Friday, March 6, 2009


I have decide to go forward with this post for one reason and one reason only, at least I might be able to provide a full story. It has been brought to my attention a disciplinary history, as an educator, against a one Roberto Uresti. Facts matter to me, so I will tell people not to over react to the news until we know all of the facts. Everyone knows I believe nothing is so black and white. BV is fully open to Mr. Uresti providing an explanation which I will post unedited.

It may be as simple as a different Roberto Uresti.

I thought about saying nothing until I knew more, but I know if this is not already out there being posted elsewhere, it will be soon. At least here I can ask my readers to try and learn all of the facts before passing judgment. I am not saying the facts are good or bad. I am just saying, if Mr. Uresti is willing to provide an explanation then we should consider that explanation in the context of the times, and its relevance to being a city commissioner.

Now I know someone will claim I am defending Mr. Uresti. I am not. I just refuse to condemn a man, especially someone willing to put themselves out there for public service, without knowing the entire story.

The entire story may not be good. Let’s see if he responds.

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