Friday, April 10, 2009

Unless you want your children to see a fat man running around naked with junior and the twins swinging in the air, this is not for them, or maybe even you. I was hesitant to see this film, but some reviews indicated it was a new form of comedy - it is not.

Yes it is funny - I give it that. Even though I have been known to give good reviews to mindless films because although mindless they are entertaining, all I can give this film is an "eh." It is funny.

It is about a psycho mall security guard who fails the psych exam to become a police officer. In a very sad way, one must ask if he is less psychotic than the police and mall manager who do not have him committed to a psych facility.

The central purpose in this guy’s life is to catch a mall thief and a fat man streaker. He basically allows the thief to get away, while going psycho on the streaker. I think maybe some people like the main character because he is a psycho with a dream who does not give up.

The laughs come and go. When the film is funny it is funny. There are just too many slow parts, making you wish the film were over.

Sorry the review could not have been better.

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