Monday, March 16, 2009


Sorry I missed Monday - I had to take my sister over to the dentist in Matamoros real early and we did not get back until 3 p.m.

The election seems to be very slow. If anyone knows about any scheduled events please let me know. I will post notice of same here at the BV. Early voting is a little more than a month away. This is going to be a fast election. We need to see action soon, lest the people fail to realize there is even an election.

The only interesting things I see going on at the Tuesday City Commission hearing are an announcement about what happened at the meeting with DHS concerning the wall, and a workshop on Impact Fees. The Herald is reporting that an announcement concerning American Airlines may be pending. They are looking at service to Dallas.

I think it is sad that the Commission was unwilling to put on the agenda an introduction of the candidates. The City Commission belongs to the people and not to the Commissioners. I think the decision to not introduce all of the candidates is evidence of their pettiness, which is exactly why the incumbents need to be voted out of office.


This weekend I will be trimming two trees in my backyard. Now is the time to prepare our homes for the hurricane season. Now is the time to put out on the curb all of the brush you want to get rid off. But I know reality, people will wait until the first hurricane is in the gulf and then demand that the city do emergency pick-ups before the hurricane.

I partly blame the city for this problem because the city should have a week designated in March wherein it encourages the people of Brownsville to prepare for the hurricane season. People need to be reminded to trim their palms. I can see three branches on my trees which I believe will break during strong hurricane winds. One tree is under electrical wires. Now is the is the time to trim the trees and take the brush to the dumps.

Which brings me to another issue - if you have truck take your own brush and bulk trash to the dumps. The city may not get to the pick up before the hurricane hits. The only place your bulk trash is going to blow is into your cars and windows.

People - it is not the city’s job to get us ready for the hurricane season. Yes the city is run by morons who could not conceive of designating a week in March to encourage preparation, but is nonetheless still the responsibility of the people to take control of their own property.

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