Monday, April 20, 2009

Last week 11 year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover committed suicide by hanging. His mother found him hanging in the upstairs hallway. Gay bashing kills Innocent children. I have lived all over the US and no where has a city been so tolerant, almost demanding of gay bashing as Brownsville, Texas. Brownsville is truly a city without any moral compass. The stench from the rot which comes from the hearts of the people of Brownsville is overwhelming.
The Brownsville Herald's support for gay bashing is almost mind boggling. Daniel Cavasos should put a picture of this young man on his desk with a sign, "I Daniel Cavasos, through my ignorance and need to make a buck for Freedom Communications helped to create the atmosphere which killed 11 year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover."
I have document not only BISD's tolerance of gay bashing, but near mandatory policy to promote gay bashing. I am asking the Civil Rights Enforcement Section of the Department of Education to open a formal investigation against BISD, and its homophobic school board.
The case of Carl has brought national attention to the issue. The national gay and lesbian, transgender etc organizations are putting pressure on the Department of Education to finally bring to task school districts which promote this conduct. My sources have informed me the Obama Administration is on board to end this discrimination by school districts like BISD.
To my readers, until I can fix the problem with copying posts over to the blog, my posts will need to be short.


Anonymous said...

"Gay bashing kills Innocent children." Tell us Bobby, when did young Carl move to Brownsville? When is the last gay boy that committed suicide in Brownsville? Why are you so interested in gay boys? Brownsville did not kill Carl. Some one else did. Your offensive language towards Brownsville makes me question your sanity. How does an eleven year old know he's gay? Most eleven year olds don't masturbate much less know their gay or straight. Is Obama going to bus gay kids in and out of the inner cities in order to integrate the schools?

You are not my moral compass. You are not anyone's moral compass other than yourself. Just because Daniel or anyone over at the Herald won't play your game doesn't mean they don't have a moral compass. It means they support freedom of speech.

BobbyWC said...

So because you are unaware of the high youth suicide rate in Brownsville it does not exist.

Because you are so ignorant to think sexual orientation has something to do with sex, it must have something to do with sex - it does not.

So even if a straight boy is gay bashed day in an day out it will not hurt the child -

I think you proved my point about Brownsville.

In Texas it is not about speech - it is about being responsible for your speech, so says the Texas Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Brownsville doesn't know the meaning of free speech!

Ask any of Brownsville's educators. They are so afraid to put their neck on the line for anyone or anything, unless they are directly involved with the loss!

Anonymous said...

so this kid lives in Brownsville? Who says he is gay? How many suicides have we had in Brownsville with young gay boys?

Come on give me a break

Anonymous said...

What the hell does Daniel Cavasos have to do with this? What the hell did I do to have this kid hang himself?

BobbyWC said...

Anony last two, your ignorance is in your comments. Why do you assume only gay children are the object of gay bashing? Can you truly be they ignorant?

Anony two - your comment scares me - can one humanbeing be that ignorant. When a newspaper publisher allows their online edition to be a forum for gay bashing it sends a greater message to the community at large that gay bashing is acceptable - children actually read the garbage and it causes them problems. Some children and adults like you act on the garbage because it tells you it is okay.

Here is a greater point on the community at large - not one comment denouncing the Herald - I think my point was made.

Silence = Death - America remained silent while FDR promoted anti-semitism - or when Ford printed in the Dearborn International (Ford Newspaper) the "International Jew" - pre nazi-germany - this is why America turned a blind eye when the news first started coming out of Nazi Germany- the good people of Nazi Germany remained silent -

We all know how that silence worked out.

In any other city like San Antonio, Houston, DFW area - teh conduct by Danial Cavaaos to allow the gay bashing would have resulted in protests headed by community leaders - nothing in Brownsville - nothing at all

Our city commission refuses to allow for a public workshop on HIV awareness; Sorry Charlie Atkinosn uses teh term faggot and Cavasos declares it not newsworthy - the community leadership with their hands out like beggers demanding their cut of the city budget remain silent

There is no defense for Brownsville - it is a city which would be known as a border slum if it were not for the weather and access to the Gulf.

There is a reason why Brownsville is the laughing stock of the valley - Its Ignorance is a badge of Honor

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

And maybe this is happening because the local gay community will not take a stand.

BobbyWC said...

mescalero, you hit the nail right on the head - I agree 100% - to a person they are cowards - unfortunately many are married and live secret lives - some believe if they come forward their family members will be thrown out of office.

A long time ago when the first National Coming Out ad was placed in the Dallas Morning news it took the threat of a lawsuit for the DMN to print same. It contain the names of local activists and businesses supporting the ad.

I was either the only attorney or one of two who agreed to pay to have their name listed. The response was fellow attorney's so abusing me in the court house, the judges had to intervene to protect me.

here in the valley ignorant judges have tolerated me being called a fucking faggot, in the court room by opposing counsel - in one case they had to restrain the other attorney as he was yelling profanity at me - in the court room.

Yes they are cowards.

Mescalero thanks for your continued support in proposing alternative views to mine.

Bobby WC

PanchoLaNeta said...

Bobby we may have different views on most things that you or I have mentioned in blogs in the past and you are correct when you mention people in Brownsville speaking against Gay, Faggot, Joto, Puto and all those names people grow up with around here. In most peoples defense or ignorance I should say, they say that like it is a normal word to use not in a derogatory way. I will include myself in the list of people that should watch what they say and am guilty of using all those words, as well as nigger and spic without bad intensions or a derogatory way. I am not a bigot, racist, sexist, or any other piece of shit human being, I am just a person who admits should watch what he says like many people that I know, but to label BROWNSVILLE “ a city without any moral compass” is truly pushing it a little. For what it’s worth, I have disagreed with you in the past because of what you said not because of who you are.

BobbyWC said...

Pancho, I am not going to say you are wrong on "but to label BROWNSVILLE “ a city without any moral compass” is truly pushing it a little." You may be right, but it is bigger than this one issue - it is the totality of its politics - no MLK day in our schools - something is wrong, very wrong when it comes to civilo rights

Bobby WC

PanchoLaNeta said...

Believe it or not I do agree with you on these issues, and I do see what you are trying to say. It is the other 90+ % that don’t get it. I taught my kids better…..I hope, and it would piss me off if they ever took cheap shots at others for their color, sexual pref., religion etc. although I still feel that saying something and meaning it is two different things in some cases, which is better to not say shit to begin with. At least you are an adult and see the stupidity of bigotry and the ignorance of this area.
Oh well back to disagreeing on most issues J/K. Peace.