Monday, March 30, 2009


Tuesday's Post

First I want to say congratulations to all of the candidates with signage. I am certain my list is not complete, but I am particularly happy with the underdogs. I have seen a lot of signs for Ms. Miller, Ms. Zamora, and Mr. Sorola. I do not drive all over town so there may be a lot more signs for other candidates I have not seen. I am taken with the number of signs I have seen with Ms. Miller’s name. Maybe she will make it to the runoffs after all, she obviously has the ability to raise money - kudos to Ms. Miller.

The Ayala/Gowen race is interesting to me because based on signage Gowen wins hands down. I have not seen one sign by the other candidates in the race.

Here is my big issue with the campaign. We all want better candidates. The current city commission has failed the people of Brownsville. I have reject garbage on each and every candidate. People finally got the message and have stopped trying to have same posted to BV.

I am very frustrated with a lot of the garbage I have seen posted at the Herald and elsewhere. The people posting this garbage in my view have no right to complain when we elect the bottom of the barrel. Why should good people run for office and expose themselves to such garbage?

In every race, save maybe the Ayala/Gowen race, on the issues the candidates have different positions. To be honest with you I have no idea what Ayala or Gowen believe about anything. I also find Ms. Gowen’s implication that somehow a city commission can improve healthcare in Brownsville to be reprehensible. A city commissioner can do nearly nothing on this issue. It is a con issue.

It is on the issues which people should be focused. Try and decide how you feel about any given issue, Impact Fees, Board Wall, Weir Dam, then find out how the candidates feel about the issues. At that point your choice should be easy - just go with the candidate whose ideas best meet your own. Unfortunately, far too many people will vote based on the mudslinging.

The worse mudslinging so far is coming from the Cisneros camp. In my view when people have to sling mud at the level being slung by the Cisneros camp it tells me his supporters are low-life’s and have little confidence in their candidate. I do believe there are a lot of good people out there rejecting the mudslinging and intend to vote for Zamora or Sorola.

To close this out, all I want to ask of my readers is, ignore the mudslinging and vote based on the issues. If you choose to vote based on the mudslinging you will just end up voting for the person who does the best job at slinging mud. This is not how intelligent people vote.

To all of the candidates - keep on walking. I have a lot of respect for candidates in these door to door type campaigns. To my readers, the candidates are walking their tails off. If you see them on the street, even if you are not going to vote for them - given them a honk of encouragement.

One last thing to the candidates - do not give up - the light at the end of the tunnel gets closer every day. If you are frustrated from a lack of money, no fret - remember Ernie Hernandez outspent Pat Ahumada big time, and Ernie lost. Keep the faith and be loyal to yourself.

Oh here is an issue, I forgot to report that last week the Court of Appeals heard oral argument in the case of the Police union vs. the City of Brownsville. Should the city settle or keep the appeal going? This is a legitimate campaign issue. I am sure the police unions want to know each candidate's position on the issue.

On Thursday I will have the latest on credit fraud in city hall.


Anonymous said...

I am frustrated that you think signs vote. Signage and politiqueras got the lot of them in their comfy commission chairs. I want them out, but signs give the Zavaletta woman the victory. Ayala and Gowen get a big Bronx cheer from me.

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree with you, but I like to read about a person's past, mistakes and "indiscretions". It really shows a person's character and intelligence -or lack of it. That in itself shows more of a candidate than a pretty sign. Also, even though I respect you not posting mudslinging comments, you are a hypocrite. You have not been that generous with the current commissioners, especially Charlie. A person's lack of moral values needs to be exposed. Once a cheater is always a cheater. Do you belong to the same group, Bobby? How disappointing!

Sancho Panza

BobbyWC said...

I do not believe signs equal votes - signs equal the ability to raise money which is important if you are going to win. Signs equal name recognition - it means getting your name out their so that people know you exist.

People vote for a certain candidate for many reasons. Somepeople ar ewilling to ignore all of the issues and vote based on character alone - I think that is a big mistake - it is kind of like cutting off your nose to spite your face - I am not going to vote for someone with so called better character but who opposes me on all issues

Which brings me to my big issue - I am asking that people get to know the candidates on the issues.

Now as to Atkinson anony is all wrong - I defy you to show me wherein I have ever spoke about Atkinson's past - never happened.

People change - this is why I prefer to focus on the issues - how does it help me to vote for someone who is anti weir dam, something I support, just because based on past conduct they may have better conduct - sorry guys that is just plain stupid.

Any actions by an elected official goes to their current conduct (character) - that is Charlie Atkinson - but even on his DUI, I did not hit it hard at all - in fact when the video came out I posted a comment that I did not think he was drunk

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You called this FUN.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My real post for Thursday is below - CALLING THE CITY COMMISSION RACE - SORT OF

But here is some fun.

A Brownsville child while walking around the Sports Park comes across City Commissioner Sorry Charlie Atkinson. The child ignores Sorry Charlie. Sorry Charlie yells at the child, "do you not know who I am?"

The child responds, "no sir and I do not care to know who you are."

Sorry Charlie angry at the child’s disrespect responds, "I am going to punish you for not knowing the great City Commissioner who built you this Sports Park. So that you never forget my last name you are now to tell me 20 words which begin with the letter "A."

The child speaks the following words.

"Ample, arrogant, alcohol, avarice, asinine, aggressive, alarming, atrocious, abysmal, abusive,
anal, annoying, anxiety-ridden, awful, abominable, appalling, antagonistic, angry, anonymous, - oh yea I am forgetting one word - asshole"

B. Fair

BobbyWC said...

this is for actions while in office - this is the difference

once in office your conduct is 100% ON THYE TABLE -

bOBBY wc

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I side with you on the thought behind the post, and I'm okay with saying it. You and I differ on most everything, but your words on the "new" candidates ring fair. Melly and Argelia deserve a shot, and I'm not saying they are the answer, just that they deserve to be taken seriously until their words or actions deem otherwise. The mudslinging aimed at MZ and at Mrs. Miller speaks of a diseased lot, the very group of people who want Brownsville to remain an orphaned town. Give'em Hell, and give it daily!


Anonymous said...

"this is for actions while in office - this is the difference

once in office your conduct is 100% ON THYE TABLE - "

bOBBY wc

Why wait for them to be in office, if they already have a questionable reputation?

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutly.

Don't give them power!
U. Hypocrite

BobbyWC said...

my entire point with the post was to raise the issue of thinking intelligently about the candidates - you will note I never said vote for so and so - I said look to your issues and then vote on how the candidate feels about the issue.

We are never going to bring in a new crop of public officials so long as we obsess about people's backgrounds and not stay focused on the issues.

I will say if you have to equally qualified candidates who are acceptable to you on the issues, then maybe you can go to previous character issues.

I will also say, if anything about character developes during teh campaign - like lying or getting arrested, or taking money illegally, then this tells me something about you which relates to the campaign and that is fair game.

But I can say with 100% certainty if we are going to focus on a person's past then no one of any good charater will ever run for public office - and then we will get what we have - bad news.

On this issue of this being a border thing - only to those who are racists or morons - Blogo - "pay to play" white guy from Chicago - Abramoff - Republican fundraising scandal - white guy - I can go on and on - corruption is something which comes with politics - regardless of race or proximity to the Mexican border

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

first - sorry about the caps in that post - my right hand is still quite swollen from the surgery - it is forcing use of my left hand which seems to keep on hitting the cap button -

anyway - if you live in a world wherein you believe people can never change or improve themselves then you live in a sad world -

I believe in redemption - I have spoke to this issue before -

now if a candidate does something during the campaign which raises a character question then it is probably fair game to bring in their past to show the current mistake was not by chance buy something tied to their character -
I treat this just like the rules of evidence - the rules of evidence have been vetted for fairness and most of the time seem to work.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I believe the underlying issue here is fear. The fear that someone is going into a position who is incompetent, corrupt and is seeking more power. This fear has us consumed by our previous candidates and current ones. I do believe however, a candidates "history" can play a key role into what type of moral, ethical and professional roles they will play during office. The good news is people are listening, are open and are not completely oblivious to the fact that Brownsville deserves the finest!

BobbyWC said...

A person's history can be important - but the problem is two fold - [1] do you vote against your best interests because the person made a mistake several years ago? and [2] sometimes in a campaign you cannot spend all of your time explaining every little thing you have done wrong - it distracts from the issues and then the other guy gets a pass on the issues - issues which may matter a lot to you.

Again, if you have two candidates you like based on the issues, then yes you should then make a final decision based on their background - but in these races the candidates are all so different - expecially in the Cisneros, Zamora, and Sorola race - no one who is anti-wall will vote for Sorola - and no one who is pro wall will vote for Zamora - Cisneros kept it on the fense no matter what he says - I personally would count him as a pro-wall candidate - the mayor was 100% right to fight DHS and Cisneros was 100% wrong about DHS.

On the wall - do you vote your position on the wall or the past acts of the candidate?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Question-How much can a city commissioner affect the decisions of this border wall? If they are pro or against, aren't other politicians like Eddie Lucio III taking matters into this issue? Other than represent people in their district, does it come down to the people in the community or a matter of national security? Simply curious to know.

BobbyWC said...

A city commissioner can vote to sue DHS to stop the wall on city property -

state senators and representatives are powerless and can do nothing on the issue except vote for some type resolution in Auston condemning the wall.

Only our representatives at the federal level can possibly get city officials meetings with DHS - which Ortiz did - or when provided an opportunity vote against funding for the wall - but remember there are 435 House members and 100 Senators - so one House member from South Texas is pretty much powerless.

The most powerful voices on the issue will be City Commissioners voting to sue DHS to stop the wall on city property - something our city commissioners were unwilling to do in terms of the lawsuit filed in DC

Bobby Wc