Saturday, March 7, 2009

What I know - not for children - not an action film - requires critical thinking skills to enjoy

My review:

For me the most interesting part of this film is not knowing if the audience’s approval of the ending is a good thing or a bad thing? This is a film which requires a lot of critical thinking. I need to find a teenager who saw the film and ask them if they understood all of the historical references. There are a lot of historical references and characters in this film. If you saw the film did you understand the reference to Gunga Din? I am still thinking about it.

This is not a real action film. The film addresses moral decay in society. The Watchmen are semi-retired super-heroes. Watch refers to clock watch not to look at. This is important to remember so you understand the references.

The Watchmen are sort of called back into action. In the end the question is sort of like that faced by Truman - do you drop the nuclear bomb to save lives in the end?

This film is slow and methodical. It has to be to be able to fit in all of the symbolism and historical references. I was quite surprised at the end when the audience indicated their approval. There were a lot of young people in the audience and I was not sure they would fully appreciate all of the symbolism. Maybe they did not and they just enjoyed it as a slow going super-hero film.

Pay close attention to Rorschach. He is the one with the bag mask. Pay close attention to the changes in his mask. He is the character who takes principle about justice to an extreme, and is therefore viewed as over the edge - perhaps even psychotic. This is important to the film because he is in stark contrast to those who believe nothing is so black and white and sometimes people with a higher sense of morality must be tasked with making the hard decisions of when sacrificing a few is a necessary evil to protecting the majority.

I very much enjoyed this film. This is the type film which you remember every time you have a philosophical discussion with friends. If you go see this film and leave with a sense of certainty about right and wrong then I say, how sad. Not even Dr. Manhattan is that certain of right or wrong. His flea comment is quite telling. I am certain the personality types who feel like they have to always be right will be offended by Dr. Manhattan’s philosophical position on right and wrong.

If you have seen the film, try teh Newsday poll.,0,7207607.story


Anonymous said...

Did the movie Milk ever play here?

BobbyWC said...

I do not believe so - I would not ahve seen it anyway -

Brokeback Mountain actually sold out in B-Town - maybe they will bring it next week -

B-Town needs an alternative film theater - The Angelika is a chain which shows alternative films\

Bobby WC