Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have always been curious about whether or not there are safety mechanisms on airplane doors.
"The man, who remained unnamed late this afternoon, reportedly ran into the first class section of American Airlines Flight 1343 and opened the exit door, according to an airport advisory."

So you just open the door at 25,000 feet? I will no longer sit near the door or the emergency windows. Who is in charge of safety?


Anonymous said...

This plane was on the ground. I think we can all agree it is good that the plane's doors open when it is on the ground. However----
Due to the differences in air pressure it is not possible to open an aircraft door at high altitudes.
"The difference in pressure between the inside of a plane and the outside essentially seals the doors of an aircraft even without latching, although most planes have pressurized seals as well, for safety. If you tried to open an airplane door during flight, you would find that you would not be strong enough to overcome the pressure differential."

BobbyWC said...

makes perfect sense to me - thanks for the education.

Bobby WC