Thursday, March 12, 2009

I had to reject a post because it went off into things which may be worth investigating, which I might, but had nothing to do with this subject. This is the part which I am willing to post.

Zamora, Sorola, Cisneros.I firmly believe Cisneros is out. The citizens of Brownsville will remember Cisneros and the whole on the clock county controversy. Zamora is a fresh face, sure there may be baggage, but over all good reputation as does Sorola. Sorola has a solid
background, and has kept his nose clean.Camarillo, Euresti, and MillerEuresti and Miller are seen on the blogs and Public Television. Their presentation is not professional and polished, and Camarillo does have a better outward presentation.It has been known to all who hang out at the VICC on Friday's at El Gallo's golf group, that Ayala was his golden pick, and Leo Gara would not be running. El Gallo really doesn't have anything up his sleeve, he does want the best for Brownsville, it's unfortunate however that those he supports eventually loose their heads in their positions, and pull away from El Gallo

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