Friday, April 24, 2009


This is tomorrow's review. I am posting an article from CNN on adolescent schizophrenia. I am watching a family fall apart over this issue because there is no support in the LRGV for this issue. The most mentally and financially equipped family in a city with resources would be strained to the limits if faced with this problem. You can imagine what it is like for a poor family with no resources. BISD is a complete failure on this issue. The pediatric psychiatrist cannot understand why it is BISD refuses to put this child in a smaller classroom where he has a better chance at success.

I have done everything I can financially to help this family, but it is now beyond my means. It is not cheap. If I had the resources I would move them to San Antonio, which does have the resources available to help the child. The facility in San Antonio has an outpatient school to help this child succeed. I will tell you something which I know will be used against me, but it is true. My doctor is concerned my advocacy for this child is taking its toll on my health. It is truly painful to remain powerless while you watch a child fall into a state of total chaos.

Here is the link from CNN. I hope every teacher and administrator at BISD goes to see this film. Knowing the pain I feel for this child, I cannot imagine the pain the parents must be feeling. I will have a full review on the film tomorrow.

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