Tuesday, March 31, 2009


She is actually making the following argument concerning her defense before the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct. "She has also argued that the charges violate her constitutional right to counsel because the state refuses to allow her current attorney, Chip Babcock, to represent her at taxpayer expense."

Justice Sharon Keller has participated in opinions wherein her court has found your attorney falling asleep during trial does not violate your right to effective counsel. Now in a civil proceeding, she is demanding that the taxpayer pay for her defense. It is not enough she is demanding the taxpayer pay for her defense, she is demanding that the taxpayer incur the expense of one of the most expensive law firms in Texas.

She will never win this issue. For now, I would recommend that every criminal defendant in Texas with a court appointed lawyer file a mandamus with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals demanding that the state pay for their counsel of choice, preferably someone who bills $500.00 an hour.

What sparked the story in the Dallas Morning News is, Justice Keller is claiming poverty, while having failed to disclose nearly 2 million dollars is assets. Remember people this woman gets to decide your life and death. Where is the Texas Republican Party demanding her resignation - silence dead silence.


The good news is, after years of complaints that the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct is joke, they have become very aggressive in going after judges, including district court and appellate judges. Judges are now being sanctioned for inappropriate language in their opinions and during hearings.

We may get lucky and finally be able to clear out a few bad judges in Cameron County.

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