Monday, March 9, 2009


"Continuity and the need to stay focused is critical in every operation," he said. [Ayala] "I don't want my children and grandchildren to pay for lack of vision," Ayala said, pointing to Brownsville's yet untapped industrial potential and the need to aggressively market the community.

Since I have posted an introductory piece on the other candidates, I have decided in fairness I must post one of Carlos Ayala.

In terms of round one, this may turn out to be the most interesting race. Carlos Ayala will have an uphill battle on the female vote. Probably upwards of 60-70% of the women will vote for Dr. Gowen, unless some trash comes out on her in campaign material or the Herald. I am not too worried about the blogs, because people whose parents are not brother and sister basically dismiss the trash on the blogs.

A lot of people who vote for one candidate over another do so without understanding what that candidate can and cannot do while in office. A lot of people may vote for Dr. Gowen believing she can have an impact on their healthcare. Yea, not going to happen.

Where I believe Carlos Ayala will have the upper hand over Dr. Gowen is experience in city government. He brings a lot to the table on the issue of public works. This is a very hot issue in Brownsville. He also has a lot of experience with government budgets. Come next budget, Brownsville is going to be hurting. There is no money. This is why I liked Dr. Gowen’s recognition that money in the budget must be redirected. I do caution, however, anyone with experience in government knows just how hard it is to redirect limited funds. It is no easy task.

What I will be looking for in each of these candidates, especially since it is the only race wherein I will be allowed to vote, is, how do they intend to handle the budget shortfalls which are sure to come by September, and how do they intend to address the ongoing problems in Public Works?
I commit to my readers to try and cover this campaign using only primary sources, or sources I know I can trust. While it is true I may investigate claims posted by anonies or which I receive by e-mail, I will not use that information until I can confirm same.

Good luck to both candidates, and guys keep it focused to the issues and keep it professional.
And again, thanks for running.

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BobbyWC said...

Guys I am not going to publish through unsubstantiated trash against any of the candidates.

I rejected a ton of garbage on Gowen, I am now rejecting the same garbage on Ayala.

But for teh record, if the City is not providing the money to make to road repairs exactly where is the Public Works director to get the money to make the repairs.

This is not the same as mismanaging the money you have

Bobby WC