Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My real post for Thursday is below - CALLING THE CITY COMMISSION RACE - SORT OF

But here is some fun.

A Brownsville child while walking around the Sports Park comes across City Commissioner Sorry Charlie Atkinson. The child ignores Sorry Charlie. Sorry Charlie yells at the child, "do you not know who I am?"

The child responds, "no sir and I do not care to know who you are."

Sorry Charlie angry at the child’s disrespect responds, "I am going to punish you for not knowing the great City Commissioner who built you this Sports Park. So that you never forget my last name you are now to tell me 20 words which begin with the letter "A."

The child speaks the following words.

"Ample, arrogant, alcohol, avarice, asinine, aggressive, alarming, atrocious, abysmal, abusive,
anal, annoying, anxiety-ridden, awful, abominable, appalling, antagonistic, angry, anonymous, - oh yea I am forgetting one word - asshole"

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Anonymous said...

According to what I read, Gonzales did not follow the BISD grievance procedures. He jumped the gun and sued first. DG Legal (BISD Policy) and DGBA Legal (whistleblower) spells out the procedure. Go figure another superintendent who doesn't know the school district's policies.