Wednesday, March 11, 2009


UPDATE: as of 12:45 the Office of the City Secretary was still verifying signatures. There is nothing nefarious ongoing. This is hard work. They need to make sure every candidate has an opportunity to prove the signatures, while making sure all signatures are correct. For me this delay means people are working hard to get it right the first time.

This may change later in the day, but there still is no official list of approved candidates for city commission, so my source tells me. The last I was able to confirm from the Office of the City Secretary was, they are still confirming signatures.

Well, I woke up late and have several meetings this morning so no other post other than this update. I will check with the Office of the City Secretary around 10 a.m. for an update. Maybe by noon I will have a regular post.

I am only posting this because it is funny. Also I would love to see someone change up the name to a local politician or national politician.

Niño Cubano > Va un niño cubano caminando por la calle, se cruza con Fidel, y al ver > Fidel que el niño lo ignora, le pregunta: > ¿Oye niño, sabe tu quien soy yo?' > El niño le contesta:'No señó, no se quien e usté, ni me interesa sabe' > Fidel muy enojado le dice: 'Pue como castigo po' no conocé al comandante > Castro, ahora mismo tiene que decime 20 palabra que comiencen con la letra > 'C' para que mas nunca en tu vida se te olvide mi apellido que e Castro' > Y el niño le dice: > Compañero > Comandante > Castro, > ¿Cómo y > Cuándo > Carajo > Comeremos > Carne > Con > Cerveza > Corona > Como > Comen lo > Cabrones > Comelones del > Comité > Central > Comunista > Cubano...?' > > > > Castro se le queda viendo asombrado. > Y el niño concluye: '... qué? me falto alguna? Culero!'

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