Thursday, February 5, 2009


Obama said in regards to the Daschle fiasco, "I screwed up." What I think really happened is Obama went into a staff meeting and let his staff have it in a way which would make Christian Bale’s tirade sound like a children’s "G" rated movie.

Obama learned that his staff works for his staff. It is always the hardest lesson any new president learns early on during his term. I do not see this level of mistake happening again. I personally think Susan Criss will get the nod for many of the reasons I discuss herein which are not always a good thing. (Assuming you had a gun to my head and demanded a prediction) She has proven herself as a Democrat and has a resume which makes Villalobos come across as her ass wipe.

Villalobos, according to the Herald, put his name in the ring based on community people asking him to do so. If this is true, which I doubt, the only people who asked him have been on the receiving end of his corruption, or expect cover in the future.

The Cameron County Democratic Party is a corrupt political machine which nurtures candidates based on their willingness to play along. Villalobos finally got an "A" on his transcript. He has proven time and time again he will play along in exchange for support from all of the right people.

Every elected public official has an FBI file. His is not good. They have his entire history as a lawyer. Let’s not forget Amit Livingston is on the FBI’s most wanted list. This is in Villalobos file.
Any moron can put in an application for US Attorney. It means nothing - other than in Villalobos case you are suffering from extreme bouts of delusion. With Villalobos’ allowing a confessed and convicted murder to walk out of court while having his bond turned over to his former law partner, Eddie Lucio, it is fair to say a convicted child molesting priest has a better chance of becoming the lead teacher in a preschool program than Villalobos has getting any federal appointment.

Everyone of these nominees will face the US Senate Judiciary Committee in addition to a complete FBI background check. Obama will fire his new US Attorney if for some reason Villalobos receives the recommendation. Obama will tell the Texas Democratic delegation they have become persona non grata in the White House if they make the mistake of recommending Villalobos.

What makes the Villalobos story instructive of politics is, he did all the dirty work which was expected of him, and now he expects the pay off. Times are changing - apparently no one told Villalobos a US Attorney nomination goes before a US Senate confirmation committee. Villalobos apparently has a very low opinion of US Senators.

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