Friday, March 20, 2009


American Airline executives turn to the Brownsville Herald to read community reaction to its new service to Brownsville, and learns like Iowa road, those in charge are pathetic morons incapable of understanding image. The executives then ask themselves, will they need to hire extra security to deal with Brownsville.

My regular readers know my complete disbelief over the City of Brownsville’s complete refusal to fix the bombed out Iowa street. It is the first image travelers to SPI have of Brownsville. It tells every visitor to Brownsville that the city is run by idiots who have zero understanding of imagine.

The horror show AA executives observe at the Herald only reinforces the idea that the City of Brownsville is hopeless when it comes to politics. There is an article on the up and coming city elections. There is a nice little article on one candidate, Melissa Zamora. While I understand that every city has complete nut jobs running around, one would think the Herald would not allow them to advertise for free on their pages.

Rather than the online discussion be about the issues and Ms. Zamora’s position on the issues, it devolved into a complete and total embarrassment for the City of Brownsville. Daniel Cavasos, publisher, is like Dr. Gordon in an old Ronald Reagan movie I saw the other day. Dr. Gordon used an accident as an excuse to cut of Ronny boy’s legs. There was nothing wrong with his legs. Dr. Gordon just needed to punish him for being immoral and enticing Dr. Gordon’s daughter into liking him.

This is Daniel Cavasos. Brownsville refuses to buy his trash, so he uses the online discussions to punish Brownsville and make us look like lunatics. You see people, in the new world of advertising dollars, every time someone clicks on it is caching money. If you create a drama for the lunatics they will keep on clicking on, thereby padding the numbers.

In the process AA executives reading the story are forced to asked themselves, did they just agree to do business with a town of lunatics. Hopefully, sooner than later the people of Brownsville will demand the end of the Brownsville Herald which appears to only be able to make money by advertising the worst of the worst in Brownsville when it comes to its people.


Anonymous said...

I am not defending the Herald, but if it does shut its doors, like so many others in the nation, then where will people get their local news? From television? Blogs? The Harlingen paper?

BobbyWC said...

Anony, thanks for a great comment - you raise an important point - but as it is, arfe we getting quality news from teh Herald -

I believe that someone will put the Herald out by creating a quality online news/blog - they will also publish on Fridays and Sundays - this is my prediction

Bobby WC

Stan said...

So when are you starting this quality online news/blog?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Ms. Zamora has the privilege of advertising freely on the herald? This only demonstrates bias in this campaign.

BobbyWC said...

Carlos Ayala had an announcement as an article so too did Rose Gowen - those are the ones I remember -

I am certain there are fringe candidates which the Herald deem such a long shot that they do not merit an article, but MZ is not the only candidate to get an article - also just the other day a DA received an article announcing his run for county court

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Moses Sorola also had an announcement as an article.