Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sorry for the late post, but is all too often the case we do not have electricity in Southmost. We do now, but we did not at 8:00 a.m. when I went out to have new shocks put on my truck.

This morning's Herald has an interesting quote from the mayor. He asks that Mexican nationals living in Matamoros who attend BISD to please stay home and not come to school. If they live in Matamoros they are not residents of BISD and are not entitled to attend BISD.

Just another example of how in Brownsville we turn a blind eye to the corruption.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


While out and about yesterday I saw people with bandanas covering their mouths and cheap face masks. It just reminded me how easy it is to panic people. In part I was out at Walmart to buy an allergy medicine. Yes, I was running warm and felt miserable. But it does not mean swine flu. This morning I am fine. I am back to a cold hearted 95.8 (my normal), with watery eyes, and a scratchy throat. My point is we are in allergy season - allergies are not swine flu.

I am concerned that the panic over swine flu is going to cause people to not vote in the city commission election. I plan on early voting today. I only get to vote in the at large race. Basically, because I cannot support Ayala or Gowen, I will be pulling for Velez. I have heard a few nice things about him, so I can live with my vote. The reality is, the runoff will be between Ayala and Gowen.

So go vote if you have not already voted, and be attentive to the swine flu, but do not panic - it is allergy season and all you may have is allergies.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This puts the Democrats on verge of 60 vote super-majority.


I received a couple of nasty posts which I rejected concerning my Washington trip. The gravamen of posts is basically this, I am wasting my money. It was the language and insults which is why I rejected the posts, not the argument. My hotel and plane ticket cost $507.00, more or less. While I have the main package ready to go, I have not made copies as of yet. I am estimating about $200.00 to make copies. If you add an additional $200.00 for expenses for three days, I am at about $900.00.

Instead of investing the $900.00 in an attempt to bring to the attention of the US Senate the unrelenting corruption of the Democratic Party in South Texas and our corrupt DA, I could give the money to a local candidate for the City Commission.

Given the two choices of a $900.00 investment, where is my money better spent? Where do I have a better chance of the $900.00 actually impacting local politics? Buying the ear of a City Commissioner is going to get me nothing. That, I can be sure of. One vote on this city commission means nothing.

If just one Senate staff member decides the 21.4 million dollars spent on a non-existent bridge raises a serious question about corruption in South Texas, I will now have a Senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee asking questions. One Senator asking questions could bring the story to a national level. I am not only meeting with Democratic Senator Staff members, I am also meeting with Republican Senator staff members. If the Republicans believe that they can gain politically by showcasing the corruption in South Texas, they will. This will force the Obama Administration to take the claims of the people of South Texas seriously.

My third choice is to do nothing and just continue to complain about being a victim.


People like Lou Dobbs of CNN are far too many in the US with a voice. Until the American people, and in fact the world realizes we are no longer separate nations, but a world connected together at every level, threats of deadly worldwide viruses will continue to threaten humanity. The United States cannot just put on blindfolds to the political failures in Mexico, or try and build a fence around those failures. In today’s world with massive travel viruses know no border.
For several years now, hotels in NY have been dealing with a bedbug problem. Visitors from all over the world including very poor Third World Countries travel to NYC. Just because some of these travelers may be wealthy in their country, does not mean they have learned to live by the same sanitary rules by which we live in the developed world.

Mexico’s entire healthcare system is compromised by the swine flu outbreak. How much of Mexico’s limited resources are being diverted for a drug war, caused by American addiction and laws? This is money which is not going to the healthcare system and sanitation. It is the bad public policy of making drugs illegal which people are buying anyway, which is contributing to Mexico’s inability to address their healthcare problems and sanitation problems, all of which contribute to the spread of disease. We cannot build a fence around this.

Problems of national and international concern should be analyzed and addressed based on the facts, without concern for the voice of the people. The people are not equipped to make informed decisions about these matters. It is when Congress and the President defer to the people on these issues, that the nation gets screwed every time. It boggles my mind that while every economist agrees we need the people to spend more money in order to stimulate the economy, people like Lou Dobbs and Reputrican talk radio are still demanding we deport 12 million consumers.

Monday, April 27, 2009


The very concept of "Ordered Liberty" is founded in the notion that we must surrender certain liberties for the greater freedoms which bring us security. Throughout history as man has progressed intellectually his freedoms have expanded, as oppressive governments have fallen.
Even our Founding Fathers understood a direct democracy was not in the best interests of society. We are a Republican form of government, not a direct democracy. While we get to vote politicians out of office, we have no direct say in the policy or law making process. There is a reason - policy and law making decisions should be based on studied reason and not knee jerk reactions by overly excited mobs.

Even with studied reason aiding in most of what our politicians do, they still get it wrong all too often. Money and a need to feel powerful have corrupted local politicians and the majority of national politicians. So here is the question - does democracy work - even in a Republican form of government?

Jackie Chan started a stir with this statement. "I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not," Chan said Saturday. "I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want." How would you manage one billion people?

Pakistan has nuclear weapons. As a Muslim nation they have been at odds with India since the day of their birth. India has nuclear weapons. Should Pakistan play the role of a good little democracy and allow the Taliban to take control of Pakistan, or should it use brute force to bring the Taliban and tribal areas under control?

Just think about this, just how well did freedom in the financial markets help the American people? And please stop with "individualism" is the answer. Government by its very nature is communal. See how fast corporate America can transport its goods without the interstate highway system, or the US Navy and Coast Guard to protect them on the seas.
Just food for thought.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Flawless is how best to describe “Soloist.” Jamie Foxx plays the role of a schizophrenic. While attending Juilliard he develops schizophrenia. With the use of flashbacks you learn his story. Robert Downey Jr. was born to play the role Steven Lopez, an LA Times reporter who accidently stumbles upon Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, played by Foxx.

Over nearly a two hour period you learn what it means to be schizophrenic. The biggest lesson learned by Robert Downy Jr., is - acceptance is not about fixing someone, but about acceptance. This perhaps was the most important part of the film. In dealing with the schizophrenic child I have come to know, I have learned the more people try to control him the worse he gets. You really have no way of knowing when the medication is and is not working. The fear of being put back into the hospital causes many schizophrenics to lie about the voices. This is very obvious in the film. What is also obvious is the question, why do we feel like it is necessary to medicate them and label them? Does this actually make matters worse?

The above are just interesting aspects of the film. This is a must see film for everyone. It is truly uplifting. It sends a very strong message as to the true meaning of acceptance. It is about finding that balance between helping just enough to make a difference in their lives, without having to change or control them.


The most pathetic of the Board Members is Joe Colunga. I do not object to the services his son gets at BISD. I believe they are lawful. My problem is, if it does not impact his son, he does not seem to get it, or seem to care. As the father of a disabled child he should be the loudest voice protecting special needs children and ending the bullying. He knows how mean children were to his son growing up. Joe Colunga deserves the badge of shame for his lack of public voice to end the discrimination against the special needs children, and the bullying at BISD which is adding to the needs of the special needs children.

This child's depression which came from the bullying was missed by the teachers. This is an issue for special needs. I know for a fact that once it is learned a child is on medication, the children can be cruel. BISD is silent in addressing this issue.

The Bishop is fully aware of the problem and like the good Christian he is he remain silent. Joshua (Jesus) would be on his knees in tears over the lack of response by the so called Christian leadership in Brownsville and Cameron County.

To all of you morons who think you have to be gay to be a victim of gay bashing - get educated because you are ignorant beyond human comprehension.

This child probably had very little understanding of what the term means - it is the harassment which brings children to the point of suicide.

Daniel Cavasos - tell the people of Brownsville how many dead children do you need before your psychotic obsession with promoting gay bashing on line at the Herald, as the only way you can get people to click on to your rag, do you need? When will it end?

This is tomorrow's review. I am posting an article from CNN on adolescent schizophrenia. I am watching a family fall apart over this issue because there is no support in the LRGV for this issue. The most mentally and financially equipped family in a city with resources would be strained to the limits if faced with this problem. You can imagine what it is like for a poor family with no resources. BISD is a complete failure on this issue. The pediatric psychiatrist cannot understand why it is BISD refuses to put this child in a smaller classroom where he has a better chance at success.

I have done everything I can financially to help this family, but it is now beyond my means. It is not cheap. If I had the resources I would move them to San Antonio, which does have the resources available to help the child. The facility in San Antonio has an outpatient school to help this child succeed. I will tell you something which I know will be used against me, but it is true. My doctor is concerned my advocacy for this child is taking its toll on my health. It is truly painful to remain powerless while you watch a child fall into a state of total chaos.

Here is the link from CNN. I hope every teacher and administrator at BISD goes to see this film. Knowing the pain I feel for this child, I cannot imagine the pain the parents must be feeling. I will have a full review on the film tomorrow.

I will be in Washington the first week of May meeting with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee (actually staff members who will be working on US Attorney Appointments) I am nearly done with my package concerning the unrelenting corruption in the LRGV. My argument is simple - only a new US Attorney from outside of Texas will provide us any hope. Any US Attorney local to Texas picked by the Democratic Party will surely be chosen based on a promise to not pursue Democrats. This would mean unless we have video of the Democrat taking the money nothing will be done about the corruption.

I have compiled court documents, depositions, newspaper articles and affidavits to use in my argument. The most I can hope for is the staff members of the Senate Judiciary Committee members will help me raise red flags of concerns which they will pass on to the Obama Administration. There remains the hope I will actually be allowed to meet with one of the Senators

Within the office of the new Attorney General, he has staff whose job it will be to vet the applicants. They will also be getting a copy of the package.

Many people do not understand that in Washington mail is worthless. Because of the post 911 anthrax scares it can take 6-8 weeks for mail to clear security. Even then it will go to some low level intern to classify and be filed away. To understand Washington is to know that without hand delivering your complaint and documentation to your contact it goes now where. I am fortunate enough to have enough contacts within the Department of Justice who are now willing to help. For 8 years everyone of my friends lived in endless fear of the SS Officers running Bush’s fear gangs. The older guard Assistant US Attorney’s are pushing Obama to open the door to criminal investigations across the board. I am told Al Gonzales is their number one target. In fact one contact gave me the direct fax number to the Director of the FBI, unfortunately a Bush holdover.

If you believe you have any information which will help me to make my argument as to why the new US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas must be from outside of Texas, just e-mail it to me or post it with a request I not publish it through.

Thursday, April 23, 2009



There is no one more anti-abortion than I am. The so called right which claims to oppose abortion actually contribute to needles abortions. I did not know until this morning that in 2006 the morning after pill was approved for over the counter sales. This was a great move forward to limit the number of abortions. With access to the morning after pill on demand, it makes it easier for states to ban all abortions based on rape or incest (non-consensual incest is rape - if it is consensual why the special privilege?).

The right has fought these type moves at every turn. We will never remove all forms of abortion. But in many cases, the morning after pill actually prevents conception. While I do believe once conception occurs you have an abortion, I also believe it is better to end it within the first 72 hours instead of after the first three months. I applaud the decision of the Obama Administration to not appeal the decision of the federal appeals court which ordered the morning after pill now be made available to 17 year olds, over the counter.

A lot of people do not understand how hard it is for some women to seek help after a rape or a regrettable one night stand. The morning after pill allows these women to seek an immediate remedy without having to deal with the police, or their doctor and face the embarassment over a one night stand.


Yesterday's Herald had an article concerning former judge Limas, and Ford Motor Company. Over 10 years ago the Texas Supreme Court set up a procedure for parties to challenge settlement agreements. They are to be treated as contract cases. The court of appeals reveresed Judge Limas's decision to not allow Ford to seek discovery in its contract case against the plaintiffs, as it related to the settlement agreement. Discovery is basic in any case.

I suspect Judge Limas never even read the briefs filed by Ford. Not all, but far too many trial judges consider legal argument to be boring and irrelevant to the golf game awaiting them the second they get out of court. On a side note, in Dallas a TV station took up the challenge on this issue and taped judges at strip joints, bars, liquer stores, golf courses, all while they were suppose to be on the bench.

Well, the people of Cameron County are done with Judge Limas. He was thrown from office.

The other judge is Rolando Olvera. Judge Olvera was faced with a plaintiff's lawyer playing hide the ball. In Texas you must disclose certain information when requested by the otherside. if you fail to disclose that information, and then try and use it at a hearing or trial, the court is to rule the information inadmissible. This is exactly what Judge Olvera did. He made it clear he will not allow his court to be used as a place where attorneys can sandbag the other side.

The Court of Appeals found that sandbagging is only illegal at the trial level, but that sandbagging is permissible during hearings. Fortunately for our constitution and the concept of fairness, the Texas Supreme Court agreed with Judge Olvera and found that sandbagging the otherside is impermissible at either the trial or hearing level. If the party has asked for the information in a proper discovery request, and the otherside has failed to disclose the requested information, hereto for they will not be allowed to use it at trial or during any hearing.

There are good judges in Cameron County. If the electorate simply does it job it can continue to remove the bad judges and replace them with good judges. In probably 95% of the cases, hearings are a waste of time. The law is black and white. The lawyers play the game because they know they have a judge who will not even read the motions or briefs, and just wing it. This costs the taxpayers millions of dollars a year in needless use of our courts.

In 95% of the cases the law is black and white. The ruling from the judge should be mechanical. Until the federal government opens the door to allow citizens to sue to remove the corrupt judges, nothing will change. The Commission on Judicial Conduct is doing a lot better job in addressing judicial corruption and going after those judges who consider the Canons of Judicial Conduct meaningless. The problem is, it is a slow process.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Teabagging by itself does not scare me. The idea that we as Americans are standing up in large numbers to say enough is enough is a good thing, in fact a great thing. What concerns me is how the organizers are playing on the justified emotions of these Americans. History has taught us that when the masses rise up in anger, those promoting the uprising rarely seek to serve the people. Hitler did not work out too well for Germany. My concern is, those who are promoting the teabagging in fact are seeking to bring about a Sauberung of American society.

If I had my way, I would shut down the less successful State Universities like UTB, and force the communities to rebuild their community colleges. It certainly would not hurt the children of Brownsville to spend a couple of years living away from Brownsville. The cost of an education is not only what the student pays, it is what the taxpayers pay to subsidize the universities, and in financial aid. The return the American taxpayer is getting from these universities is dismal, and we should shut them down.

I have just given a great example of how we can save billions of tax dollars and reduce spending at both the federal and state level. Would it really be that bad to force more students to prove themselves at the community college level first, before the taxpayer subsidizes their education at a university? Would it be that bad if TSC had to focus on more technical training such as robotics manufacturing, and less on the social sciences?

But taxes and government subsidies are NIMBY's - not in my back yard. These students out there along with the parents who are demanding a cut in taxes, would declare revolution on the government if the government cut taxpayer subsidies which finance their children's education. You see they want the government to cut taxes, but not if it means less for them.

To compound the matter, with zero knowledge of how socialism or communism really works (no government in communism) they denounce them. There are only two ways for the government to raise money without borrowing it, taxes or earn it. We are way over taxed. It is now time to find ways to earn it.

Texas gives up billions of dollars to the oil companies to drill on Texas lands for oil owned by the people of Texas. Why? Our universities, UT Permian Basin, UTEP, and UT are overflowing with qualified petroleum engineers who could successful run and manage a Texas owned oil company. Texas has the ability to build its own refineries. Even if the oil produced only produces enough gas to sell at highly discounted rates to schools, law enforcement, and city, county and state offices, the potential tax savings to the people over time would be in the billions. Plus, the profits from the oil company would help fund the state budget.

This will never happen, because it would be called "Communism."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Last week 11 year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover committed suicide by hanging. His mother found him hanging in the upstairs hallway. Gay bashing kills Innocent children. I have lived all over the US and no where has a city been so tolerant, almost demanding of gay bashing as Brownsville, Texas. Brownsville is truly a city without any moral compass. The stench from the rot which comes from the hearts of the people of Brownsville is overwhelming.
The Brownsville Herald's support for gay bashing is almost mind boggling. Daniel Cavasos should put a picture of this young man on his desk with a sign, "I Daniel Cavasos, through my ignorance and need to make a buck for Freedom Communications helped to create the atmosphere which killed 11 year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover."
I have document not only BISD's tolerance of gay bashing, but near mandatory policy to promote gay bashing. I am asking the Civil Rights Enforcement Section of the Department of Education to open a formal investigation against BISD, and its homophobic school board.
The case of Carl has brought national attention to the issue. The national gay and lesbian, transgender etc organizations are putting pressure on the Department of Education to finally bring to task school districts which promote this conduct. My sources have informed me the Obama Administration is on board to end this discrimination by school districts like BISD.
To my readers, until I can fix the problem with copying posts over to the blog, my posts will need to be short.

This morning's Herald has an article on the first campaign donations for the city commissioner's elction. It is clear some people cannot even get their friends to give them money. This is sad. I was surprised that Ms. Miller is spending so much of her own money for her campaign. It tells me she believes enought in herself to put her money where her mouth is.

Many of these candidates may have received significant donations, after the first reporting deadline. There are certainly enough signs out their to tell me money is being spent.

Brownsville does not have a community group which monitors these reports, and files complaints. This is sad, and a cause for the corruption. On the face of the article I see at least one possible campain finance violation. I will let it go and not further investigate because at this point it would be like pouring salt into the open wound of a dying soldier.

I am very unhappy that the rules allow Linebarger, a lawfirm which does business with the city, to donate to the sitting commissioners. So long as this is legal, and it is, the people will have no confidence in the system.

I did want to continue the discussion concerning the Tea Parties, but my cut and paste system is not working. Whether it is the e-mail, or here every time I try and paste something IE shuts down.

I will try and find a solution to the IE problem today.

Friday, April 17, 2009


This is one of the best political thrillers I have seen in a long time. I will say the ending is obvious within the first 15 minutes of the film, but it does not change the fact it is a good film. Everyone gets an A+ for acting

While the story is just a vehicle for depicting the reality of American politics, I believe the writer hit the nail on the head in terms of the greater story. A key part of the story is the demise of the print press. Near the end of the movie the problems created by corporate ownership of the press becomes obvious. They try and kill papers based on political expediency, and then complain no one wants to read their papers.

Another part of the story is corporate influence over Washington. The main bad corporate entity is a fictitious Halliburton, trying to take over the national security of the United States both domestically and internationally.

Russell Crowe's job is to uncover the plot and the bad guys. I liked the investigative journalism part of the movie a lot. I would imagine most journalists today who see the film will assume it is all fiction and that no one who has ever done investigative fiction would investigate a story such as Russell Crowe does in this film. Before the demise of journalism this is exactly what journalist did for a story.

What I really liked a lot about the story is it told the truth about American politics and journalism. the corruption is coming from all sides. An important scene in the film is when Russell Crowe refuses to go with a sensational article which will sell newspapers, but which he believes is a distraction created by the bad guys. The editor takes him down when she learns her newspaper missed a scoop, which in the end turned out to be false.

On Monday I will pick up on this theme and tie it to the Tea Parties.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


On Thursday I met a women whose family is turned upside down because of a lack of professional help in Brownsville for her emotionally disabled children. My readers know this is important to me. I just gave her a piece of paper with my name on it, and asked that she call if she wanted the name of a good pediatric psychiatrist. She called.

It is a sad case. The father is having a difficult time dealing with his disabled son. The mother is doing her best to deal with it effectively on her own. Compounding the situation is a total lack of pediatric psychological care in the LRGV. A family practice psychiatrist is not the same as a pediatric psychiatrist.

I have been doing advocacy work in the field of mental health for 20 years. This parent such as other parents have told me the facility in Edinburg is not appropriate for children. I have heard tell that there are plans for a pediatric facility in Brownsville. If such a place is ever built it should be along the model of the Southwest Mental Health Center in San Antonio.

Last Fall I spent a week in SA with a father while his son was a patient at this facility. I have never endorsed a facility in my life. In fact back in the early 90's, I testified before a Texas Senate Committee against the abuses by such facilities and pediatric psychiatrists. Many were closed down, and several people went to jail.

If I were to compare the Edinburg facility to the San Antonio facility it would be like spending a week camping in one of Brownsville’s unkept parks versus a week at Disney World. The staff at every level in San Antonio is remarkable. I strongly recommend that if you have a child or know of someone with a child with mental health disorders, you call for an appointment with one of their doctors.

Many forms of mental health cannot be cured. But the staff will work with you to make sure your child has the best chance possible. Defiant personality disorder is way over diagnosed. It is not wrong to initially make such a diagnosis, but if the child does not improve a referral to a pediatric neurologists may be in order. The doctors in San Antonio will not hesitate to make such a referral.

Fortunately for Brownsville a Dr. Rafael Villalobos, Pediatric Neurology, sees patients in Brownsville. The neurologist will examine your child and possibly order a series of tests, including a brain MRI or genetic testing for such things as Fragile X Syndrome. Male children with a mild form may be flat footed, developed their speech late, does better in small groups, and demonstrates signs of Autism. This is just one example.

Brownsville has to do a better job in getting itself educated about this matter. Attorneys who represent juveniles need to learn about using mental health problems as an alternative to a plea bargain. We are losing far too many child based solely on ignorance.

Oh, the mother I met. She called me and will see about getting an appointment for her son in San Antonio. We can hope for the best. She also agreed to work with the child’s therapist to better deal with the father’s grief. Sometimes a parent is not bad, they just cannot deal with their child’s disability. This is where one parent has to be stronger than the other. This may sound shocking, but based on experience with parents it is less painful to loose a child to death than to watch your child suffer from mental health problems every day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I lost most of Monday buying and installing a new refrigerator. Tuesday was suppose to be a good day, but Murphy’s law being what it is, my friend’s colonoscopy ended up going long so I did not get back to doing anything until after 3 p.m.

CARLOS AYALA I am being told received the BUC endorsement. This means the endorsement went to Zamora, Camarillo, and Ayala. My source is also telling me this time around the endorsement came with money

Sunday, April 12, 2009


UPDATE FROM ORIGINAL POST: BROWNSVILLE-PUB fails again. Last night which is all too often the case, we lost power near the airport. I like many other people use electricity for a medical device while I sleep. Mine keeps me breathing. It is called a CPAP. In addition to the sleep apnea ,I have mild pulmonary hypertension, and as of last week I was put back on nitrate for variant angina. It was bad, I woke up choking after the electricity went out. My sister died from this. Today I will buy a portable power-pack which is like a mini-generator which you charge up in advance. I have spoken about this in the past, but never did it. If I have a variant angina attack while I sleep, and my CPAP is not running, lights out for good is a real possibility. The only thing I know for sure is, this City Commission will never take maintaining the infrastructure of BPUB seriously.

This past week we saw in Mexico City what happens when government officials’ neglect the infrastructure related to pubic works. With Mexico City facing massive water shortages, and years of neglect in terms of repairs to its public works infrastructure it was faced with no choice put to turn off the water to millions of its citizens. This is Brownsville’s future.

Commissioners Cisneros, Camarillo, and Longoria, lead by Troiani are leading a coalition of pro developers which will insure Brownsville cannot and will not be able to meet its infrastructure demands when it comes to water and water waste management. It is time the full impact fee is charged to the developers. Even then, a rate increase will be required if BPUB is to meet its obligations in terms of maintaining the infrastructure.

This issue was handed to Melissa Zamora and Argelia Miller on a silver platter. Cisneros and Camarillo have no defense. All either of these candidates must do at the next candidate forum is bring the article about what happened in Mexico City, and ask, "Is Brownsville next because of Cisneror’s and Camarillo’s defense of the developers?"

Saturday, April 11, 2009


"April 10 --- The Brownsville Union Coalition has endorsed City Commission District 3 Candidate Melissa Zamora. The Coalition is comprised of:
The Association of Firefighters of Brownsville;
The Association of Brownsville Educators;
The Association of Letter Carriers of Brownsville;
The Cameron County Deputies Association; and
The Association of Longshoremen of the Port of Brownsville. "I am humbled and grateful for BUC's endorsement," Zamora said. "If elected, I will work to address the Coalition's concerns and needs."

I copied and pasted the above from the candidates web page. This endorsement should be no surprised. The police union is in a major battle with the City of Brownsville. Cisneros is cetainly not liked by the unions.

Sorola never had a chance at this endorsement because of his negative statements in the Herald about Brownsville and his support for the wall.

This endorsement now guarantees at least two run-offs. The other is Ayala/Gowen. I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that Miller will force Camarillo into a run-off. Camarillo has egg all over his face on the Impact Fee issue. Miller clearly ownes the issue. However, the BUC endorsement of Camarillo does not bode well for Miller. Nonetheless, I am unwilling to write her off in terms of a run-off. That possibility is still there. If anyone knows who BUS endorsed in the other race please let me know.

It is a lot easier to follow the election as it gets more interesting by the day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Unless you want your children to see a fat man running around naked with junior and the twins swinging in the air, this is not for them, or maybe even you. I was hesitant to see this film, but some reviews indicated it was a new form of comedy - it is not.

Yes it is funny - I give it that. Even though I have been known to give good reviews to mindless films because although mindless they are entertaining, all I can give this film is an "eh." It is funny.

It is about a psycho mall security guard who fails the psych exam to become a police officer. In a very sad way, one must ask if he is less psychotic than the police and mall manager who do not have him committed to a psych facility.

The central purpose in this guy’s life is to catch a mall thief and a fat man streaker. He basically allows the thief to get away, while going psycho on the streaker. I think maybe some people like the main character because he is a psycho with a dream who does not give up.

The laughs come and go. When the film is funny it is funny. There are just too many slow parts, making you wish the film were over.

Sorry the review could not have been better.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


South Texans for Good Government Forum
6 p.m. Wednesday, April 22
VFW1801 Price Road (Behind Hygeia)

Valley Interfaith Accountability Session

7-8 p.m. Monday, April 27
St. Mary’s Church
1914 Barnard Road

Here is what I said after the first vote on Impact Fees.

"On Wednesday night Mayor Ahumada was by all accounts the people’s advocate. He knew his business and advocated for the best interests of the people. The same cannot be said of Camarillo or Cisneros. The one most likely to pay the big price is Troiani. Mayor Ahumada made a clear record to show how Troiani was obfuscating the issue of rate increases. The PUB representatives get an "F" for their failure to be clear on this issue. It allowed Troiani to try and hide behind their lack of clarity. In the end in two years if the Commission has to vote a rate increase, it will be on Troiani’s back and he will be voted out of office."

"Commissioner Anthony Troiani told fellow commissioners that the commission's recent and first vote of approval had been under the belief that adopting the fee at $2,600 a lot would not require an increase in water and sewer rates for a five-year period."I took that to the bank," Troiani said.." The above is from the Brownsville Herald.

Further from the Herald: "Troiani said that he doesn't want to see rate increases.
"I think it is difficult for a large majority of our population to make their water and electric bill," Troiani said."

Il Duce Troiani thought he would get away with confusing everyone. On Tuesday he could no longer claim ignorance. Now he is running to safe his own butt.

This is our City Commission and this is why we are so screwed. Ms. Miller needs to take Camarillo to task for his incredulous defense of the millionaire developers. Ms. Miller just may have the issue to get her over the top. Camarillo’s contempt for the poor people of Brownsville. Camarillo’s motto is, "Let them drink sewage, we must save the developers." Give Camarillo hell Ms. Miller.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I am amazed that it is easier to have an intelligent conversation with someone who dropped out of highschool in 1950, than with someone who has graduated from the university within the last 10 years. I will concede part of my problem is my age. It seems as we get older the younger appear less and less attentive to history, and commonsense.

The other day while coming across the bridge with my sister, who is 75, the border agent demanded to know why the last name on her birth certificate was not the same as on her driver’s license. If you do not find his question to be incredibly stupid, please do not procreate.
I am blown away by the number of college graduates who have zero knowledge about the origins of government, that state government is separate from federal government, and that local government is separate from state government. I am blown away by the number of college graduates who have no idea why even though they may have a degree in engineering they had to study writing, history, government, and a variety of other social science courses. These so called science majors, including biology majors are clueless when it comes to understanding the human brain and the development of critical thinking skills.

The other day I had a teacher looking at me dumbfounded when I was explaining to her she needed to be more sensitive to parents of disabled children. The idea that a parent could be dying inside over their child’s disability was beyond her human comprehension.

My recent experience with my colonoscopy is a case in point. These nurses apparently have zero training in identifying a dehydrated patient. The nursing schools are just passing these people through without any critical thinking skills. And while on the topic, Farrah Fawcetts’ rectal cancer has spread to her liver.

It is incredulous to me that you cannot have an intelligent conversation with a college graduate on this issue. To far too many of them dying and leaving your children behind makes you more of a man than being checked for colon cancer.

For two years I have begged a friend of mine to discuss with his doctor a colon problem he is having. No, no, no - "I’m a man - I can’t do that." Well last week he ended up with his doctor on an emergency basis after waking up in pain and passing a lot of blood. The next day he was with the gastroenterologist. He is now scheduled for his colonoscopy. Given there is a history of colon cancer in his family, one can hope it is not too late.

The other day two different doctors ordered the same blood test for a child. Rather than have two different labs poke the child twice the parent made the mistake of going to a lab run by morons and people with zero knowledge of the law. One doctor only needed the basic CBC as a monitor to insure the child is doing okay on a new medication. The other doctor ordered a host of tests. The morons running this lab have made it clear the parent has no rights and under no circumstances will they give him a copy of the CBC results or forward them to the child’s specialist in SA.. The parent is to wait a month until all of the testing is done, and then they will forward all of the results to only one doctor and then it will be up to that doctor to give them to the other doctor. 100% illegal. Parents have an absolute right to their child’s medical records on demand, assuming they pay a reasonable fee. The parent has given up trying to deal with these morons and will have his child poked a second time at a different lab which will forward the CBC results to the specialist in SA. Medicaid will be billed twice for the same test. This lab is somewhere off of Morrison.

Why is it do you think politicians find it so easy to lie, especially as candidates? Because we are lazy - far too many of us would rather read opinion pieces which tell us how and what to think, than to simply go out and think on our own. My closest friends are people who are politically the opposite of me, but who think. They actually know the meaning of conservative, a word I doubt most UTB government instructors can actually define. You can actually have an intense conversation with them on the correlation between true conservatism and socialism.

What I hate most about my frustration with the electorate is, I have come to the conclusion a benevolent dictatorship has to be better than allowing lemonic followers to vote.

On this note, this may be why I like President Obama. Even if at the end of the day he is wrong with his policies, I like the fact they are bold and forward looking. He is taking a big gamble because he knows one very important thing about the electorate. The American electorate are mostly a bunch of whiny pathetic lemonic followers who change their minds faster than Texas weather. President Obama believes in what he is doing. If he succeeds the American electorate will declare in 4 years they were behind him all along. If he fails they will all say "I told you so."

Americans are lemonic followers who practice the art of "cuando me conviene" translation - they only like the home team when they are winning, otherwise, they have always hated the home team.

Win or loose, I cannot think of when I did not like the New York Mets.

April 6, 2009 -

7-9 p.m.Brownsville Union Coalition Candidate Forum
VFW ( 1801 Veteran's Dr., Brownsville)

here is a map to the Hygeia - the VFW is just behind the Hygeia,+Brownsville,+TX+78521&um=1&ie=UTF-8&split=0&gl=us&ei=KinaSaDZDY3YygXfuez1Dg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1


I have been wanting to provide a general link to all of the campaign web pages, but have not because I have not been able to find more than these three.

If anyone knows of any other campaign web pages, please let me know.

To the candidates - hang in there - you are approaching the last lap. To those of you without money do not fret. Just remember Ernie had all of the money and Pat won the election anyway. All of the incumbents are facing a strong anti-incumbent mood, so all the non-incumbents have to do is try and stand out as best they can. All I can say is keep on walking and keep on talking, and you will be heard.


Someone asked in a post what is up with BISD. I do not know for sure - at this point I would be just speculating. In these type matters it is about posturing for the best position. This is why Neece filed the lawsuits which went nowhere. He was posturing for the best position.

The BISD Board has the upper hand at this point. Because Neece sued under a breach of contract claim, BISD can recover its incurred attorney’s fees. I wonder if the three Board Members who voted against BISD defending itself are now going to vote against BISD recovering its attorney’s fees from Rendon and Gonzales?

The attorney’s fees issue is leverage in the negotiations. This is where I believe things stand. BISD has the upper hand in the negotiations. I am certain that behind the scenes the lawyers are negotiating options for their respective clients. If Gonzales has a half of brain he will move on before formally being fired. I do not see a future for Rendon at BISD. Further because of the lawsuit he filed, I do not see much of a future for Rendon in any school district. I guess he might be able to negotiate for himself some low level administrative position within BISD, as a way to end this mess.

What I do know for sure is, given the host of pending legislation in Austin on the issue of Special Services, and the recognition within BISD they do not have enough therapists on staff, Special Services is not only a problem child for BISD, but also for the state. These children have been abandoned for far too long in favor of TAKS.


Of late more and more news programs have been profiling the nonsense on Reputrican talk radio. What these news services have learned is, the viewers will tune in to listen and watch. The middle and left in this country have been waiting for years for anyone, just someone to fight back. I think Glenn Beck will be the first to fall. Reputrican talk radio has been the same shtik for years. I am certain something new and refreshing is around the corner, now that the news media realizes they can make money by challenging Reputrican talk radio.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The only thing the director got right in this film is the ending. I actually did like the ending. The directing is the single worst directing I have ever seen in a film. The love making scenes suggest to me the director and the actors have never made love. It was so, so bad. The fight scenes were like what you might see in an old silent movie comedy. The acting - "B" movies come across as Oscar material compared to this movie.

The story is about the town slut who returns to her village after her father dies and leaves her his home. She returns with her husband who she met in the city. This being a really bad Mexican Novella, you can imagine how she acts out her role as the town slut.

Her actions ends up pitting her husband up against the town bullies. The ending is kind of like Casa Blanca. Having said that, not in a quality sort of way, but in a friendship sort of way.

You can wait for this one to come to the $1.00 bin at Walmart.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am currently in possession of the names of two City of Brownsville employees my whistle blower claims used city credit cards to defraud the city. About three weeks ago the Office of the Attorney General issued a ruling finding the City of Brownsville violated the law when it withheld from me the credit card statements related to the two Public Works employees who were eventually fired and charged with criminal conduct.

This ruling is important because on Friday I will be submitting the complaint related to two additional employees in another department. I cannot reveal the department without putting these two specific employees on notice. What the AG ruling does for me and the people of Brownsville is, it forces the City of Brownsville to give me the credit card statements right away so I can look for the items my whistle blower is claiming were bought with city credits cards for private use. This will insure no cover-up based on cronyism.

So this is where I am at with the credit card fraud issue. I am open to meeting with any other city employees willing to come forward with credible evidence this is an ongoing problem.


This is from a self-proclaimed right-wing nut job. I found this because I wanted to see what the Dow Jones was on inauguration day. I found this purely by mistake. If we follow this guy’s logic, the Dow rebound is because investors are forward looking and believe Obama’s policies will succeed. I think this guy is full of shit, but it is a classic example of "Ignorance runs the agenda of morons ." The guy has an agenda so he weaves his reasoning to support his agenda. This is not analysis - its typical dung parasitic manure, which is why the Republicans are going nowhere.

Before Obama took office the Dow was collapsing. It appears the slide may have stopped. Just two weeks ago, Glenn Beck, who was drinking and doping it up when he should have been learning economics predicted the Dow would drop to 5000 before it recovered. As is always the case with Beck he was and remains wrong.

I do not think 21 credit hours of economics makes me an expert, but years of watching the Dow and having pulled all of my investments just days before Black Monday in 1987, gives me confidence in my understanding of the market. I think the Dow is a myth run by drama queens looking for their next fix.

Before the current Dow collapsed there were far too many stocks over valued based on pure speculation and not any real economic value. Today, there are a lot of stocks way under valued with a total disregard for real economic value. I have spent the last few weeks researching three companies which I believe stocks are undervalued big time. I am normally a worshiper of government bonds, (I am 51) but guys, now is the time to invest if you know someone who can help you find the right stocks.

I believe the stock market has turned around. Will we see another slip? Yes, but it will be kind of like two steps forward one step backward. For the right investments this will not matter. If the stock is truly under valued today, even a 1000 drop in the market will not impact your stock portfolio. The issue is, once the market again begins to reflect real value, stocks selling today for $2.00 could easily be selling for $50.00 in 2-3 years.

I needed to do something different today - I hope I did not bore anyone.

From the White House:

"The Texas Democratic members of the House of Representatives have, at the request of the White House, engaged in a process that involves interviewing potential candidates for federal judge, U.S. Attorney and U.S. Marshal. The White House supports the Texas Democratic delegation’s established process for reviewing and submitting candidates. Individuals seeking these positions should utilize this process to ensure full consideration by the White House."
"The President of the United States will make the final decision as to who will be nominated and sent to the Senate for confirmation. No federal judge, U.S. Attorney or U.S. Marshal will be nominated by the President, however, unless that person has the confirmed support of the Texas Democratic delegation. The Texas U.S. Senators will be accorded a full opportunity to share their views about each candidate whom the President proposes to nominate."

Historically, senatorial courtesy, determined who the nominees would be. The idea has been that one or both US Senators would control the nomination process, at least in terms of recommendation to the White House. The kicker has been that the Senator would have to be of the same political party as the President. I am at a loss to explain what made Cornyn think he would have a say in the process.

Personally, I think we should go back to some variation on President Carter's approach which was at least theoretically based on merit. He had committees vet potential candidates for qualifications and then the committee would forward the names on to the White House.