous statements obviously were in support of lower taxes and higher impact fees.
Note: While Sorola supported the highest recommended impact fee, Cisneros found it to be too high. In a prior increase, Cisneros voted to rescind it.
Sorola wrote in an ad: "Some folks are taking two jobs to make ends meet and support their families. Fuel, shelter and the cost of other basic necessities are going up. And taxes are eating up any disposable income people can get." However, Cisneros touts his being a PID board member under Community Involvement and Service on his campaign Web site. Major (Hudson) taxing issues there.
In conclusion: As much as I'd like to take full credit for the above information, much of it was produced to me today by a disenchanted (former) member of the Cisneros Camp after the Camp chose to take this race to a personal level. I've done nothing of the sort to my opponent. It is a 12-page document that was to be used against Sorola in advertising in the event of a runoff between the two. I will say that I did add numbers 8 and 9, and I added my personal comments, too, to reflect the stark discrepancies in each candidate's stance on the issues.
I won't be intimidated. I believe in better government. I will continue this race."
There are plenty of 12-14 inch whitings just waiting to be caught at Boca Chica. I was feeling a lot better and decided to go fishing. I went in like any other day - up to my chest - before casting the line. I lost my footing and did what I normally do if the water all of a sudden gets too deep - I tried to catch a wave. After three attempts failed to move me in shore and swimming did not help I dropped the pole and yelled for help.
I just kept on trying to ride a wave with no luck. I lost my glasses while going under several times. Finally two men heard me yelling and came swimming after me. I was under when they grabbed me.
My days of surf fishing while casting the line while I am chest deep are done. My new standard is waist deep. The tide was weird - it was a straight out pull - no northern or southern pull - just straight out.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Dear Fellow Democrat,

The time to act is NOW! Texas House Republicans have shown their true colors - playing a partisan game of chicken with Texans' most important priorities.

While Texas House Democrats remain committed to an effort to address Texans' real priorities and restore bipartisan cooperation in the waning days of the session, the House Republican leadership is trying to force action on a partisan vote suppression agenda by placing their Voter ID bill at the top the House Calendar, ahead of important issues like insurance reform and tax relief for disabled veterans.

The Republicans' attempt to blame Democrats for their misplaced priorities is a reckless throwback to the Tom Craddick and Tom DeLay era, and they have punctuated their misplaced partisan game of chicken by circulating a letter signed by 59 of the 76 House Republicans that says they will oppose any effort by Democrats to take up more important bills before the Voter ID bill.

This Republican obstructionism is now causing a breakdown of the bipartisan cooperation that has marked House proceedings all year, forcing House Democrats to extend debate on local, non-controversial bills to prevent the Voter ID bill from hitting the floor before legislation that addresses Texans' real concerns.

I'm writing to ask you to contact House Speaker Joe Straus and Republican House Members to ask that they join Democrats in a bipartisan effort to advance more important priorities of the people. Call or email Speaker Straus and these obstructionist House Republicans and ask that they stop using government to gain partisan advantage by threatening many Texans' precious right to vote.

House Speaker Joe Straus
Rep. Linda Harper-Brown
Rep. Will Hartnett
Rep. Todd Hunter
Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt
Rep. Ken Legler

Your fellow Democrat,
Boyd L. Richie
Texas Democratic Party

Legislative Advertising paid for by Texas Democratic Party
505 W 12th Street #200, Austin, TX 78701.
This communication not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
This email was sent to:bobbywc@sbcglobal.netTo unsubscribe, go to:

My sources are telling me that tomorrow's Herald will have an ad from Sorola endorsing Cisneros over Zamora. So the truth comes out - Sorola has always been with the developers and against the people. And who endorsed Sorola with a yard sign, none other than Robert Sanchez. Politics will always be about settling scores and never about the interests of the people.

As to the movie review let me say a very long time ago someone in Hollywood should have said "hasta la vista baby" to the Terminator movies. I almost went, out of a sense of obligation to my readers, but being sick for nearly a week I decided until I know for sure I do not have the swine flu I should not be out in a public theater.

The other movie was "Night at the Museum." I remember trying to watch the original on HBO and turning it off.


On Tuesday at about 6p.m. while getting dinner in the 5 Points area (77/37 intersection) I came down with a fever. By the time I got home I went straight to bed. Wednesday was a day from hell. I was 102.6 and up most of the day. The cough came, the body ache, and then finally the diarhea began Thursday morning. I had to go out for a few hours Thursday afternoon. By the time I got home I was back to 102.2 fever and began passing straight liquid. I called the VA on Friday and they said because I had dropped back to 100.8 to just keep and taking Tylenol. This morning I am back to 101.2. If I hit 102 again I am off to VBMC, otherwise I will wait until Tuesday morning to go to the VA clinic in Harlingen.

What I have learned is, and not only as to myself, because I know of two other people who are real sick, the CDC has not put out some standard when doctors are to just test for the swine flu. The medical community is trying not to panic, but in the process I thing the swine flu is spreading. Just read this morning’s Herald.

I will be back up for sure on Monday morning - even if only from my grave.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I tend to believe Pelosi is lying about the water boarding. This type spin is politics at its best. The notion of a clean politician is almost an oxymoron. It is safe to say that local politicos like Oritz and Senator Lucio continue to get elected to office because on key issues they deliver. They give us just enough to say "hey he stood with us on the Wall, he got us a medical school."
Is this any different than any other politician? I am not defending anything either of these men have done. The reality is, other than a lot of unsubstantiated allegations and conjecture, I am not sure I have ever seen any evidence of wrongdoing by either of these men.
So my question is, should we support politicians who bring home the pork and projects good for the LRGV, and ignore things we might not like, or should we hold out for politicos who please us all of the time? Again I am not defending anyone, I am simply asking an honest question, do we take the good with the bad, or do we hold out for someone who is perfect all of the time?

Monday, May 18, 2009


Sometimes it is not about winning a battle, it is about having the courage to fight the battle. The behind the scene politics of President Obama throwing us under the bus is not very complex. President Obama needs to give the border fence to the yellow dog Democrats to get their support on issues which he considers more important.

Again, as is always the case with the Democrats, the Latino community is to play second fiddle to everyone else. President Obama has sent a very clear message - a wall is to be built as a necessary evil to his other objectives. Until the Latino community says basta to the Democratic party we will always play the role of step-child.

Barbara Ann Radnofsky" candidacy for AG, as a Democrat. Let's see if this time the Latino community matters to her, as opposed to when she ran for the US Senate. Everyone should e-mail her and demand she make it an immediate campaign issue. Demand that she demands Texas Attorney General Abbott use state resources to defend Texas.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I grow bored with the liars who will say anything to win an election. My May 14, 2008, PUB bill was $207.18. I used 1,126 kwh and 8,000 gallons of water. This year my May 14, 2009 bill was $169.92. I used more kwh’s - 1,172, but less water - only 5,000 gallons. The difference in the bill is, the energy surcharge . It was $27.00, less this year over last year. So technically, my utility bill went down for the same period over a 12 month period. Unfortunately, people will believe the stupid signs which say their bill went up. Either way the City Commissioners have nothing to do with the energy surcharge. As is always the case from the same people - it is about conning the people to support their own political ends.

Now there is a reality concerning our PUB bills which does go to the commissioners. Since Carlos Cisneros has been on the City Commission, until this year, he turned a blind eye to raising impact fees. We now know that after more than a decade of the City Commission not doing its job our rates will have to go up. It is either raise the rates, or not make the infrastructure repairs and infrastructure improvements needed to keep the city moving forward.

So while it is true our rates will go up, no ifs and or buts, at this time our rates are actually lower. The proof is in our bills. I truly hate fear tactics and lies as a way to manipulate an election. I also hate people who demonize taxes and then complain about a lack of city services. The people responsible for these childish signs against Cisneros and Camarillo are the problem with Brownsville. The good news is, at least as to Sorola their candidate lost again. There is a shocker.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The most interesting thing about this film is the timeliness concerning the debate related to faith and science. While the book which forms the basis of the film is several years old, it seems more timely today than when it was originally published in 2000.
I like films which mix fiction with historical fact. The church in fact did prosecute scientists for contradicting church doctrine. This battle between faith and science is as old as time. The science concerning anti-matter is real.
Tom Hanks is charged with unravelling a riddle concerning the kidnapping of 4 Cardinals who are on the short list to become the new Pope. The adventure takes you through the history of the construction of catholic churches and artists in Rome.
In the beginning of the film it also seems like it will be just one riddle solution after another, but the film saves itself by going off the riddle to discussion of background material and discovery of who is behind the kidnappings.
I enjoyed the film. Based on the audience reaction, it seems like the audience also enjoyed the film.
People - it is a film - not a dissertation of the failings of the church or search for the truth. The critics who gave this film a bad review need a reality check - IT IS ONLY A FILM

Sorry for the late post, but I had an early morning appointment. I meant to post this several weeks ago, but simply forgot until last night when I noticed the check cleared for the renewal of my passport and purchase of a border ID card.

The deadline is June 1, 2009. I am being told it is highly unlikely I will get my new passport or border ID back before the June 1, 2009 deadline. There may be several weeks wherein I cannot go across the border.

If you do not have a current passport, or a border ID card, you better get one now. I paid $95.00 to renew my old passport, which was going to expire in July anyway, and for a border ID. If you renew your passport by mail, there is no application fee and the two ID’s are only $95.00.

I decided it was better for me to have a border ID in my wallet, than chance going across without my passport. I have already made that mistake more than once.
Anyway, today’s post is only informational.
I should have a movie review tomorrow.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


If you remember a woman, who use to work in the jewelry department at Penny’s here in Brownsville, was gunned down in Florida with her drug dealing husband and two children. The convicted perpetrators of this heinous crime received the death penalty.

I strongly oppose the death penalty on grounds that it demeans our society and far too often innocent people are executed. Just yesterday a man was released from death row after DNA evidence found he could not have perpetrated the crime.

But here is the question and why I am writing about this - given the crime against these innocent children, if there is a case for the death penalty, is this it? And if it is, is this the case because it serves our emotional needs and anger or because it would truly serve the needs of the people?

While I can certainly understand that if there is a case for the death penalty, this is it, is our emotional attachment to this case a rational basis for forming a pubic policy in support of the death penalty?

Let’s take it one step further, should the emotional response of the people ever be a basis for public policy? Should not our elected leaders have the wherewithal to withstand public pressure which is based on emotions instead of rational thinking? Is this not in fact the core problem with the federal budget? Every vote is based on the emotional needs of the people and not on the greater good.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


"Until we as citizens can collectively force, once and for all, a permanent shift in modern Congressional mentality, no meaningful, long-term solutions to this country's true crises can ever be realistically be achieved."

This applies across the board to all political entities. Self preservation dictates against this. The people want everything until they have to pay for it - then you are called a socialist for giving them people what they want.

What we need is a President and Congress willing to say to the American people - "you cannot be trusted to manage the budget so we are just going to cut cut cut, and pay the price by being unelected. " The people will then complain that they are not getting their fair share, while still demanding more cuts. On this issue the voice of the people is worthless and should be ignored. It is time to just cut everything and let the people vote those who voted for the cuts out of office. At least those Congresspersons will be remembered for having the courage to ignore the people and do the right thing.

As I read both articles in the Herald this morning concerning BISD, I was compelled to ask myself - is someone other the Herald paying Gary Long to write this misleading junk? If this guy actually graduated the university, he needs to sue them to get his money back for one [1] failing to teach him anything about ethics and [2] failing to teach him anything about our legal system.
To begin with, it is not "findings of fact concerning matters of law." This would be like saying "findings of oranges concerning matters of apples." It is called "findings of fact and conclusions of law." What this means is, they apply the findings of fact to questions of law before arriving at a legal conclusion. This mistake is so basic it tells me the editor only reviewed the piece for evidence of sufficient bias in favor of incompetence and corruption.

Judge Hanen was to say the least, polite with Ben Neece. It is standard practice for a plaintiff to amend the lawsuit upon removal to federal court to conform with the federal rules concerning pleading. Judge Hanen politely informed Mr. Neece it was time that he do his job. The issue of considering the Temporary Injunction means nothing. Judge Hanen simply stated that once Neece conforms the pleadings to federal standards, the court will consider any motion he may have on behalf of his client.

On the evidence issue of this secretly recorded phone call, it was reckless for the Herald to even discuss same. It is clear the content of the phone call is subject to more than one interpretation or suspect. I consulted on a case in NY recently with a secret tape. In New York you can take an immediate appeal from the denial of a motion for summary judgment. We took the appeal and the appellate court threw the lawsuit out. Secret tape recordings mean nothing, especially when you are too chicken shit too disclose same.

I would like to have seen Ben Neece pull this stunt in front of Hilda Tagle. She would have ordered the US marshals to hold him down while she personally performed the castration. While I find Judge Hanen to be a more professional judge than Judge Tagle, maybe he was just a bit too soft of Ben Neece.

If Mr. Neece had an iron clad telephone conversation which supports his client’s position, he would attached a copy of the transcript to his pleadings. He has not, such as the confusing language he used to implicate a bribe involving Otis Powers, because it is not iron clad, and he knows all too well he can rely on Gary Long and the Herald to mislead the people.


CD posted the following link this morning to another one of my posts. It is a good read concerning the problems related to Medicare. I have made it clear that all Medicare, Medicaid, and Veteran health care recipients should have to use government run clinics as a way to save costs. I will put up against any privately run health care system the new VA clinic in Harlingen. It is top of the line.

What I do like about this article is the fact it points out that the problem is as much about the raiding of the trust fund by Congress as it is about rising costs. There is no meaningful solution to the raiding of the trust fund. If Congress stops raiding the trust fund and invests the money, it will have to raise taxes to make up for the money it is no longer stealing from social security and medicare. We know this will never happen. The Social Security and Medicare trust funds are nothing more than a backdoor tax on the people to fund every pork barrel project Congress can device for its own personal ends.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



I am in near disbelief over this morning’s news that BISD is suing to prevent disclosure of the Rodriguez report. The majority Board Members have done themselves a disservice by refusing to release the report. The members of the public who have been on the fence over this BISD mess will certainly view these latest events as evidence that the majority is acting in bad-faith. As I have said before, the majority, although correct in wanting to get rid of Gonzales and Rendon, have acted politically in their decision making, and not based on valid reasons. This is all too apparent in the decision to not release the Rodriguez report.


It is sad when a stupid beauty pageant can take up so much news time. Let me first say Perez Hilton is a jerk for having asked the question in the first place. His subsequent discussions on the issue only reinforce my view he is a jerk. I personally found Miss California’s answer to be honest and refreshing, albeit misguided. But those who want to strip her of her crown over the incident are jerks. I hope Mr. Trump comes to her defense in his final decision over the matter. My only concern with Miss California is her claim she is doing God’s work. Yes posing semi-nude and promoting ignorance if God’s work - you go girl! None of this is a basis to strip her of her crown -

Monday, May 11, 2009


Sorry but my main computer is down. I think it is the video card. Imagine Brownsville has its final public meeting on Wednesday at the Events Center.

Health care: Today President Obama presented just one problem with costs which can be solved with a national data base. This happens all of the time with the VA, which is why I have to go to SA for an MRI because locally, VBMC has no way to input the data into the VA system. The use of disks to transport the data has not worked.

I know for a fact of a case wherein the specialist in SA for a child is having to rerun the same tests which are being done locally for the child's PCP because the lab will not forward the results to the specialist and the PCP office claims that it is not their job. Medicaid is paying for the same tests over and over again.

In the case of the VA any test done at any VA facility will be accessible by any doctor in any VA facility. We need something similar on a national level so that this child's specialist in SA can simply go on his computer and access the child's monthly blood work results on line.

This is just one example of how we can reduce costs.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I called this race on March 11, 2009. If you read my original post, I based my call on basic facts and voting patterns. There was no great skill to calling this race.

As I indicated in an earlier post, I voted for Velez. I could not vote for either Gowen or Ayala. Having said that, Gowen needs to hire someone with experience in mail-ballot voter fraud. The evidence suggests an investigation could result in a judge declaring her the out right winner.
Here are the numbers: Rose Gowen 32 mail ballot votes, Carlos Ayala 267 mail ballot votes.

Given the fact she overwhelmingly won the actual voting booth vote by 424 votes, out of a total vote of 4808, it is highly unusual that Carlos Ayala received 267 mail-ballot votes and Rose Gowen only received 32, without some shenanigans. This does not mean Carlos Ayala was party to the shenanigans. All the law requires for a judge to void the bad ballots, is that he was beneficiary of the shenanigans.

If Rose Gowen were to file an election contest and succeed at getting the judge to throw out 156 mail ballots cast for Ayala, she would then be declared the winner without a run-off. Given the costs for a city wide run-off Dr. Gowen owns it to the taxpayers to immediately demand access to the mail ballots for an initial review to determine whether or not there is sufficient fraud to justify an election contest.

On the issue of mail-ballots I want to congratulate all of the candidates who did not use politiqueras to collect mail-ballots. Each and every one of them deserve our praise and gratitude.

Along these lines, the District 3 candidates appeared to have played fair. Carlos Cisneros was the clear loser in that race. I am proud of the people of Brownsville for their willingness to vote an incumbent out of office. 66.52 of Cisneros’ constituents voted against him. This is not evidence of meaningful representation. I hope this means the establishment will now donate heavily to Ms. Zamora’s campaign. The people have spoken, and the money in this town needs to get behind the voice of the people.

Finally, I will note Camarillo’s 128 mail ballot votes is way out of proportion to what the candidates in District 3 received. Again this smells of election fraud and manipulation by the politiqueras. This needs to stop.

Here are the numbers for your own review.

Editor's Comment: The following excerpt is important to the debate "That is where the difference between health care and medical care comes in. Medical care is what doctors can do for you. Health care includes what you do for yourself." This is very important and any plan needs address this head on." There is a movie review.

It was Stossel's Medicare segment....The greatest shift in financial burden in our country's history. Future Medicare obligations already total the current cost of the Iraqi War x 5. Any analysis as to whether Medicare is more 'effective' than private insurance must include the government's own inability to manage the exploding future obligations it continues to create.

People who believe in "universal health care" show remarkably little interest — usually none — in finding out what that phrase turns out to mean in practice, in those countries where it already exists, such as Britain, Sweden or Canada. In these and other countries, it means having only a fraction as many MRIs and other high-tech medical devices available per person as in the United States.In Sweden, it means not only having bureaucrats deciding what medicines the government will and will not pay for, but even preventing you from buying the more expensive medicine for yourself with your own money. That would violate the "equality" that is the magic mantra.

Those who think in terms of talking points, instead of trying to understand realities, make much of the fact that some countries with government-controlled medical care have longer life expectancies than that in the United States. That is where the difference between health care and medical care comes in. Medical care is what doctors can do for you. Health care includes what you do for yourself — such as diet, exercise and lifestyle. Even for things that take longer to do you in — obesity, alcohol, cholesterol, tobacco — doctors can tell you what to do or not do, but whether you follow their advice or not is what determines the outcome.

When it comes to things where medical care itself makes the biggest difference — cancer survival rates, for example — Americans do much better than people in most other countries. I totally agree that a change in the landscape is needed. But any change must effectively deal with the enormous problems bureaucrats bring to the table as well the huge segment of the population(doctors,lawyers, and PATIENTS) that exploit the current Medicare/Medicaid system.

And considering how well the Federal Government has handled any "crisis" over the last 35 years, I not convinced at all that it is capable of producing any solution that does ultimately turn out to be a greater problem for future generations. Respectfully submitted,CD

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sorry for the small imagine, but the images are block from enlarging. All I can say about this film is, wow. Spock has emotions - cool, very cool. It is not really a prequel because the original beginning is changed by an event with a black hole which sends the older Spock back in time along with a very angry man determined to destroy the older Spock for failing to save his planet. This man also wants to destroy planet Earth. Given these facts, what would have been the original beginning, is altered by the events of these time travelers.
There is a lot of cool SciFi. I was never a real fan of the series because it was short of science and big on social stories. This film is all science, with a social story of revenge. I learned that Spock had a human mother, and therefore the capacity for emotions. This is actually a big part of the movie. Leonard Nemoy plays himself as the original Spock. The ending is great, because again it deals with emotions.
The story is about how all the original crew come together to be a team. The story is very well done. Jim Kirk from the beginning demonstrates superior skills and eventually becomes commander of the newly commissioned Enterprise. The battle in the film is to destroy this man from the future who came through a time warp with the older Spock.
This is a great film all around. I was not a fan of the series, but I am a fan of this film.

Escobedo agreed to a $200.00 civil penalty. This is why the Texas Ethics Commission is a joke and political corruption runs rampant in Texas.

ROBERT SANCHEZ "acknowledge[d] the allegation relating to the falure to appoint a campaign treasuer under section 252.001 of the Election Code." If you remember he previously swore under oath that he never announced for mayor. The matter will now go to the Travis County District Attorney for a decision as to whether or not they should prosecute for aggravated perjury. Sanchez entered what is known as an "Assurance of Voluntary Compliance." There is no monetary sanction.


This morning’s Herald has a similar opinion piece which contradicts mine in the context of the proposed Obama plan. The author suggests that Obama is looking to force everyone to buy private health insurance. This goes against everything I have read on the issue. The best I can figure is there may be a debate within the White House, and this commentator is simply trying to discredit those within the White House who are arguing for private health insurance versus a national insurance company.

The other day while I was listening to a Reputrican’t bad mouth President Obama on healthcare I heard the truth about what it means to be a Reputrican’t. This Congressman’s argument was, if the government sets up a national health insurance company, the private companies will not be able to compete. There it is in nutshell. The American people are to go bankrupt financing their own healthcare so corporate insurance companies like AIG can make money, then fail, then demand the American people spend billions of dollars bailing them out.

The cost of healthcare is not only crippling to the average American, but it is also crippling to major corporations, and even public entities like the City of Brownsville or BISD. At every level, whether in taxes to fund healthcare for the City of Brownsville, in the cost of a new car, to fund healthcare for GM workers, or the cost of any service wherein the employer provides healthcare for its workers, we the people are paying to insure health insurance companies make a profit.
Medicare delivers better healthcare at a lower cost than any insurance company. I do realize that Part B involves purchasing supplemental health insurance from private companies. Part C, a Bush II fiasco (prescription drugs), costs the American taxpayers way too much and needs to be cancelled in its current formulation. Part C is nothing more than another Reputrican’t con job on the American people to insure the market place does not govern the price of prescription drugs, while providing protectionist price fixing for the pharmaceutical companies. This is exactly what they want to do now with health insurance. The insurance companies cannot compete in the true market place, so they are demanding protectionism against government competition.

The Reputrican’ts like to claim government healthcare does not work. They do not believe this or they hate veterans. If it does not work, why not just close down all of the VA hospitals and put us on some form of private health insurance? Answer, because on balance they know the VA system works, even with all of its faults.

The other day my doctor saw me, and without having to get preapproval from an insurance company clerk she was able to order a host of blood work, and set me up for an emergency MRI with contrast of my nervous system, nuclear stress test, echocardiogram, EMG, and follow-up with the surgeon who did the surgery on my right hand. She was able to put me on Gabapentin to control the pain associated with the neuropathy. Never once did she need anyone’s opinion or permission. She assessed my situation and without any insurance company clerk blocking the way, I was on my way.

Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA deliver better and more cost effective healthcare than any private insurance company could ever deliver. The difference is they do not operate at a profit. The main plan being floated around by the Obama Administration would involve a national health insurance company wherein you decide how much you want to spend and what kind of insurance you want. The proposed profit margin of this insurance company is 5%.. Every small time employer will be able to buy health insurance for themselves and employees for a rate less than what Ford pays for its employees.

Some people say ths will cost too much. What we know now is we cannot afford the cost of healthcare at its current rate of increase. The goal in the Obama plan is to slow the increase in the cost of healthcare, thereby over time bringing down the cost. In the short term the American taxpayer may have to invest a large sum of their tax dollars for the program, but in the long run the budget savings will be enormous.

This is not socialism. This is exactly how you build a new business. You must invest a lot of money at the front end, if you hope to gain the benefits in the long run. So what do we now know? Reputrican’ts oppose the market place it if will displace their clients, and they oppose the time honored formula for building a new company - high investment in the beginning for high gains in the long run.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Again where were Texas officials trying to end the corruption. The DA is reporting this morning that she intents to return at least one man's money. This is all the more reason why we need US Attorney's from outside of Texas.

A commentary in has the author claiming Republicans are Libertarians - are you kidding me.

The word on the Hill is hearings will go forward to determine whether or not former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and his cronies should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, torture and many, many other things. Senator Harry Reid has now confirmed that Senate investigators are putting together the evidence. FBI Director Mueller has now revealed that he ordered his agents to not follow the legal advice of Alberto Gonzales because in his opinion it went against the constitution and international law.

What is going to make this easy is, the Republicans are in disarray. The so called "social conservatives" are claiming to be the real conservatives. The problem is, they are not true social conservatives. A real social conservative would oppose all government intervention in our private lives. In fact the ABC News-Washington Post poll, released April 30, showed 49 percent surveyed believe same-sex marriages should be legal, and 46 percent said "illegal." The latest CNN poll has 18-35 year olds supporting gay marriage at a level of 58%. This is only going to further isolate the Republicans from the people. It is not the gay issue, it is the move away from Republican social conservatism. Gay marriage is merely a barometer of the mood of the country.
Gay Marriage is only one hot issue for social conservatives. To understand just how un-conservative social conservatives are one just needs to look to the words of a Maine state senator.

Republican Sen. Debra Plowman of Hampden argued that the bill was being passed "at the expense of the people of faith." Maine just legalized gay marriage. First and foremost is "Debra" saying gay people are not people of faith or is she saying ‘conservatives" only believe Freedom of Religion applies to social conservatives, and to hell with everyone else? Second, any true conservative would have a problem with the government legalizing any marriage. With the exception of regulating the age of consent, the government has no business in sanctioning anyone’s marriage - period. Think about it, "social conservatives" claim it is conservative to allow the government to regulate our personal relationships.

Younger Americans have finally figured out that Republicans and conservatives are a myth. Hopefully they will also realize the Democrats and liberals are equally a myth and help to bring about a new political party of true social conservatives, meaning keeping the government out of our private lives, and true fiscal conservatives who will say enough is enough on government spending.

The social conservatives who turned a blind eye to the corporatists in the Republican Party have killed the Republican Party through their alliance with corporatists. "Less than a quarter of all voters call themselves Republicans, a number that has dropped precipitously over the past six years, according to a new analysis."

The American people, especially those 18-35 want meaningful change. It is time for meaningful change. President Obama better redirect the Democratic Party and honestly address the corruption within the Democratic Party or find he will be the last hurrah of the Democratic Party. For now he and Congress have a free hand to prosecute Bush Administration officials for corruption. There is no apparent support for the Republicans. The message of prosecution tells everyone - the gig is up and change is coming.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This story did not happen overnight. I am hard pressed to believe no lawyer anywhere went to the AG, FBI or Texas Rangers. In every case the answer will always be the same, not my job.

I rarely read the Herald anymore so I am not up to date with all of their "news." Apparently Presas-Garcia is all up in arms over the increase in attorney’s fees incurred by BISD. But as politicians are politicians both sides are playing double speak with the issue.
Initially it was the increase in attorney’s fees which at least 4 Board Members claimed justified looking into Special Services. Now these same Board Members are not so concerned. On the other hand Presas-Garcia turned a blind eye to the problem with attorney’s fees in Special Services when it suited her political game.

I will submit Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, and Pe a are the primary cause for the increase in attorney’s fees, at least in terms of litigation with Gonzales, Rendon, and Juarez. It is important to remember that in an incredible breach of the fiduciary duty these three voted against the hiring of a law firm to defend BISD against these lawsuits. As we all know at this point, once Gonzales and Rendon actually had to defend their positions at a real hearing they were sent packing with nothing in hand. It would have cost BISD a lot more had BISD simply defaulted on the lawsuits by not hiring counsel to defend BISD.

So long as Gonzales, Escobedo and Pena continue to defend Gonzales, Rendon, and Juarez, litigation costs will continue to increase. These three BISD current and former employees need to know their time at BISD is done and over with. So long as they know they are only one Board Member away from going back to work as if nothing every happened they will continue to cause BISD to incur attorneys fees.

Presas-Garcia has been a leading voice to keep the mismanagement at BISD in place. This is not how you promote fiscal responsibility or meet you fiduciary obligation to the taxpayers as a Board Member.

Escobedo’s new found silence on the issue tells the story of all politicians. His side did not do well at the hearings, so he needs to remain silent on the issue so as not to remind the voters in the Cameron County Commissioner’s race that he was on the losing side in the BISD mess.

Sorry about missing yesterday. Since 1977, I have only taken one painkiller, and that was force on me when I woke up after a deviated septum surgery in 1982. When you have myofascitis you do not do painkillers, because addiction is sure to follow. I took no painkillers after my tonsillectomy, hernia, sinus, jaw bone graft, or either carpal tunnel surgeries. Well my neurapathy has reached the point that I did not have a choice but to take painkillers just to be able to sleep.

My doctor has put me on a medicine which will decrease the pain caused by neurapathy and has managed to get me a few emergency appointments at the VA in SA. I slept through the night, but the pain is really bad. Because of side effects I must wait for permission to take the medicine during the day. We shall see how it goes.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Today is basically the last day of heavy campaigning, at least until we know the names in the run-off. I think a run-off in all three races would be a good thing for Brownsville. It says the people are engaged and want choices.

The biggest challenge people will be facing is the decision to vote or not vote. Because of my respiratory problems, I am avoiding crowds. I am just not strong enough to chance exposure to the flu. I somehow suspect that other people with respiratory problems are thinking the same. While I am not wearing a mask, why chance it?

To all of the candidates, good luck and do not let the impact the flu may be having on the election discourage you. It is equally impacting all of the candidates.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Based on audience reaction, someone forgot to tell the audience not to enjoy this film. Somtimes the critics leave me clueless with their reviews. I took my friend's 14 year old son and he loved the film. I personally think this one is the best in the series.
From the beginning you learn that Logan (Wolverine) was born somewhere about 1840. The beginning of the film is a quick overview of Logan and his brother fighting in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. They then get recruited to work in some type special government operations and research program.
Fast forward most of the group breaks up and they each go their separate ways, save one of them who stays with the group.
There is tons of action and special effects. I really like the new characters who were introduced to the series. Instead of some dry story telling us how he got the name Wolverine, and came to be part of the good group of mutants, the story is filled with action and intellect addressing the issue of good and bad.
I say go see the film with your kids - this is a film everyone will enjoy

Friday, May 1, 2009


Associate Justice David Souter will retire at the end of this term. Justice Souter. a Republican appointee, became known as a great advocate of individual rights. In all likelihood the Democrats will have the 60 vote super-majority needed to block a Republican filibuster of the President’s nominee.

The other day I was listening to the oral argument in a Voting Rights case. The so called conservative wing members of the Court (there is nothing conservative about this group - they are just judicial activists driven to expand governmental control over our lives) were suggesting that the Voting Rights Act may be unconstitutional because it is not enforced against Northern states which may seek to dilute the vote of minorities. It was almost frightening to listen to their questions.

As even the attorney representing the party who brought the suit reminded the court, it is not an issue in the case, the conservative members nonetheless kept on pushing the issue. Why should only the Southern states with a long history of discrimination at the voting booth be held accountable and not the Northern states? While the question may be valid, it does not justify throwing out the Voting Rights Act which in effect would allow for the return of denial of the right to vote for certain minorities.

The Supreme Court has no business debating good social policy. Whether Congress was correct in the first instance of only including states which had specific policies designed to block blacks from voting is not a matter for the Supreme Court. The Fifteenth Amendment clearly authorizes Congress to enacted a Voting Rights Act.

Until through Presidential appointment the voices of the radical judicial activists such as Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito are diluted, our rights will always be threatened. I find it interesting the so called conservative supporters of these 4 judicial activists remain silent in face of the reality that these 4 judicial activists cannot seem to find a viable argument against governmental intrusion into our lives.