Tuesday, March 3, 2009



On the issue of the weir dam I really really want to like this guy. I can understand how maybe he neglected his business in favor of the city and this lead to the check affair.

he seems determined to face a recall - and then what?


Anonymous said...

Mark E. Sossi, who defended city commissioners receiving health insurance benefits and other perks not provided for in the City Charter in a high-profile case, was selected city attorney Tuesday.

Mayor Pat M. Ahumada Jr. cast the one dissenting vote at the City Commission meeting Tuesday.

The other applicants were J. G. "Geoff" Warburton, Assistant City Attorney John Chosy, Floyd Martin Akers, J. Arnold Aguilar, Miguel Salinas and Sean Paul Belleville.

Sossi replaces former City Attorney Jim Goza.

In May last year, state District Judge Janet L. Leal ruled that Brownsville city commissioners and mayors are not entitled to medical insurance benefits not provided for in the City Charter. She also ruled that the payment of auto allowances and cell phone use must be justified.

More than $300,000 was spent since 2000 to provide health insurance to most former and present elected officials and their families. The sum does not include the cost of medical claims.

Moses Sorola, William de la O, Eddie Padron, and Robert Sanchez filed the civil lawsuit contesting the benefits.

Goza was fired effective Dec. 31 after some City Commission members were unhappy about terms in a contract to build a stadium for a minor league baseball team.

BobbyWC said...

But you left out one important fact - teh Court of Appeal in an identical case coming out of Corpus found they are entitled to health insurance - after the election the commission will ask Janet Leal to void the injunction and the health insurance benefits will be reinstated.

On this issue Sossi was correct about the law.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

The anony comment is apparently a cut and past from the Herald.


This makes it worse - why would the Herald leave out the fact that on the question of law the Court of Appeals reversed Judge Leal?

Answer because they wanted to bias the readers and mislead them.

This article is typical of the garbage being produced by the Herald.

The truth matters, unless you work for the Herald.

Bobby WC

in the future guys, please do not copy and paste from the Herald unless you disclose same as a cut an paste

Anonymous said...

Before passing judgement on the mayor for trying to help a dog, you might want to check out the versions of the story on the KRGV website and the mayor's webpage at www.bebo.com/mayorpat. Appears the Herald, as usual, f*cked the story up.