Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The weir dam project if it ever comes to fruition will become the defining moment in the economic development of Brownsville. So here is the question, do we loose the only real advocate of the weir dam project, Mayor Ahumada, by and through his indictment and subsequent conviction, or do we turn a blind eye to the check scandal? I am so torn over this issue. I have always been a black and white person in terms of you do the crime you do the time - no exceptions. No issue of alleged public corruption has ever torn at me in the same way as the Ahumada affair. He does not want me on the jury, during the innocence and guilty phase. He may want me on the jury during the sentencing phase. I believe he is guilty. I also believe he was so busy trying to help the city, particularly in terms of the weir dam and economic relations with Mexico that he let his business go.

What has me torn is, once I open the door to leniency for Major Ahumada, how then do I demand justice down the road when dealing with others? I would have no defense to a claim of "you are being selective in who you want to prosecute." I am simply at a loss.

On Wednesday night Mayor Ahumada was by all accounts the people’s advocate. He knew his business and advocated for the best interests of the people. The same cannot be said of Camarillo or Cisneros. The one most likely to pay the big price is Troiani. Mayor Ahumada made a clear record to show how Troiani was obfuscating the issue of rate increases. The PUB representatives get an "F" for their failure to be clear on this issue. It allowed Troiani to try and hide behind their lack of clarity. In the end in two years if the Commission has to vote a rate increase, it will be on Troiani’s back and he will be voted out of office.

In life everything is a negotiation. From my perspective to start high, so you have room to negotiate down. Only an idiot who is pushing for the maximum possible fee would start where he wants to end up. I think this city commission will find itself defending their actions sooner than later. The TV record will tell the truth - Troiani obfuscated the truth and Camarillo and Cisneros were all too willing to join the club in putting the added expense on the people - some of the poorest people in the United States. A Badge of Shame go to the three of them.

Back to the mayor - you do the crime you do the time. What choice do I have without creating a slippery slope? We need to allow the jury system to work and respect whatever the jury finds.


Anonymous said...

indicted as a theft and misappropreation of money and abuse of office send him to jail

Anonymous said...

Why did Longoria leave before the vote?

BobbyWC said...

to first anony - we have no knowledge at this time as to why the mayor was indicted - because of the time when the comment was posted I am assuming you were trying to say

he should be "indicted as a theft and misappropreation of money and abuse of office send him to jail"

2nd anony - I do not know why - I was helping a friend change his brakes so I was in and out of the house trying to listen threw an open window - when I heard they were about to vote it seemed like total confusion.

As to Longoria it could have been something as simple as needing to be somewhere based on a previous commitment - it does appear he tried to avoid responsibility for a position - he will face that issue in two years especially if rates are increased

Bobby Wc