Sunday, March 1, 2009


For weeks now, I have been starving for anything to jump start my intellect. For four years, I have distanced myself from the world of intellectual challenge. I have all of these analytical models which are lacking. I just do not feel like I have that last variable which in my mind will make the analytical model viable.

I went back and read an old book Political Thinking by Glenn Tinder (1974) "Hence, one who learns to consider questions with clarity and determination and an open mind gains something that is irreducible to knowledge -- the wisdom and poise of humane uncertainty." p. 19

This in turn took me to an article which I think forces its readers to ask hard hitting questions about how we got to the point we are at in our history. I know today's post will bore a lot of you. I know many of my readers get angry when I separate out issues point by point and refuse to take a stand of it's all bad. Even a bad apple has a good side. Nothing is ever so simple as all bad, or all good.

The following is from an article in the Weekly Standard. This article is not about agreeing with the author or disagreeing with the author. I know this angers those of you who live in a world of black and white.

"The sad fact is that it is difficult to come up with more than a few examples of elite responsibility. Failure breeds apathy. So the age of irresponsibility has spawned a cheap cynicism that says, since everything is broken, why not sit back and laugh at the degradation?

But the cynics are wrong. Things can get a whole lot worse. A failure of accountability not only erodes the foundations of our culture. It also puts our country on unstable fiscal ground. A storm of moral and financial insolvency has been brewing for some time. The populist reaction is only the beginning. We're hearing the thunder. Get ready for the deluge."

I hope many of you will take the time to read this article. I know many of my liberal readers will be shocked to see I am promoting an article at the Weekly Standard. The issue should never be the source. It should be, does the article open up a discussion which is relevant to the issues of the day. In this case, the answer is yes.


Anonymous said...

I agree.
Why did the price of gas jump 24 cents simultaneously on Saturday?
No market reason...
just greed and apathy.
El Coyote

BobbyWC said...

Gas - On Friday Walmart raised gas to 1.89 - all over town it was about 1.57 to 1.61 - I went to the VA clinic in Harlingen that morning - I decided while it was still 1.61 in Harlingen I would fillup.

When I got back to Brownsville it was anywhere from 1.57 to 1.89.

Saturday morning Walmart on Boca Chica droped it from 1.89 to 1.54 - here is the con - now people call their friends and tell them hey - "Walmarts at 1.54." people rush to Walmart - they had lines - by late morning they raised it back to 1.79 - it was on big price manipulation and it worked.

Bobby WC