Friday, March 20, 2009



I am at a total lost to explain the bad reviews so many critics gave this film. The best I figure is the critics are the type people who have to dish everything which does not meet their approval. They have to be the type people who lack imagination or creativity, because this film was very creative and different.

I think what I enjoyed most about the film is the fact it is what I believe. I read Chariots of the Gods in 1973. I had long been exposed to pre-Columbian pottery which raised questions of flight by humans. My personal view has always been long ago there was very advanced civilization on the planet Earth. Whether it originated here or not I do not know. I do believe something happened to destroy that advanced civilization. One does not have to believe in Atlantis to conceive of the idea that some form of advanced civilization existed a long time ago.

For the me the great pyramids and associated science came out the remnants of that great civilization. One only need look to the history of the Dark Ages to know knowledge can be lost. Hell just look to the 8 years of Bush II - science was abandoned.

The film begins in 1958, when children bury a time capsule. They are told to draw pictures of the future 50 years ahead. One child draws numbers which have meaning. The first number predicts 911 and the number of dead.

The film mixes reliable science and theoretical science with biblical references. I love this kind of creativity. The remaining of the film is Nicholas Cage discovering why his son and the granddaughter of the woman who originally wrote down the numbers are connected. The end of the film was great. I think based on the audience reaction everyone loved this film.

This film is definitely for family. This is another positive about the film. Young children will see the film completely different than the parents. The film was made to be enjoyable at a simple level and a more complex level.

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